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  1. This is a huge part of it too. We have the aggression, we have the effort, we fly into tackles and aw that, but then I watch how relaxed and confident Croatia were in possession. Touch, move, touch, move, quick diagonal and they were in dangerous areas... so much movement off the ball, dragging us in every direction. When they did lose it, look how quickly they closed us down and regained possession, or at least forced us to lump it long and into those 50/50 2nd ball areas. Glimmer of hope, we do seem to have a few younger players who take it as seriously as they should, want to im
  2. I'll ask again... why are small nations like Wales and Croatia (even Iceland ffs) finding success at major tournaments while we stay pretty much at the same old level? What have they done, or are they doing, to their set up that we are not? Bet you it was bigger than having another feckin "think tank" How can we disrupt the current old boys network "running" Scottish fitba and make genuine progress? Scunnert 😧
  3. Feel the same way, it will be tough to hit the ground running in this division given all these changes... especially in our first game! Last couple of times we've been challenging for promotion, the team above us had strong seasons... I'm thinking of Brechin (!) and Raith and we could only finish as runners up both times. In fact, I don't remember if we've ever won promotion as champions. On Power... been a very good player for us, canny blame him for looking after his family... so long and thanks for the memories.
  4. Fair play to Wales... great result for them. What are they, as a country, doing that Scotland are not in terms of generating players capable of performing at this level of competition? Really like the look of Italy!
  5. Get it furrrrit
  6. So, as I understand it, we have Lewandoski coming in as a winger, Bachman on loan for real this time, and they will be joined by a 6ft 3in CB from league 2 who's middle name may or may not be Gordon. Love the close season 😂
  7. Canny get thon krazy keepers oot ma heid. 😬 Thinking as I drove to work this morning... did we have a goalkeeping coach back in the days of Ferguson, McLaughlin, McCulloch, etc? If not, when did this become a thing, and what exactly is their role?
  8. Our current manager signed 9 of the team that just won a cup double, and I would imagine he did that on a similar budget to ours. Surely we have to at least give him a chance to show what he can do with a squad he assembles?
  9. My heart says yes, my head remembers all the "must win" games that we lost pretty tamely. I doubt anyone believes we will keep a clean sheet, so we will need to score a minimum of 3 goals but probably 4 will be required. We've done that a few times at home lately so it's not out of the question, but if they score first I think the gemmes a bogey. I've already got the fear, and that's afore Doyle ambles oot the tunnel 😬
  10. Such a well run club, bottom of the league last October to a cup double 7 months later is phenomenal The workrate off the ball, and cohesion on the ball, reminded me of our 3rd place finish season (which seems like a million years ago)... hard team to beat. Good luck to them, shame their fans weren't allowed to witness it all
  11. I think it's the reason every "foreign" manager has failed in Scotland (or have I missed one that didn't) Changing a countries culture in the context of football is near impossible. Still hear/see players talking about getting out with their mates, dismissing lifestyle/diet changes... with few exceptions, they are not seeing the big picture. Instead of seeing an opportunity to learn and grow, it's seen as a threat to the status quo. Canny see it changing any time soon either.
  12. The team we have now, with SOD and Taylor still being the full backs and Bachmann in nets would have been top 6 easily. Fine margins
  13. Nearly half way through May, and we haven't won an away league game since December... that's zero league wins away from home in 2021. Canny wait for this horrific season tae be ower
  14. We're gonny lose this late