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  1. Dcktid91

    Club Shop

    Got my face mask and a refund for the 2 strips. Got told i had quality hacking skills haha.
  2. Dcktid91

    Club Shop

    Got an email saying my orders are available for collection today.. Will go n see if i get the tops
  3. Dcktid91

    Club Shop

    That’s what i did.. For both
  4. Dcktid91

    Club Shop

    I will see what happens next.. Supposed to be ready within 1 working day for collection..
  5. Dcktid91

    Club Shop

    It was on two separate orders.. I'll try screenshotting my confirmation emails
  6. Dcktid91

    Club Shop

    I managed to add an adult home and away top to my checkout basket..
  7. The quicker we get del fabro back the better!
  8. Dcktid91

    Club Shop

    It did say only the total yet somehow it added two 0's
  9. Dcktid91

    Club Shop

    My total came to 11.70 and i was charged £1170.. My bank called me asking if it was fraud
  10. Motherwell who just finished 3rd. Motherwell who have been producing and selling youth products for years. I don't see how it's a comparison in a financial aspect.

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