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  1. Another close game we are on the wrong side of ,1 shot on target each, just can't seem to build any momentum under Dyer , creativity in final third still the big issue.
  2. Set pieces have been dreadful so far.
  3. Glad to see Brophy, Kabamba and Kiltie up top think it’s harsh on Rossi & Dikamona to be droppped after first win & clean sheet . Cmon the Killie!
  4. Should be goal of the season let alone goal of the month, just shows that the so called smaller teams aren't allowed to win anything.
  5. How do you go about getting one made ,thinking of getting one done with my business name on it ?
  6. Allan Russel ,4 in 25 , now passing on his expertise to the likes of Harry Kane, Marcus Rashford ,Raheem Sterling !
  7. The only stat that matters is the scoreline, did we not have more possession than Hibs first game of the season but never looked like scoring ,Burkeys worldy free kick apart, it's all about what you do with the ball when you've got it.
  8. Decent so far, just don't hit the self destruct button 2nd half.
  9. Have we had a shot on target yet?
  10. Let's see if Dyer uses the subs bench today.
  11. Pretty comfortable first half, never been under the cosh, just like us to keep the ball better when we have it .
  12. Really important to win this one tonight ,to try and get some momentum going.
  13. Burke is a legend, like a fine wine he gets better with age.