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  1. kfc_superteam

    Managerial merry-go-round

    He will join Willie Miller in loathing us for being the team that cost him his job
  2. kfc_superteam

    Vacancy at Parkhead

    He appeared to rule it out on the radio yesterday but the papers full of 'Brendan sending out mixed messages' about Aston Villa and he will be approached today. Can imagine if he does go the press would start a bandwagon for Clarke to replace him.
  3. kfc_superteam

    Dee away, Fred

    To be fair I can see why McLean gave the penalty from the angle he had
  4. kfc_superteam

    Is it possible...

    The fear with all of this is that it is going too well. We are brilliant at the moment. If we keep this up who knows where we would finish. How long can we keep Sir Steve under the radar. The media touting him for another job in Scotland has abated as Rangers have their man and McLeish is now with Scotland but if say an Aston Villa come calling would he go. I really hope we can keep all together for the season as we are onto something special here. The team is balanced and we have options on the bench, maybe a bit light center half.
  5. kfc_superteam

    Dee away, Fred

    Sounds like we're having a mare so far
  6. kfc_superteam


  7. With the state of Somerset would Ayr be allowed to the Premier league if they win the championship. I know years ago Falkirk were denied but am I right in thinking the rules have changed. Mind you to have that stadium in the premier league would be an embarrassment
  8. kfc_superteam

    Kris Boyd

    I think Boydie realises this is his last season and he is not guaranteed a starting spot. Quite rightly as we shouldn't be reliant on a 35 year old striker as good as Boyd has been. He is probably reminding everyone that he is still about and will be a full time pundit next year. Probably auditioning for more pundary work
  9. kfc_superteam

    Maybe not boo Mulumbu

    Very disappointing the way the whole mulumbu thing has played out. He had an excellent season last year with us. The fans loved him. He scored the goal that beat Celtic. We held him in the same regard as Eremenko. We all knew that he was going to leave for one last pay day. What we really hoped was that he wouldn't sign for another Scottish club. Looks like he wouldn't until the last day of the transfer market. Then he signs for them. Sadly looks like there isn't much affection for the time he had with us from the way he went on today. I suppose it brings into reality the mercenary nature of footballers. You see that with Boyata and Dembele at Celtic. At a club like killie you are always likely to lose your best players to Rangers and Celtic. Naismith and Boyd were others that you were gutted were playing against you. At least Boyd donated his signing on fee to us. I suppose we are his wee team. When you hear Naismiths interview when he joined Rangers he was annoyed when he went to bed that he was still with us and then he got the call to go Murray Park. Just shows at the end of the day it is rare to have a true killie hero who has true sentiment for the club.
  10. kfc_superteam

    Run of games

    One game at a time but the next 5 games are winnable. Rangers at Ibrox will be tricky but we should go there with confidence and no pressure
  11. kfc_superteam

    Celtic Fred

    Fantastic win. Couldn't see it coming for much of the game. To win it in the last minute was brilliant stuff. Arguably even better than last season.
  12. kfc_superteam

    Celtic Tickets

    Still think it is poor that there is no reduction for family season ticket holders. Going to the game would cost £72 pounds or I could pay 7.99 and watch it on nowtv
  13. kfc_superteam

    New deal for o'donnell

  14. kfc_superteam

    Start we have made

    We've made a solid but unremarkable start to the season. Good win against St Johnstone and an excellent win against Aberdeen and narrow defeats against Hearts and Hibs. Disappointed not to beat Livi. Although they have had a good start to the season we should be beating them. Think we have made some good signings, I think Stewart looks to be an excellent signing. Going out the betFred was disappointing but not the end of the world. Once the Celtic game is over hopefully we can start putting a run together. Key thing is we are looking good and have an excellent manager. After the first round of games I'm hoping to be near the top.
  15. kfc_superteam

    Hibs away, Fred

    Think this is the guy who came on second half

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