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  1. Cracking tune never heard it before and regarded myself as a bit of a fan
  2. Refs watch seemingly didnt vibrate to let him know ball over line
  3. Wasnt that impressed with what i saw of him this season to be fair .think his career in decline
  4. I was hoping that was a joke
  5. Exactly this some people may not have had a wage or money coming in since march
  6. Wish he was 10 year younger
  7. Did the clubs not vote to end league
  8. 100 % bachmann commanded area and instilled confidence .lekovic was a hero but prone to erratic moments
  9. Ok mate great idea we can always rely on the good old uk lol .fs
  10. Wheres the young boy connell that came on against queens park dont see him on list
  11. Some clubs wont survive this
  12. I dont want them to die just for the pure enjoyment we have when we beat them .going to work and rubbing it in to there daft fans

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