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  1. Not contending that, just pointing out what the excuse may be. I reckon managers would also argue that they want to view more than TVs take on a game as the cameras only really follow the ball. They’ll likely want to see the whole pitch when assessing teams / players. Again, don’t agree personally but that’ll be the case for the defense....
  2. I agree, but he would say he was travelling, probably on his own for work purposes. Which is allowed. Not saying I think that’s right, but that’s the rules.
  3. Very good point, it’s hard enough getting many people to play by the rules as it is, if they’re not punished (as Utd should also be) then it’ll encourage the free for all to continue with some....
  4. Celtic chartered an aircraft, they weren't on Emirates flight.
  5. Power magnificent today. He just only just pips Kiltie for me....
  6. Aye is he, obviously has some kind of personal issue with someone.....bottom line is every pound we can raise for the club reduces the risk of the club going bust, it also encourages and convinces those who are investing sizeable amounts of cash that the support is behind them. No-one, not Billy Bowie, Phyllis McLeish or anyone else has to contribute a penny but those who do (no matter how small or large the amounts) have the best interests of this great institution at heart, to keep it alive and thriving. How on earth can anyone argue with that......
  7. Power and Mulumbu good so far. Whitehall needs better movement.
  8. Suggest you read the whole thread mate, that’ll answer your questions crystal clear.
  9. Its well above freezing now. 3 deg at Prestwick Airport.