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  1. I play the late 90s early 00s dance version of the halls of Montezuma. Also what about thunderstruck by AC/DC.
  2. I'm finding it really funny that Brendan Rodgers is saying that Motherwell should have let Celtic scored and showed poor sportsmanship. I'm all for showing sportsmanship but I find that yesterday amusing. Where was the sportsmanship when his team could have started a riot last week and also his players not trying to get fans off the pitch. With the old firm it's ok if they do something but if it's done against them then well you hear all about it. Dry your eyes Brendan your team won 4-1!
  3. If there were only more like him. More should be done to educate people on secterianism. Not just kids, adults too. I don't believe in this 90 minute bigot rubbish. Either your a bigot or your not. I personally think the guys in the media are scared to open their mouths due to what some mindless idiots might do. Someone in another post mentioned Terry Butcher in a program. I watched that show and he was clearly embarrassed about the way he behaved.
  4. I honestly can't see this channel lasting long. The folk on the nine just before still game must've folk dragged off the street and asked if they wanted a job. Hopefully it will get better. I enjoyed still game but I'm easily amused.
  5. La Liga in my opinion is the best league in the world. Been lucky enough to have been to the Camp Nou. Would love to go to the Santiago Bernabou.
  6. I wouldn't lose sleep over what Sutton writes in his column or says on TV. He just spouts off to get a reaction. Off the ball done a good bit on the whataboutery yesterday. Unfortunately we will still be talking about this vile behaviour next year and the year after as nothing will be done. The above plan sounds good and looks good but put that to the higherarchy and it will be vetoed. Myself and my 13 year old son were called "dirty orange bastards" last week along with a lot of other Killie fans.
  7. I took my son up Goatfell last year and had to bribe him with a PlayStation voucher to get to the top lol. Mount Keen up in Aberdeenshire is a good one to climb but I would recommend doing it in good weather
  8. I served in the Royal Navy and at H.M.S Raleigh (basic training) there were 3 churches. CoS, CoE and Roman Catholic. It's not just in schools and yes I agree it's what people learn at home. On H.M.S Kent we had a Leading Hand in my mess whose first 2 questions to me when I joined the ship were 1. What team do you support and 2. What religion are you. There was an area in the mess where Catholics weren't allowed to sit. That all changed when he left. None of us liked his attitude but we had to get on with it. I don't care what school you went to or what church you go to or where your from. I will only dislike some one if they are worth disliking.
  9. The media and the ugly sisters will have us believe it's a small minority but we all know it's a majority. You telling me when the sash is sung at Ibrox it's a minority or when IRA songs are sung at parkhead.
  10. A few by the looks of it. Folk need to get a grip
  11. Oh dear. Big enough to give out the minus vote but not big enough to explain why!
  12. Really a minus vote for telling the truth!! Is there a rangers fan on here. Explain why my comment warranted that!!
  13. That's why these morons get away with it because the police will do hee haw because of the old excuse that gets rolled out "there is too many of them".
  14. It shows how sad these morons are that they are having a go at our manager while playing another team. Be surprised if the media report on this. This will be another sweep under the carpet moment. I'm not even worrying about how these idoliots conduct themselves anymore. All I care about is how I and my fellow Killie fans behaved which is the way decent people should. These folk aren't human.
  15. I was worried hence why I left before the final whistle so I could get my son away safely. We were subjected to vile abuse on way to the game so didn't want to put my son through it again after the game. Yes I was angry also and tbh still am a little as not a day has gone by without a Celtic fan pleading that they are innocent and the whole thing has been hyped up.

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