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  1. When a player says he is isn't looking to far ahead or is just concentrating on Kilmarnock at the moment this basically means he'll be off ski. This is the problem we are getting ourselves into. Brophy will be the next one. Nobody really minds if they are bought by an English championship team and go on to have a great career but when they leave on a free and end up at the likes of Dundee Utd or Aberdeen that's the annoyance.
  2. Bowie said on Sky Sports news we have players identified but we can't do anything right now. We are in an enviable /unenviable position right now where we have a small squad so our costs aren't as high as they might have been. first and foremost we need to survive. The furlough scheme only pays employees up to £2500 per month, our team and most of the other teams players are on far more than that with no income. In this situation we will not be losing nearly as much as the rest. Most squads will need to free players probably. When the date comes when we know what is happening with virtual season tickets there will be lots of players desperate for a contract. At the moment yes we would struggle but there could be a few teams in administration
  3. Prior to lockdown I had bought 2 x tickets for the Motherwell away game from the Killie shop. Obviously the game was cancelled, was holding off on this one but now the season has now been cancelled. Emailed the email address on the killie website asking what the refund policy would be but didn't hear anything back. Wouldn't be as fussed if the money was going directly to Killie but Motherwell will ultimately get the £48 which is better on my pocket than theirs. Anyone else do the same or have any advice on this one?
  4. If Lawless is out of contract we should be trying to bring him in. Had no idea why he went to Livingston. Probably end up at Motherwell or something like that
  5. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/5616290/odonnell-snub-dundee-united-kilmarnock-crack-england/amp/?utm_medium=Social&utm
  6. Not a bad position to be in given most clubs are still trying to survive. Hopefully the club us in a decent position to bring in players when covid 19 clears up. Can't see the league restarting here without a drug to prevent it.
  7. Good thing that we don't have too many overheads at the moment. James Fowler master of covid planning
  8. They haven't completed a full season. Tough sh*t!
  9. Relegating Patrick two points behind with one game in hand is scandalous. Would we all have been happy and say fair enough if we'd been in this unfortunate position.. No chance!
  10. Despite people's feelings about Hearts this is a disgraceful way to relegate a club. A league is played over 38 games. If it can't be played in its entirety then you can't just relegate a Team. Imagine if that had been us. You could have a situation where you have played Rangers, Celtic, Aberdeen 3 times but your rival has played Hamilton, St Mirren and Ross County depending on fixtures so naturally you have less points but you would expect things to level up. Corrupt to the core and lacking in any decency!
  11. Finally! He always was a thorn in our side
  12. Loved him when he played for us. But didn't enjoy it when he played for St johnstone
  13. Team 1 Joe Lewis Shay Logan Ash Taylor Scott McKenna Andrew Considine Connor McLennan Graeme Shinnie Lewis Ferguson Niall McGinn Matty Kennedy Sam F**King Cosgrove Manager Derek McInnes The hands of time soften the annoyance when players retire but I would add Imrie, Scott Brown, Kenny Deuchar, James Forrest, Fraser Wright (St Johnstone), Adam Rooney, James Grady, Andy Walker, Keith Lasley, Darian McKinnon, Craig Conway, Ross Tokeley, Leigh Griffiths, Francisco Sandaza, Gary Mckay Steven, Kenny Miller, Morelos, Andy Walker, Higginbotham at Thistle, Brian Graham, Liam Boyce, Gardyne at County, Alex Schalk, Goodwille at Dundee Utd, Anthony Stokes, Ryan Stevenson, Jim goodwin, Chris Erskine, Kris Doolan I would also extend this to managers, Tommy Wright, Ian McCall, Pat Fenlon, Steven Gerrard Whilst we are at it pundits Pat Bonner, Wullie Miller, Alan Preston, Overall though I love Scottish football

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