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  1. I actually find it quite surprising that very few people have brought this up. Season 2018/19 they started incredibly, around September/October were 3 points clear top of the league. Then beginning of winter Naismith got injured and their form dropped off a cliff. Only an easy draw to the Scottish Cup final last season saved Levein's job for as long. They've been s**te for 18 months and fully deserve to be relegated.
  2. Cut all funding to the WHO
  3. Yep. Football season finished this morning. Was behind closed doors for the last 2 weeks.
  4. Sorry to hear that buddy so happy the team got the win for you
  5. Saw Messi in a Argentina vs Brazil end of season friendly at the Melbourne Cricket Ground in 2017
  6. And now DT's signed for Dumbarton on loan til the summer
  7. Normally uploaded around midnight. Result is pretty obvious, however the score isn't.
  8. Dicker & Hodson signed on deadline day. LC didn’t come in until the February
  9. One of the ladies from the shop wrote on one of the Facebook pages the other day that JustSport are in charge of ordering and not the club.
  10. Last 2 seasons he took the pish? Downed tools? I must've been dreaming thinking that Boyd was top scorer in the league in one of those seasons.

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