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  1. Have to say until key workers are getting appropriate testing and PPE, football regretfully should be well down the order for re-starting.
  2. I think Burkey is joining the list of major Killie players of the last 20 years which would include Burns, Durrant, Eremenko etc. Worth the admission money just to see him play. An incredibly talented footballer. His performance in the 3-0 win against Hearts will live long in the memory. An inspiring role model to young players.
  3. Difficult question but I think for me it has to be Tommy Burns. He could easily have signed for other clubs higher placed in the league but he chose Killie. Would give a shout for Paul Wright as well. Number of goals he scored for Killie and one in particular in 1997. Big Dieter Van Turnhout was a big guy...
  4. Just received an email from club saying additional shares are being released for purchase. Another way of raising money for club. Seems to be season ticket holders only can buy
  5. I think it would also be fair to say that the fans totally get the club as well. Only speaking personally, I am not a millionaire but as fans we to are in it for the long haul.
  6. Interesting debate on Radio Scotland at the moment about financial implications from the suspension.
  7. I work in insurance and I am loving the expert opinion on Business Interruption, extension clauses to basic policy cover in the forum.
  8. Sensible decision really...will be interesting to see what happens with the rest of the season now.
  9. Beginning to suspect the dressing is being controlled by Dicker and Broadfoot. If so time for both of them to be shown the door.
  10. It could happen Hearts beat St Mirren on Wednesday and Livi next week they will have 29 points Hamilton beat County away they will have 29 points We lose to St Mirren which with our bottle merchants in the squad is quite likely then St Mirren have 29 points We have 33.
  11. Time for Dyer to go. Bottom line results nowhere near good enough and he can take Broadfoot with him.
  12. How many of the last finals have not had one of the OF playing?
  13. Big decisions. Hard to argue with Hammie defensively really but is Hendrie any better. Very very harsh on Kiltie. As a manager you have to make big calls. Big game if we lose wont enhance arguement to give AD the job. If they do work then fair play. Brave moves only time will tell if they work.
  14. Just up the road for the Stepps contingent if Stirling...

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