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  1. It says teams can offer all home games as a package to season ticket holders... some people can't read
  2. 15 players released from The Jam Tarts...any that Killie fans would like in our team..
  3. Ok Skygod I believe you.. not seen him play
  4. In that case he can SOD off
  5. I see Calvin Miller is leaving Ceptic after 10 years, could he be our new SOD and play in the wing back role behind Burke if he stays.thoughts!
  6. I think he regrets leaving.. if it hadn't been for family reasons he might still be here.. he had the Old Firm in his back pocket...and Europe would have been more of a success..just my opinion..
  7. Listening to this just now , intended to try and buy it on RSD but it got cancelled. managed to find it online on Spotify .. https://pitchfork.com/reviews/albums/david-bowie-changesnowbowie/
  8. Don't need him we have big Kirk
  9. Definitely need some new players in the squad..depends who our manager is to be honest..a lot will depend on how and when the football returns ..
  10. kilm53


    Dyer will be given a Rolling Year imo... not sure if I agree with this if it happens..time will tell..
  11. kilm53


    Easy option ... but the way things are at the moment we might not need a manager before Xmas

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