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  1. Very much unkillie like to be forward thinking but would be a great signing ,only 23 with potential to improve ,I like it.
  2. Can't believe no one has mentioned Keith Lasley , dirty wee b.
  3. Recognise the guy in burgundy jacket, Drew 'Buff' Wilson from Galston.
  4. That's an easy one, Kit A, possibly my favourite of all time.
  5. Boris Johnson now in intensive care.
  6. 11.Me myself and I -.De la Soul . New Iso!ation Topic, tv programmes. 1. One man and his dog.
  7. 8. Wishful Thinking . China Crisis
  8. 2.Stayin Alive .Bee Gees
  9. 8.Jonjo (empty) Shelvey
  10. Right guys , I know times are serious and scary just now ,but as we are all in lockdown situation, I thought we could do a self isolation 11 to pass a bit of time, 1. Campbell (im not earning any) Money.
  11. Totally fed up how we continually find new ways to f**k up ! Dominated games at home to Hibs,Aberdeen twice and now today but zero wins ,we are punchless up front with no creativity and always liab!e to give something away defensively, love big Findlay to bits but hes now cost us against CQN ,Aberdeen cup game and now today.
  12. I would say that’s a typical McLean performance
  13. Just seen Power’s sending off ,never a 2nd yellow, Clancy pandering to the masses again.
  14. Who else hardly slept last night ?

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