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  1. Good point made but when clarke was in charge went to games believing we were going to win no matter who we played even the old firm .He was the reason my kids are now avid killie fans and thats why the clarke years were important to me .My first game was when we got promoted against hamilton i was primary seven and was swaying to be a glory hunter like all my friends but my dad took me along ro that game and it changed my mindset .Without clarke at the helm and the joys we had with him even though limited success regarding cups etc my kids would not be near rugby park as it felt like a chore
  2. Totally agree with mcCoist point could listen to him all day .very balanced and knows exactly what to say and when
  3. Is there a reason for his dislike of killie
  4. Looks a cracking wee place gutted il no make it
  5. Apart from all that u were quite pleased with how the game went
  6. Remember all the stops they have when they go past irish pubs and shout abuse also
  7. I despise them .hope uefa throw the book at them .Absolute scumbags
  8. Who cares at the end of the day we will get them when we get them its not that big a deal
  9. And that the disabled roofing wasnt strong enough to hold there big fat horrible bodies fae collapsing under the weight of them.pricks
  10. I must have watching another game from everyone else i thought morton were better team today and looked more dangerous than we did