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  1. Do the trust get additional shares in the club for the money proposed to be handed over or is it a straight forward gift?
  2. Dont hide the comments.....name and shame with full names and details ....then ban them!
  3. So what was the reason then?
  4. Do you really believe all of that or are you just trying to tow the party line. Absolute farse of a signing after he walked out on the club! It may be knee jerk, but cant see any point in maintaining TIK subscriptions. Struggling to comprehend how far the club has receded since last May!!
  5. It's not TIK money that has been used.....it is general funds of the Trust
  6. To be fair I thought their no 7 looked a good player...composed on the ball...
  7. We'll all need to wait and see if he will or won't..... that said, not sure where the believe that Fowler it the saviour to the clubs problems comes from all the same.......but as I said we'll need to wait and see.....
  8. Have to agree! Makes the team selection for Saturday a bit more difficult for the gaffer!!!
  9. I would suggest emailing Katrina will be more successful for you. I did that when having issues with season ticket and it was sorted out within a couple of hours. With email she can deal with it when she has time as opposed to you being lucky/unlucky as to whether she is free to answer the phone at the point in time you are able to call in.....
  10. He didnt say they did.............he said he cant recall seeing any reports of it......... I assume in reference to the reports of the ref being pictured in a Sevco pub after the old firm game??
  11. St Mirren fan in my office got a few texts today saying the same......
  12. melly


    Aye it is.. Dicker " Brophy you taking the piss......liven up" Brophy "how what you doing ya cnut"!!!!!
  13. Players showed heart and commitment / Players looked like they didnt want to be there Players worked hard for 90 plus mins / Players were never at the races.. ete/etc Anyone trying to compare the performance of the team in Clarke's 1st Hibs game against that farse last night is deluded!
  14. Don't think there will be much of a fight about it going by the performance tonight...

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