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  1. Won't be long before cameron is punted on loan before a run in the first team. Same happened for ian wilson
  2. Well i havent read the official club statement saying why Alessio was sacked or even a thanks, good luck message. Lets just sweep it under the carpet all because the players didn't buy into a philosophy of a new manager then we'll give the job to the guy who was assisting Steve Clarke in our one off season even though he hasn't won many games. A bit of reality is needed in terms of what we actually are as a club. Signing mulumbu at 34 for example is the wrong way to go and is just as bad as releasing youngsters without giving them a chance. Power, Findlay, burkey, brophy won't be here forev
  3. We're a far better team with mckenzie fact
  4. Had a free kick on target. Other than that barely had a chance to run at defenders. Ball keeps getting played back to broadfoot as per
  5. Been the same way for years. Then folk moan if brophy becomes shot greedy when he plays.
  6. Honestly who is Gary Power?
  7. We have a real issue with signing goalkeepers especially on permanent deals. All this bachmann carry on has lead to the bottom of the barrel
  8. Findlay, power, burke, kabamba are the players who should be guaranteed a game when fit imo
  9. Just like Leigh Griffiths has fitness problems. More like a smack addiction
  10. Kabamba is the bomb
  11. I wonder if Bachmann is hiding in the suit hahaha
  12. Jordan Jones is a snake

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