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  1. Just like Leigh Griffiths has fitness problems. More like a smack addiction
  2. I wonder if Bachmann is hiding in the suit hahaha
  3. Jordan Jones is a snake
  4. He didnt play for juve..
  5. My brain? Now we're getting personal.. All because bachmann hadn't signed and you cant accept it?
  6. My feet are just planted firmly on the ground.
  7. But he was a dead cert
  8. He has a point to prove
  9. I was born in Killie. I didn't choose Killie. Killie chose me
  10. I was getting slated because i said bachmann wasn't a guaranteed signing when everyone was saying he was a dead cert. Sorry for being a realist..
  11. No it wasn't but there's too many dreamers on here.
  12. Hladky is still a free agent..
  13. Aye so has bachmann..
  14. When i try to sign up at the password stage it says it must contain one capital letter and one number therefore my season ticket reference code is only 5 letters no numbers??
  15. More productive than mckenzie for a start
  16. Has bachmann not signed yet. Apparently it was a dead cert..
  17. I just thought we were naming players with attitude problems
  18. Morelos has an attitude problem...
  19. Lyle (only goalie we have) McGowan Broaderz Findlay Haunstrap Burke Power El Makrini Kiltie Kabamba Brophy
  20. Neither was Brophy. Although i don't expect another forward thinking player to be signed until at least January.

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