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  1. RayD

    Celtic Fred

    Watched the game last night....I'm sure that last minute corner thing was a ploy, like the ones from Fergies Aberdeen days. If it was...brilliant. If it wasn't.... still brilliant
  2. RayD

    Tommy Burns Programme

    Cheers mate
  3. RayD

    Celtic Fred

    Had somewhere to be today, so only saw the first 15 minutes...as said above, we started really strongly and set the tone...surely a stick on second yellow for Boyata for the assault on Broadfoot? Looking forward to watching the rest of the game now with a few adult beverages Mon the Killieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  4. RayD

    Jordan Jones

    I'm hoping he can pat Broonys heed again as we run oot the clock on a Sunday victory... mon the JJ
  5. The joint second placed team in the top division in Scotland had a home attendance of 1,342 Is this comparable to their attendances last season...anyone know? Amazing start for this team all things considered
  6. RayD

    Start we have made

    I'm fairly happy, as someone else said we would probably have been happy with 2 points from visits to Aberdeen and Hibs, we got three. Won't be the biggest upset ever if we take something from Celtic either. This squad seems to have a good balance about it, and still a few settling in and learning the systems.... feeling positive
  7. RayD

    Standard of Scottish Referees

    He did make contact, just not sure who initiated it, or how much Broadfoot even knew about it. He looked completely focussed on clearing the ball, but again though, the ref couldn't wait to blow his whistle.... zero thought, all drama
  8. RayD

    Steve Clarke | Gary Dicker Appeal Statement

    Should we assume McInnes/Aberdeen and Gerrard/Rangers will also be charged for their comments?
  9. RayD

    Standard of Scottish Referees

    Seen it on twitter, bizarre to say the least. Happened before at Firhill, and of course to us up in Inverness
  10. RayD

    Standing Still.

    I bought that single back in the day.... good memories dragged up there
  11. RayD

    Standard of Scottish Referees

    I'm going to guess S.F.A.
  12. Difficult choice...Power and Burke played extremely well, Stewart had a fine debut and Tishbola barely broke sweat yet sprayed short and long passes to great effect. For his goal, his efforts in the first hour, and despite being offside about 50 times, I'll go for the wolf
  13. RayD

    Aberdeen Match Fred

    Awfy nice
  14. RayD

    Aberdeen Match Fred

    Superb game management by the team today and a thoroughly deserved victory. #SuperKillieAway
  15. RayD

    Aberdeen Match Fred

    An OG from Logan would end this game nicely

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