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  1. If this was any other type of business people would take their money elsewhere.
  2. With each passing day the standard of the Championship seems to be getting higher and higher on here. Come the Ayr game some will have it on par with the EPL. Compared to recent years this is the best time to be playing in the Championship with no Hearts, Rangers, Hibs etc. Some decent business up top and there’s no reason why this squad over the course of the season can’t finish 1st.
  3. The restrictions don’t put me off going one bit. If the club opened up the remaining tickets to non ST holders I’d buy one straight away.
  4. Surely selling out tonight’s tickets would give the club a stronger argument for increased numbers for following games. I'm currently on annual leave so could buy a ticket right now if the remaining tickets went on general sale.
  5. Lafferty will want a lot more than what the club are prepared to play. We’ve made our best offer and Lafferty’s agent has refused it. I don’t doubt he would be happy to stay and help us back to the Premier league next season but would be wanting wages that even Hearts, Aberdeen would be put off paying him. Contract talks are about negotiations but I don’t see the point of dragging negotiations on for weeks when the player you’re after is probably asking for 3-4 times what your best offer is. Then they inevitably sign for someone else.
  6. Of all the reasons we were relegated selling Findlay was nowhere near the top.
  7. Whilst I expected us to make Lafferty an offer I hope we don’t wait too long for him to decide where he’s going as I assume he’ll have other offers. Don’t want us in another Bachman style situation.
  8. I can see more of the current squad still being here next season than people are expecting. Rebuild being done over the next 2-3 windows.
  9. I’ve absolutely no idea how Monday night will go and not even going to bother trying to predict it. Last night when Dundee scored their second I got the same feeling from the Nomads 2nd leg. At times Tommy Wright looked lost on the touch line as Dundee ran over the top of us. Every time Dundee went forward I was expecting them to score. I eventually had to turn my phone off during the game with the amount of messages I was getting from workmates about how bad we were. Only positive I can take from last night was it was only 2-1 so the 2nd leg is very much alive as opposed to 3-0 that Dundee probably deserved. Monday can’t come quick enough so this season can finally be over.
  10. Honestly one of the worst performances I can remember from us. Every time Dundee went forward I was on edge, expecting them to score. Absolutely amazed when came away tonight with only a goal deficit as opposed to a 3-0
  11. Tommy Wright has done nothing to make me think we’ll improve under him next season, whatever division we’re in.
  12. I’ve no idea why but this is the calmest I’ve felt about relegation for a number of weeks. I just feel like we’ll beat a dejected Hamilton and Motherwell will beat a County that’s set up for a point and will rarely venture forward.
  13. Lafferty picking up where he left off.
  14. Absolutely have to beat St Mirren. Wright has had 4 away games now and hasn’t taken a point from any so getting anything against a battling Hamilton doesn’t feel likely. Hopefully St Mirren’s semi final goes to ET and penalties and we can come away with the points. I can’t help but think we’ve too many players out of contract and probably moving on for them to bother and dig out a win against Hamilton.