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  1. Sorry i meant a vote for independence we had our chance
  2. 3 58 is usually a popular choice
  3. If only we took our chance the last time
  4. If thats the case get brophy sold .its not as if hes prolific .
  5. Loved the man.an absolute gentleman and family man
  6. I cant even remember what rhian dodds looked like or even when he played for us but i k ow he did so i think u win this
  7. Midfield i think is an area we are pretty well covered
  8. Think our transfer business is done this year
  9. A club like ours spread over 4 stands should be allowed
  10. I had a feeling we would win 4 nil lol.great performance
  11. Dont know why you were down voted he was
  12. To be honest i think soccer saturday is on the slide not as good as it used to be
  13. Big sexy


    When will he be

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