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  1. A certain day in Dumfries, and a legendary quote from our lord god Wullie Watters... "haud me up, ahm gonny boak"... any truth in this story? Would like to hear from any of the team on the highs (and lows) of that crazy day in our history
  2. I would imagine the majority of clubs will be in rebuild mode this year
  3. What dates were Paul Wrights last home and away appearances for Killie? Trying to track down the programme(s)
  4. RayD

    Our Society

    From ma wee corner of the yoo ess of A, it seems that the majority have said "f" it. More and more traffic every day, went to a B & Q type place on Sunday (plumbing emergency) and could hardly get a parking spot. I was amazed at how many were oot gettin mulch/paint/bbq grills/etc... me and the good lady have been avoiding humans as much as possible (away from our jobs that are deemed essential). See folk in other states cutting aboot wi automatic weapons ower their shoulders... didny take long for trumps army to present themselves front and centre (or even center). I reckon another 3 or 4 weeks of "lockdown" and we'll be lookin at mad max scenarios.
  5. RayD

    Best player

    Davie Cooper, possibly his his 1st game for Oldco? He single handedly destroyed us, superb display
  6. RayD


    "Better together" is normally used when you're no really
  7. I watched from the hotheads and bampots section too, but my memory is of the incident being in front of the opposite terracing and close to the half way line. See auld yins... see memories
  8. RayD


    Douglas Park memory.... midweek game I think... George McLuskey (then a Hamilton player) reminding Killie fans the score was two each by displaying two fingers on each hand. At least I think that's what he meant
  9. While we have the time to discuss... is it possible that The Trust and TIK can become one unit? Are the aims/goals so different? I can't be the only one who gets the two very similar named entities confused.
  10. Maybe the projected loss of revenue from coronavirus situation played a part?
  11. Closer tae his hoose, can sleep a bit later and take the weans tae school... then be one of the lads
  12. I don't either, maybe we're missing the krypton factor.
  13. Nae Cosgrove, who will take over fawin doon in the box duties?

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