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  1. Living in Australia, I tend to browse rather than post on the political forum as I'm not the best at keeping up to date with the current political goings-on back home, however, I had to have a chuckle when I noticed Australia's former PM is now Boris's new Trade Advisor. Quite simply, one of the worst Australian prime ministers in memory, and this YouTube video comes from an American comedy TV show, it's most certainly accurate.
  2. Let's be real, just about the entire fanbase were calling for his head after the first 2 games (Nomads). I know I was.
  3. No idea. I just took those stats from the respective managers Wiki pages.
  4. Locke including caretaker - 43 games 11 wins 10 draws 22 defeats 25.58% McCulloch - since Lee Clark left - 27 games 7 wins 7 draws 13 defeats 25.93% Dyer including caretaker - 19 games 4 wins 4 draws 11 defeats 21.05%
  5. He said on Sportsound a month or so back part of his agreement with St Johnstone was he can't take a job up here until December.
  6. He's had quite a bit longer than 4 games. He was appointed in January and was actually given money to spend in that window. He's had plenty of time to show his qualities and, as has already been mentioned, his win ratio is on par, with, if not worse than, Lee McCulloch & Gary Locke.
  7. Saw the title. Saw who started the thread. Wasn't at all surprised.
  8. He's certainly proved me wrong. I'll be honest, I was really worried when he started last week but he's been absolutely quality the last 2 weeks. McGowan certainly has a fight on his hands to get in the team.
  9. Kabamba was nothing short of absolutely sensational yesterday. I wouldn't be surprised if he gets the highest MOTM percentage vote ever for his performance yesterday.
  10. You sure that's not a young Kris Boyd?
  11. Burke closely followed by Millen and Tish. The fella who's voted Eastwood is obviously at the wind up.
  12. I actually find it quite surprising that very few people have brought this up. Season 2018/19 they started incredibly, around September/October were 3 points clear top of the league. Then beginning of winter Naismith got injured and their form dropped off a cliff. Only an easy draw to the Scottish Cup final last season saved Levein's job for as long. They've been s**te for 18 months and fully deserve to be relegated.
  13. Cut all funding to the WHO
  14. Yep. Football season finished this morning. Was behind closed doors for the last 2 weeks.