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  1. Not sure where you have read that about the u23s mate but all the best anyways. I really Wanted to wish the killie fans and club all the best. Like I said before Liam really appreciated his time here gave everything in every game and will always remember the fans and they way they welcomed him in. Kilmanock FC will always have a place in my heart! #wearekillie https://www.liverpoolfc.com/news/academy/381892-liam-millar-returns-to-reds-from-kilmarnock-loan
  2. He’s 20 years old. Youngest player outside of Cameron. Did his best last on his first loan. Still lots to learn no one denies that. Liam is Happy for the experience and great memories of this.club. Recalled to cover the first team because other players away on Loan..Rhian Brewster and such. Nothing else to it.
  3. This is a game about intent. If Dyer wants the job he needs to come out and win the game. Start with 2 strikers and go for it.. 1 striker hasn’t worked all season.
  4. I would like to see Brophy and Millar have a go in a front 2 vs St Mirren. Change it up go for the win try to break the goal drought.
  5. Merry Christmas to everyone!
  6. Yes you change the attackers for defensive players(not attacking players) when playing for a draw away from home ina. Very tight game Rory covered every blade of grass it sounded like. He Brought on MEM who’s form has fallen off recently is a mistake. I would have pulled off an attacker (even Millar first) for a defensive mid or put Bruce on to shore it up the last 5 mins before Rory came off we were under pressure needed to slow the game down. Then made the last two changes to kill the game and stop the momentum.at 89-90 mins .. Rory coming off was a mistake especially for MEM. no win in 8 has to be under pressure.
  7. Stupid to make attacking changes so late unsettled the squad away from home 10 mins left play for the draw. Sorry. Big mistake by AA... don’t understand it
  8. To slow no link players to play the ball forward to predictable giving them too much respect need to push el mac further forward
  9. Can’t even get the killie tv page to load
  10. The point is a bit of urgency someone who will hustle and chase the ball sow looks like he’s running in quick sand
  11. Millar should be on for Sow at half time through the middle let him run in behind and terrorise the hibs back line needs something ...absolutely nothing going forward
  12. Dare I say this. But should we possibly for 15-20 mins one game try brophy and Millar up top together one game? Just a thought. We all agree Brophy plays better in a front two and Millars pace could really cause trouble running in behind. They might link up well together. Brophy is screaming for someone to play with. Jackson wasn’t it today. i would have left on Rory and brought off Jackson. Millar pace for pressing some of those slow CB could cause some turn overs too... just a thought.
  13. Sorry 2-0 down against 10 men at some point we need to change tactics seriously
  14. On a side note Liam Millar has been called into Canada’s senior men’s team with Scott Arfield for the crucial game vs the USA Nov 15th. His 12th call up by 20......

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