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  1. Loudoun Killie

    Would you rather

    Just have to make a day out of the St Midden game, train to their place isn’t too big a hassle, then Glasgow for a beer.......also, if Hopkins stays, and it’s a big IF, Livi will be a tough game.....
  2. Loudoun Killie

    Kris Boyd

    Total Legend!! Down with the Killiefc.com nay sayers!!!
  3. Loudoun Killie

    Top 12 full-backs in Scottish football

    Tavernier!! Whit!! He should be no where near the top ten!! Therefore SOD should be number 3 on this list anyway.....
  4. Loudoun Killie

    Steve Clarke on Football Focus - Sat 28/4

    I also ‘check’ my pay at times.......bloody tardy journalists again......!
  5. Loudoun Killie

    Will you be buying a season ticket

    Got mine, from the shop. Seems to be a good uptake of first time / returning buyers......hopefully a cart load!
  6. Loudoun Killie

    Sheep home, Fred

    Aye, having seen it on telly it’s not as obscured as it first appeared to us......hopefully he learns from it as he looks ok otherwise. Cheers
  7. Loudoun Killie

    Let's be realistic

    Spot on, an adult measured response.
  8. Loudoun Killie

    Let's be realistic

    WTF is your problem, a fellow fan makes a statement of ambition with some realism folded in and is trying to ‘gee our ginger’ (motivate, encourage) a bit and you slaughter him. Unbelievable......
  9. Loudoun Killie

    Sheep home, Fred

    To be fair to him, there were at least 4/5 players between him and McLean when the shot was struck, he did see it late, although my first reaction was also that he was slow going down. On reflection he was unlucky and remember he pulled of a superb save prior to that to keep us in it earlier. I'd be happy to keep him for next season.....
  10. Loudoun Killie

    Is Mulumbu an inconvenience or substitute for success

  11. Loudoun Killie

    Lee Clark on Steve Clarke and Billy Bowie

    Absolutely spot on, some very narrow minds on here indeed.......
  12. Loudoun Killie

    Season tickets

    What is there to print, just re-validate the card.....??
  13. Loudoun Killie

    Lee Clark on Steve Clarke and Billy Bowie

    Smashing guy who gave his all for us, he did have his hands tied by MJ but some conveniently forget this.....welcome back anytime.....
  14. Loudoun Killie

    Lee Clark on Steve Clarke and Billy Bowie

    Ah ha, some negativity for you to stoke up......good effort.....
  15. Loudoun Killie

    New Scoreboards/Screens for RP

    Far from a priority right now.....

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