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  1. robkil

    Ex players

    I could be talking s**te here but was it not a problem with his work visa that meant he never got a game for us?
  2. robkil


    On the TV this morning and again on the video up above just there, definitely Yanny both times.
  3. robkil

    That's all for now foks

    Living in Australia, I'm only able to watch TV games, I have very few games to choose from. However, the home victory over Celtic has to be my favourite. I was actually at work that night, and managed to watch the game on a dodgy Facebook live stream. I work as a support worker for disabled people, so when Youssuf scored that goal at about 1am, I was going absolute tonto in my office and may have woke up a few of my clients
  4. robkil

    Gordon Parks

    Aye, because his beloved Sevco's youth development record is just wonderful.
  5. Was very impressed by Lee Erwin, but had to go for Mulumbu. Had some absolutely sensational touches. Living overseas, today was the first game I've made it to this season. Was an absolute joy watching such a quality player in the stripes.
  6. robkil

    Season tickets

    In the shop at RP about 1.30 and apart from the staff and Tish & Simpson, it was empty. They had a staff member in solely for selling ST's.
  7. robkil

    Kris Boyd

    Got to admit i was wrong as well. I posted on here at full time of the Ayr game that he should've retired there & then, could never have imagined the performances he's put in since then.
  8. robkil

    Leo fasan

    Pretty sure SSC said at the time something along the lines of Cammy Bell had been injured the whole time that Clarke had been at the club. And McDonald has an shoulder(?) injury.
  9. robkil

    Jim Duffy

    Might've just been on a Celtic fan at the wind up but I read somewhere yesterday (think it might've been Twitter) that the Easdale's were making an investment into Morton and wanted the fat gardener as manager.
  10. robkil

    Will you be buying a season ticket

    No as I live overseas but will continue my monthly 25 quid to TiK.
  11. robkil

    Open Training Session

    Great idea. These are very popular amongst all the major sporting clubs here in Australia, take place normally once a week during the season, and generally are pretty well attended.
  12. robkil

    The other Steve Smith

    Smith - 12 month ban and banned from leadership position for a further 12 months Bancroft - 9 month ban and banned from leadership position for a further 12 months Warner - 12 month ban and banned from leadership position for life To say that the Aussies are not happy with this whole debacle would be a massive understatement.
  13. robkil

    Greg Kiltie

    Bit weird of him to get a Killie tattoo if he's got no affinity with the club
  14. robkil

    What if SSC just wants to stay?

    It's on yesterday's Sportsound podcast, so I'd guess that yeah it's available online. Honestly couldn't believe my ears when I heard him saying that.
  15. robkil

    Next season

    Keep saying it all you like, it's not going to happen. If he's not good enough for Lee Clark then he sure as hell isn't going to be good enough for Steve Clarke.

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