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  1. Haha no I actually think he's alright
  2. Yep but wouldn't have got into Crosshouse or ayr Boswells teams. In fact he left the park crying when Crosshouse who won the Scottish Cup beat them 7-1.its all very well being a big fish in a small pool
  3. My nephew played against him when he played for troon boys club. Your description is spot on. He was very quick and big but nothing else to his game
  4. It's Tish heard today he was about to sign
  5. Another complete f###up this season. I'm not having the covid excuse. Every team is in the same boat. We lack leadership at the top
  6. The 3 that are over 30 covered about 90%of the games last year if not more
  7. If your thinking 1 has 15 mins on a park we would have been better not signing Taylor and using wage money elsewhere. We played with 3 in midfield most of last season how many different players played in those games 5 at most
  8. Power, dicker, el mak and Taylor. More than enough cover if what we're looking is a 442
  9. Not for me. Think we have enough central midfielders. If we were to get rid of 1 I would consider him back
  10. If someone has a problem with being motivated it's a no thanks. We can't afford to carry passengers
  11. We dont need a cm. We desperately need a CD and gk
  12. Floriano vanzo. We did well there 3 games and released in january
  13. Exactly the type of player we should be looking at. Not made it at big club when young and hungry enough to get back to a good level