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  1. 100 % bachmann commanded area and instilled confidence .lekovic was a hero but prone to erratic moments
  2. Ok mate great idea we can always rely on the good old uk lol .fs
  3. Wheres the young boy connell that came on against queens park dont see him on list
  4. Some clubs wont survive this
  5. I dont want them to die just for the pure enjoyment we have when we beat them .going to work and rubbing it in to there daft fans
  6. Thats would be smart
  7. Strange i seen the mention of ryan stevenson there i see him every day in eaglesham as i take my wife to work .he hates us
  8. Why dont we just get rid of celtic and rangers .let them play each other every week
  9. Tommy burns was the reason i got into killie .came to our school and gave out free tickets for the game we got promoted .thankfully my dad took me along as a 8 year old bought the top and never looked back since .god bless tommy burns
  10. Thats brilliant any way this could be made into a flag or poster
  11. I think your spot on with that wish u werent though
  12. If u want to help club out you could always join the killie trust and or trust in killie
  13. Think it will be a good wee while before we are all back in rugby park
  14. Life will never be same again .social distancing will be in place for a long time
  15. To be honest our lockdown has been a joke never seen so many people out walking about
  16. Met him in town centre he has the most skinny legs ive ever seen

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