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  1. That was grim viewing. If the tactics are long diagonal balls, you should be aiming to win more than 5% of said long balls. If the tactics are to let them win the long ball, and pounce on the 2nd ball, you should be aiming to win more than 20% of those 2nd balls. The (very) few times we did make a few passes, we looked better than them. It's all very strange. I wonder how that game would have panned out if we had Nouble in our team instead of theirs? He was a handful. Thought we'd found a player in Fraser Murray, changing my mind by the week. Surely Armstrong has to come in agin his old team next game. Glass half full thoughts, keeper looked decent again, E Murray was very good again, and if you'd offered me 5 wins, 1 draw and 1 defeat in our first 7 games (with 6 clean sheets) before the season started, I would have bit your hand off for it. Hopefully this player that we're in active discussions with can bring the ball down and drive forward with it.
  2. 4 wins on the trot, scoring 14 goals in the process while conceding zero... fair play to Arbroath. Will be a hard game for us, and I hope we have the correct attitude going up there.
  3. Being out of the country, I'm curious. In what way were they deemed to be a security risk? I know what the "security risk" is referring to, just wondering if any TV station or sports channel asked the rangers CEO to expand on what he meant by that statement? Seems like a pretty strong statement, and worthy of running a headlining story on and pressing the club to clarify.
  4. As others said, our transitions happen at a snails pace, and far too many long balls. Sanders gave me deja vu of watching broaders last season (who's now suddenly turned intae Beckenbaur) I feel we will improve going forward with Robinson playing off Shaw... he's a pest to the opposition, fingers crossed he can stay fit. Dynamic midfielder required. p.s. Whits in the watter up in Arbroath? Scoring some amount o goals, will be a very hard game for us up there... are they the only part time team in the league?
  5. Baith Murrays were good, Armstrong did well, great wee cameo fae Warnock, and Shaw looked lively... a good 2nd half performance overall. Happy enough with that, wee wobble after losing a goal aside, could (and should) have scored at least 6 goals.
  6. Good calm finish, lets get more
  7. Cameron on for two up front? Surely worth a wee look and see how it goes
  8. We seem to be really rocked when we lose a goal, and not in a good way, took us about 10-15 minutes to calm doon again. Gap between midfield and Shaw needs to be narrowed, and a bit more energy widny go amiss, decent finish to the half and Shaw a bit unlucky no to score. Now... we need to come out flying in the 2nd half, something that's been noticeably absent in almost every game this season. Mon the Killie!!
  9. I think "follically challenged" is the phrase your looking for 😁
  10. This is Killie, we don't do easy 😁 Looking forward to seeing if some players can grasp their chance to shine, and how our new striker looks over 90 minutes, only ever seen him in glimpses. Mon the Killie
  11. Big D talks about that very game extensively on one of the Killie podcasts... Killie Memories?
  12. Very comfortable 1-0 win for ICT, who passed around us from start to finish. The lack of urgency from Killie was extremely disappointing. Not sure if anyone's mentioned that we need 2 (two) strikers, and someone who can drive forward from midfield to disturb a sitting defence.
  13. From The Herald.... WHEN Scott Robinson first turned out in Kilmarnock blue, he failed to find the back of the net even once during a miserable spell in Ayrshire and left the club with his football career hanging in the balance. Fast forward half a decade and he was a player transformed during Killie's win over Hamilton on Saturday. With a brace and a man-of-the-match performance, it was little wonder the visiting supporters were singing his praises as they set off back down the road from the FOYS Stadium. They say you should never go back, but the 29-year-old appears to be on a one-man mission to make a mockery of that pearl of wisdom. "I think if you ask the fans, I’m just completely different," he said. "I was playing in a wrong position, a deeper midfield role. "It’s never been me. I’ve always been itching to prove myself in a forward position. It just happened to be I filled in there at the time. "I’m not one to moan where I play, I’m happy to play wherever for the gaffer but I’ve always wanted to stamp my place up front. Thankfully I’ve done that now." Having failed to leave his mark on Gary Locke's Kilmarnock, Robinson took the plunge and dropped down to League One. A spell at Dunfermline Athletic was quickly followed by a move to part-time East Fife, where he reinvented himself as an attacking outlet and it was no surprise when Livingston later came calling. However, after helping the Lions roar back into the Premiership and to last season's League Cup final, the former Hearts man found himself phased out of the West Lothian team by manager David Martindale. The reasons for why remain unknown. Of those last months at Livingston, he said: "It’s been tough, it’s been a hard time but these things happen in football, you just have to take it on the chin and move on. I’m just looking to kick start my career here now. "You just have to deal with these things. It’s politics in football if you like. I just wanted a fresh challenge. What’s happened there is in the past now. Just glad to be here at this club and do well for this club." While his return to Kilmarnock was stalled by an injury – "a tough time," Robinson says – he more than made up for it on Saturday. Not only did he score two goals, but his movement will have earned him a place in Brian Easton and Jamie Hamilton's nightmares that evening. With Tommy Wright's side beginning to find their stride, Robinson is sure it is the best place for him to be. "The gaffer knows what I’m about as well," he said. "I think I suit his style and if we can keep doing that and keep getting the best out of me hopefully I’ll get more chances and I’ll get more goals."
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    Thank you sir
  15. Laying out a chunk of change for KTV, and now laying out more cash every other week for away games. Not sure I'm getting a fair deal from KTV any more
  16. Cameron (or new guy) and Robinson?
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    No way I'm trawling through 170 pages, apologies if asked before. Coming home to sunny Scotland by the sea for a visit with my EU passport... transiting thru Amsterdam, do I still get to join the EU line, or am I now banished to johnny foreigner line?
  18. Robinson for his hard work over the whole match, but special mention for Hemming who somehow prevented us going a goal down. Good to have a mobile striker and goalie again, definitely helps.
  19. 3 x 1-0 wins for ICT... is it too early to say "1st goals the winner"? 😊 Hopefully our new striker will be part of the squad by then
  20. Another 1st goals the winner game
  21. It was said so often last season, now confirmed by someone who was there. Encouraging to hear that seems to be a non issue this season. Hope we gub this lot the morra. Mon the Killie
  22. I did the same yesterday, must be an age thing. While I'm here... we do need a striker or two