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  1. Lives locally so I presume its the only club he ever wanted to play for.
  2. Would have taken the point before the game. Not sure why we starting sitting back so much after the 2nd goal, I felt we were causing them problems.
  3. Not a single effort on target from open play. We need to get more players forward and/or change the system.
  4. I bought the game this afternoon but its just coming up with a subscribe option.
  5. The 8 Aberdeen players should miss the games when replayed. As things stand the only punishment, is the cancellation of the game, which I would argue is of more disadvantage and financial cost to the innocent club. Scottish game is a laughing stock just now.
  6. This is another example of the complete arrogance of many Scottish football players. Think they are above everyone else. Added to the shambles over relegation it also highlights the total joke which is the SFA and SPFL. I feel sorry for the clubs in the Championship, League 1 and 2, Highland and Lowland league who must be very worried about delay to season and return to fans in stadiums. Fans of these clubs have raised thousands of pounds to help their teams survive and the wider community in their area. Grassroots football just coming back might also be delayed by the ripple effect caused by the mind numbing selfishness that is Scottish football.
  7. Steppskillie


    We talk about the great Killie players in the recent past, Tommy Burns, Eremenko, Ian Durrant, for me Chris Burke is up there with one of the best players to pull on a Killie jersey in the last 20 years. We should enjoy watching him play if this is going to be his last season. What a player and role model for youngsters on and off the pitch. I can't help thinking in 10 years time we are going to be saying do you remember when Burkey was playing. Club legend.
  8. Simply outstanding. His ability to hold the ball and link up play was something we have been missing for some time.
  9. I do think Billy Bowie has done an excellent job off the pitch. I think though its a fair comment regarding the football side of things, by all accounts Steve Clarke was presented to him by the introduction of others. However Alessio was a disaster of an appointment, although credit for realising early it had been a mistake. The jury is out on Alex Dyer, although James Fowler and AD seem to have improved transfer window dealings. That said jury is still out on the players so its probably a 7.5 out of 10 for me. If Dyer/Fowler combo works would put that up to 9 out of 10.
  10. Spoke to him a few times when ge was at Killie. Great guy glad to hear yhat he has got something fixed up.
  11. This is a disgrace from the players most of whom are senior players. Aberdeen as a club should be hammered for this. This is a wake-up call to every single footballer in Scotland. The players are selfishly risking the future of the senior game in Scotland, jobs and most importantly the health of many people at risk. It also shows the complete lack of leadership from Doncaster and his cronies. If it had been Killie they would have probably thrown the book at us but just because its Aberdeen nothing will be done. Now Livingston have had a game moved.
  12. Best name is the Ewe Camp in Lochranza on Arran. So named because of the sheep constantly grazing there.
  13. Interesting about Eastwood, I was down at the ticket office. Had a quick look at training. There was a goalkeeper training I didnt recognise, pretty sure it wasnt Lyle, looked reasonable height, tall maybe a trialist.

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