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  1. The managers we can attract will be linked to what backroom setup we offer them too, if we are intent on keeping Millen around either through budget constraints or blind loyalty and not allow other coaching appointments, we might struggle to attract someone in high demand.
  2. Don’t see why you would change the starting 11 from a 4-0 win unless due to injuries or suspensions. If we don’t impose ourselves then it’s for the Manager to make some decisive changes early on.
  3. Never really got an extended chance in his preferred position. Gave his all anytime I saw him play. Good luck El Mak
  4. Kilmarnock assistant boss Andy Millen has confirmed Record Sport’s exclusive story last night that the club have been in talks with Youssouf Mulumbu. The former Celtic star has already had two succesful spells in Ayrshire and wants to return but he hasn’t played since leaving Glasgow in the summer of 2019. This club is always interested in good players and Youssouf is a very good player. But at the moment there is nothing to report. I’m sure if there is anything definite, then the club will tell people. The manager and Youssouf have been speaking to each other over the last six months – that’s not new.
  5. = I’ve not had a moan about the trust for a bit and I’m doing f**k all else so.......
  6. Boli’s prob chained up in Lennon’s office getting a swab rammed in every orifice on the hour. If he doesn’t have COVID why would the Celtic game be off? If there is still a risk that he does have COVID then why is our game on?
  7. Any recommendations for a decent VPN that doesn’t cost a tenner a month?
  8. This would seem mental from Watford if true, he has a 4 years and must be worth at least at a couple of million, unless billy has been putting the petrol money for the pickup truck in a jar during lockdown, I can’t see how we could afford this.
  9. Thanks, sounds like an International Sub and a Decent VPN is the way to go
  10. Do you have to sign up for the whole year for Killie TV or is it month to month?
  11. Owain Fon-Williams? Had a few good performances against us
  12. Be a great signing, I’d take him and Gogić
  13. Got the impression from Fowler’s interview he’d given us the runaround before turning up in Portugal. Bridges should probably be burnt.
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    Let the proper transfer speculation begin!