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  1. Haha Brian Wallace. I remember he drank in whiskey Joe's and they had that pic up behind the bar for ages
  2. Was it not Mike newall that got the hat trick
  3. 16 team play each other twice a good winter break and all cup games played at weekend. No midweek football would be miles better but again pandering to the old filth would knock this on head. Again we would have the lack of games = less income brigade but 4 games against same teams is torture. Would even prefer 18 teams than what we have
  4. Thought Rambo had a not bad first game against St Johnstone. Got Kevin McGowan sent off and set up ally Mitchell for winner. Was crap after though. Others were maybe a wee bit before my time or maybe so bad I purged them from my memory
  5. Gary Tallon easily the worst killie player in last 40 years
  6. Craig Napier scored European goal of the season against Partick thistle from half way line after taking the ball off chick Charney
  7. Think it was for rape
  8. Tony Watt training with motherwell. Would have been good cover for either of our strikers
  9. He can get sacked after getting contracts extended
  10. Get him on a longer contract now. No waiting for summer or next season
  11. Totally gutted. Worst transfer day ever.
  12. Doesn't matter who got what if it's a 1 or 2 year extension it doesn't put much more on a transfer price
  13. No we gave all our 30 year olds a 2 year an 1 year extension. Time to get Jim McLean style contracts in 5 years for best prospects

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