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  1. I'm hoping our new signing is more the Italian equivalent of Freddie Dindeleux.
  2. AYE THE FAMOUS KILMARNOCK FC are getting the blame for the action. https://www.rangersnews.uk/news/club-insider-provides-clarity-over-why-uefa-have-punished-rangers/ KILMARNOCK IN CAPITALS FFS. And as for the crush at Rugby Road. The guy on the phone is only crushed cause he's got a text from his wife to tell him she run off with a Celtic fan.
  3. Great news. He has passion, skill and pace. All great qualities for a young footballer. He also has a future and always looked hungry when came on last year. His goal and celebration against St Mirren was a highlight for me last season. To see such delight from a young player is wonderful. Welcome back Liam and lets hope we see you celebrating a few more times this season.
  4. There could have been major injuries or worse with the collapse of the disabled supporters roof. Could this have been in anyway connected with the gate opening incident and fake tickets
  5. Are we in for a relegation fight? .......... Ehhhh! Naw! Get a grip!
  6. Your right as Killie fans it’s what we do. We never got into Europe really as we never even left the UK. I also hope we are not able to reek revenge on The Nomads in the 2021 Challenge Cup.
  7. Maybe everyone can go there znd say a prayer for us for the rest of the season.
  8. Look every Killie fan today will be analysing wtf happened last night. New system, manager, pitch, attitude of players, fans response. We have all had dark days supporting Killie. Those seagulls last night did not turn into vultures waiting for our club to die. SSC brought a new spring to Killie and Winter is NOT coming. Our new manager needs time to do his own thing and has a lot to do obviously. Lets all just move on, yesterday was yesterday and today we as fans need to just swallow it up even if we are all severely sick today. Some of the reaction on here last was incredible. Bring o
  9. If only we had a team of Chris Burke he is a tremendous player great attitude and he took him off it’s frightening  5 BURKES AND 5 FINDLAYS WITH BACHMANN IN GOAL!
  10. Freetime on the Thursday night now. https://www.getyourguide.co.uk/belgrade-l1688/
  11. There was a few guys had flares at the game but that was just the old boys dwelling in the 70's. We have all done some daft things in our lives. Youthful exuberance can be a sorry thing.
  12. Here's hoping Larry B is another Bachmann. Everything I have read or watched about him seems extremely positive. Hopefully we could all be "As happy as/with Larry".
  13. Its been poor. What game are you watching. We're playing a pub team.
  14. Great guide Eddie. Looks like Rhyl have organised a party for #superkillieaway. Look forward to sampling some Welsh hospitality. Hopefully a few of you will be able to make the return leg. Here's to a great day where foootball fans can have some fun and merryment. Stay safe everyone. PS Is there a fountain!