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  1. Is track and trace in place for these games? Or is the social distancing, masks, being outdoors enough to not have it?
  2. Club have a whole squad to build in a very short time. It’s only right that they offer terms they think players are worth with deadlines, and if they say no we move on quickly. Can’t repeat the mistakes of the past and hold out for people who aren’t going to come - that’s partly what got us into this mess.
  3. Lafferty article written by Gordon Parks = guaranteed to be absolute bulls**t
  4. Interesting stuff. Guy just promoted to Serie A thinks Angelo’s methods were fine. Guys who got us relegated to the Scottish championship think it was s**tshow....
  5. Agree with a lot of your post Marky. That said, we’ve only got 2 months to reassemble an entire squad. I think there will be a financial imperative to bounce back quickly. For those reasons I think we’ll stick with Tommy.
  6. Whitehall on and a back 3. This is brutal.
  7. Agree but thing that worries me is the timing of the article and how hard TW goes in on YM. The club is usually incredibly discreet on all matters. My worry is they’ve came out early in anticipation of damaging articles from YMs camp plus maybe others. None of this helps at this time. I hope I’m wrong.
  8. That Mulumbu article gives me the fear. Dressing room sounds broken. Not the kind of stuff you need the day before relegation play off.
  9. I was seething with anger last night (like most of you). Now had a bit of time to reflect and watch back bits of the game..... Biggest issue is clearly Dicker and Broadfoot. I totally get the anger towards them and fee it myself. Dundee played through them like they weren’t there. Would have Tish or Dabo in for Dicker on Monday night. Again, would consider Dikamina or Dabo in for Broadfoot on Monday night. Any time I’ve seen Dabo he shows a lot of commitment and fight. We need that. There were some other decent performances at least in terms of effort - Rossi, McKenzie, Power, Burke. Doyle was actually ok and kept us in the game. Haunstrup struggled but couldn’t fault his effort and he kept going and got the goal - there’s a player in there. Pinnock had an off night but he’s shown he does have quality. Lafferty did what Lafferty does - it just wasn’t to be last night. Really don’t get the hate for Power. Quality has been much better recently. Can’t fault his effort at all. it’s a big ask, but we can turn this around on Monday night.
  10. Deserve to go down. Utter pish.
  11. Just a thought... but maybe the captain who’s (correctly) concerned about social media abuse should set an example by not verbally abusing junior colleagues for his own shortcomings
  12. Senior players and captain screaming at Zeno despite their slack play leading to the chance. That’s the problem right there.
  13. Predictably inept. Needs to go.
  14. He’s incapable of learning from previous errors. Team selection with no goal threat. Incapable of holding out for a draw. Yet persists with same tactics in hope of a draw and fails with the utterly predictable late collapse.