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  1. We love it here. Anywhere in the Ferry is about 10 minutes walk to the harbour, castle and beach. 15 mins to Dundee or Arbroath. 1 hr 15 mins on the train to Edinburgh. Give me a shout if you come again. Where did you stay/drink? Fort Hotel?
  2. About 6 tables 😂. I hear the food is good.
  3. Goes against the grain but the Wetherspoons is huge in Arbroath terms.
  4. Being born is a good priority. Well done you 👍
  5. Get your priorities in order, young man. We got in at 2.45 and the pies were sold out.
  6. Arbroath refreshments - Tutties Neuk is directly opposite the ground. Will be busy early. The Old Boatyard is on the harbour near the ground and operates as a bar restaurant. Very good fish and chips. All of the local restaurants have the best and freshest fish anywhere in the world. The Bellrock is about 200 metres from the ground on the same main road. Gluten free options and a huge chip pie serving pizza and other stuff too. Sit in with beer and wine. Pubs - big Spoons in town. About 6 pubs on the road down from the railway station and onto Millgate - the road that leads to Gayfield. Saw 2 Accies fans rolling out of the 1320 bar at 2.56 on Saturday 😂. Close enough that they probably made kick off. Any other questions, please ask. I'm in Arbroath every Saturday for my wee boy's guitar and singing lessons.
  7. That 21.54 train is going to be bouncing going back down 😂
  8. Everywhere ran out of pies before the game that season 😂
  9. As per my username, we live in Broughty Ferry. Arbroath is 20 minutes drive or bus for us. Closest thing to a home game 😂. Going to take the train though - bus down to railway station for the 15 minute trip. Just so the wee man can experience the Super Killie Away vibe. Give us a shout if you see us getting on at Broughty Ferry 👍
  10. There's a train from Glasgow getting in at 18.25. The first train after the game back down the road gets to Glasgow about midnight, too late for the last Killie train. Edit - it's also the Edinburgh train first, change in Edinburgh. 21.54. Wee bit tight but as long as you can jog up a hill if there's a lot of injury time, you're fine 😂
  11. I was leaning towards 'black and white bastards' but I'm loving the idea of 'maukit'. It's the ideal synonym, still reflecting a local dialect gem.
  12. We had 58 to 42 percent possession and 9 shots v 4 for them. We didn't look great but those stats will do in a lot of games this season, regardless of the actual quality of our football.
  13. It's not the getting in, it's the pies running out by half two.