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  1. This afternoon’s interview would suggest that Gallan could still be on his way here.
  2. No proper highlights yet? I know we have dropped down a division and there may be some rights issues, but I am really surprised at the lack of highlights this season so far. Should we not expect more than just the goals from the gantry camera? Given that I am exiled in Manchester, it’s going to be more difficult to watch the live streams due to the FA blackout, so decent highlights would be great.
  3. Lee Hodson 1 year deal confirmed on Twitter
  4. Burrell will wear the No.23 shirt. Indication that we are still looking for our first choice No.9?
  5. Ordered yesterday and arrived today. Looks really good
  6. Looks great. Vast improvement from last season.
  7. Especially when 3-0 wins are getting dished out to other teams due to Covid call Offs
  8. Looks like we could have to forfeit the points as Dan Armstrong was supposed to be suspended
  9. Is Polworth injured? He doesn’t seemed to have featured at all during preseason?
  10. Now confirmed to have signed for Lincoln
  11. This one? Was given to me by a colleague in Manchester who was best mates with Danny Invincible
  12. Young Goalie, but do we assume he will be first choice?
  13. Heard today from a Stockport supporting mate, that Dicker might be heading there.
  14. Surely Chuck Oakley on for the last few minutes
  15. 65 minutes into the worst performance of the season and TW has made 1 sub! 1 goal for us makes a huge difference but we look like we’ve chucked it.
  16. Dicker has just relegated us
  17. I assume there will be no Twitter commentary/updates today due to the social media blackout?
  18. Rossi looks a far more reliable option than Medley and Dicker and Power simply can’t start together again. Really struggling to think of a player with pass marks today, never mind MOTM
  19. Power and Dicker are getting bossed in midfield at the moment
  20. I missed TW’s interview. Why was he raging at the 4th official at HT?
  21. Taylor who hasn’t played a game in about a year?