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  1. RayD

    Ross Millen

    It was clear Hearts had targeted that area, at one point it seemed like every pass from Haring(?) went wide into that right back area. He got his chance, grabbed it with both hands, improved as the game wore on and clocked everyone a win bonus... whats not to love?
  2. Levein also questioning the complaints about hertz and hibs.... about time refs and SFA become more accountable
  3. RayD


  4. RayD

    Hearts Tickets. No, really

    This is why Scottish football NEEDS a successful Kilmarnock
  5. RayD

    Gers Match Fred

    Bounced back well from Saturday I thought, and deserved everything we got. A wee bit of luck at times from corners, but unlucky with the deflection for their goal.... they had more chances, but we could have nicked it at the end. Happy with the balance of the team tonight, allowed Greg Stewart to be back to his creative best...he leads the line so well. That gers tv commentary though , never knew shug burns was so rabid..."get it in the mixerrrrrr" at the end was hilarious. Once again though...YNTTK
  6. RayD

    Anybody lose a glove on Saturday ?

    Sometimes nothing's a pretty cool hand
  7. RayD

    Hamilton Match Fred

    Exactly, they follow a team that not many do, probably their local team. Let them enjoy their day oot in peace ffs
  8. RayD


    I thought it was directed at Hamilton, frustration at their tactics led to earlier boos and they got booed at the end of the game Would be surprised if it was at our team
  9. RayD

    Hamilton Match Fred

    They were allowed to do what they're good at... break the game up, slow the tempo, prevent any rhythm being established, make it ugly, get the fans restless...fair play to them because it's up to us to disrupt that plan, and we weren't able to do that today. Let's get back on track against Rangers, where ironically our game plan will be similar to Hamiltons today Mon the Killie
  10. RayD

    Hamilton Match Fred

    We don't look like scoring...very disjointed
  11. RayD

    Hamilton Match Fred

    Amazing miss, should have been behind again...mon Killie
  12. RayD

    Hamilton Match Fred

    Especially when you recall Dickers sending off
  13. RayD

    Hamilton Match Fred

    Imrie and McKinnon are twa annoyin niggly wee bar stewards
  14. RayD

    Hamilton Match Fred

  15. RayD

    Hamilton Match Fred

    Get ready for a time wasteathon now

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