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  1. We need to get these on sale, the risks are known to people, it’s up to individuals whether to buy or not.......why would the club turn away money??
  2. So do we think it’s morally right for football to hoover up ‘one time use’ testing kits (regardless of cost) at the expense of those who really need them?? Like.....say.....the NHS workers......?? I don’t, it’ll be utterly shocking if football goes ahead any time soon. Clubs need to cut their cloth accordingly to remain in existence......and if that means reduced staff levels, then so be it....
  3. Both spot on......to enable football to happen would be a moral disgrace for the above reasons. This is why the club needs to get season tickets sold and then seriously look at down sizing, we need KFC to remain in one form or another without admin or anything worse happening......
  4. Got to be the Oxford blue, our history right there.......
  5. How can anyone put the cup and league winning strips in the same group!!
  6. We should get them on sale and fans should stand by their intent to purchase even if there is no 2020/21 season, we might not have a club thereafter if we don’t.......
  7. A not winning so get voting.....
  8. Your posts are pointless as everyone has blocked you.....
  9. Can we see the current % state of the voting, didn't show me when I voted just now.....

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