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  1. kfc_superteam

    Gers Fred

    To be honest a good Rangers team will always beat a good Kilmarnock team. Steve Clarke has worked wonders but sadly this Rangers team look a class above what they have produced in the last few years.
  2. https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/3078230/souleymane-coulibaly-partick-thistle-transfer-news-could-land-move-kilmarnock-fans-favourite/amp/ Coulibaly to thistle
  3. I think in modern football you have a coach or manager and a scouting team. Steve is a fantastic manager and Coach but I think by the few signings we've made he doesn't necessarily have all the contacts for hidden gems which will improve the squad. Especially ones that will be free. In modern football the scouting teams find players for the manager and that is where I believe we are falling down. This is something I believe we are looking to improve but as yet we haven't really pulled a guy out of non leagues who is an improvement on what we have. Lee McCulloch somehow managed Alan Power which is amazing. Steve only seems to sign players he has previous knowledge of!
  4. kfc_superteam

    Livi Match Fred

    If you want entertainment go to the cinema!
  5. kfc_superteam

    Erwin - Iran

    Disappointed if he's getting 20k a week and we are getting peanuts for someone who has 2 years on his contract. If they can afford the wages offer a decent fee!
  6. Just posted an instagram from Istanbul Lee Erwin did.
  7. kfc_superteam

    Erwin - Iran

    It's David Wren who is posting it. Very credible,
  8. kfc_superteam

    Erwin - Iran

    Surely Not
  9. Would explain why we haven't signed anyone
  10. kfc_superteam

    Gordon Greer

    Wonder if this is to free up wages.
  11. kfc_superteam

    2018/19 Season Expectations

    Based on how we performed on Saturday if we can keep Sir Steve (there will be interest in him when somebody down south loses their job at some point during the season) and Jones we can have a really really good season. If we beat all the bottom 7 teams more often than not and take points here and there off of the big 4 we would be challenging for a European spot. Enjoy these days killie fans as they do not happen every year for a provincial club
  12. kfc_superteam

    Lawrence Shankland

    Get him on a free I would take a punt on him. Even a modest fee but no way would I spent £250,000 on him
  13. kfc_superteam

    Perf Saints Fred

    Think what we have to remember our 6000 or so we're in the 90s and this was 20 years ago. A lot of our support was older and probably a lot are sadly no longer with us. In the two decades past we have struggled with competition from other leagues, Rangers, Celtic, other things to do in attracting new supporters. Also football is expensive for a lot of folk who don't have a lot of spare money.... So let's be realistic and acknowledge even a 700 increase is good going. On the football itself.. Fantastic, just like last season. Not quite at it first half, second very good. JJ and Burke fantastic. Whole team dominant. If we can keep this up, keep Sir Steve and JJ we could well do very very well. Steve has not lost against anyone bar Rangers, Celtic, Hibs and Aberdeen he only dropped points against Dundee.
  14. kfc_superteam

    Bet Fred second round draw

    Is it on TV?
  15. kfc_superteam

    Subscription TV football coverage

    It's a total con!

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