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  1. Lets see what the club do to Boli .... I don't expect too harsh a sentence
  2. 'I know what I did was wrong' - Bolingoli Then why do it you fool..
  3. Throw the book at him.. and Ceptic if they knew before playing him..Sheep + Huns should also get fined at the minimum
  4. Conor Hazard at Ceptic perhaps.. we've helped them out before
  5. You can't give a greeny to a man whose son is a Hun Killieboab...coff
  6. I reckon he was training with SOD and when SOD realised how good he was he thought I'd better go before he takes my place....
  7. Just cycled home from work.. saw a bit of the first half then was busy getting ready to finish work...great result.. my son says thanks for the draw dad... he's a bluenose..looking forward to catching the highlights later
  8. yikes.. be better off at home
  9. That will confuse the referee... which No19 was it that is getting the red card..
  10. Wonder when Stewart is signing

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