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  1. Definitely something going on there
  2. I can't remember last time we won up there, then again I often can't remember why I went into the kitchen
  3. I meant as a per person vote.... e.g Celtic game I would give Bamba 3pts, Burke 2pts and Millen 1pt Would be tough to set up though I would imagine, and it might not change anything overall. As you were then
  4. We should go to a 3pts, 2pts, 1pt scoring system because so many times we have a great team performance... like today
  5. Genuine question... Can I ask why Jim McSherry name is caught in the swear filter?
  6. Stadium near me has had 3 or 4 sponsors, I can't remember a single one of them, no clue what the current one is. it's known to everyone as Panthers stadium, always will be. As many have said, it's a total win-win situation here... thank you Billy Bowie
  7. RayD

    Beer gardens

    I can tell you over here in FL, in theory it was supposed to be a 3 stage gradual easing of lockdown. In reality, as soon as "phase 1" was announced, it was a total free for all encouraged by the half witted "president", and now we are the rona capital of the world Now nobody wants to listen anymore, still scuffles daily over wearing of masks, some cant even pulled a gun to "defend his freedoms" This is never going away.
  8. Thought we deserved a point there. Lots of possession but Hibs looked fairly comfortable tbh, wonder whit Greg Stewarts daen these days? Tishbola and Kiltie were very good but the old guy was again our main man, what stamina Burke has. Tough opening run just got a wee bit tougher, but naebodys expectin anything fae us next game so maybe we can spring an underdog surprise. Mon The Killie!!!
  9. One of my first heartbreaks was losing at home to Coleraine, I'm remember that I cried that night. In my defence, I was only 26 I was actually 10, but that feeling was to become pretty familiar during the 70's and 80's if never as strong. For various reasons I was never able to make it to any euro away trips during our rebound years, so when we finally made a return under SC, my mind was made up. Wherever it was, I would be there. Well it ended up in Wales and I wisny there (ticket chances did not warrant flights from USA) Seconds after full time, I confirmed flights I had been researching. Can't remember ever being this excited about a Killie away game, seeing my team in a country I'd never been too... was like a kid on Christmas eve. The 2nd leg defeat will haunt me the rest of my days, it's hard to think of a result that hurt like that one did. To go from the euphoria of beating sevco to clinch 3rd place, to losing 2-0 to a part time Welsh outfit, when even a one goal defeat puts us through, was beyond my comprehension. My rage took weeks to subside, and there's naebody ower here who even slightly comprehends my pain and humiliation so ah couldny even vent. So aye, Nomads. Aaaaaand breathe
  10. This may be the same guy who actually patted me on the head saying "never mind, at least you got a day oot in the city and seen a big team play" We thankfully stayed till the end too, looked for the guy but he was nowhere to be seen... brilliant ending to the game.
  11. Were we in South Korea due to a fair play league position?
  12. I would imagine the majority of clubs will be in rebuild mode this year

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