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  1. I am judging by the lack of anyone coming in that this will be the squad until January. I think we are still far too light /lacking in quality in the final third
  2. I think this is the frustrating thing. We signed Fraser Murray and Armstrong and none of them have done anything in the league with almost a quarter of it gone. (Armstrong has not played so I agree you are assuming as he's not playing well enough in training). On the whole the team with the biggest budget struggle in the final third. Results have been more than acceptable. 5 points dropped out of 21. We've only been behind once in a league game and we lost that one. We need to find the balance between defence and attack for those situations if we are to win this league which we must do. Inverness are a worry. Only 2 points dropped, scoring more goals than us, better performance and showing no sign of letting up. If the gap increases at the top I wouldn't fancy us gaining on them. Yes there is a long way to go but they look a better side than us at the present
  3. He always checks back when running at a defence. Also haven't seen much of Armstrong either
  4. Get a grip ffs. Yes it wasn't great but this myth that this is a part time team and we should be horsing them is ignorant. This isn't the seventies where part time teams have beer bellies and smoke 70 a day. These guys will have access to the gym, be into nutrition, probably go jogging (just like Kirk Broadfoot). Part time players also aren't necessarily in Scottish football bad players, probably better than some full time players. Danny Whitehall wouldn't get in that team. They are a horrible team to play against, and we struggled up there. They had the crowd with them, tight pitch, wind and gave us no time at all. For a part time team they looked the fittest team we've played this season. They never ran out if steam and were pressing us up until 97 mins. It was a good point. They are third for a reason. Again people on this forum obviously haven't seen Arbroath before this game. Teams in Scotland more often than not Assemble good teams not through a big budget but through building teams up through years. Dick Campbell has been there for 9 years. Not team outwith the big city clubs can buy all the best players in the lower leagues. Yes it was very frustrating but this championship is a horrible league. I for one am not enjoying it and the sooner we are back in the Premiership the better. We are doing fine points wise, we've only conceded 1 goal. Yes there is plenty to work on but we are getting results. Not pretty at times, horrendous to watch most of the time but the performances will hopefully come. We could have done what St Mirren and Patrick did when they came down. Thistle got relegated slightly unfairly and St Mirren nearly did before they came back up. Think we need a reality check. Incidentally here is a few results of note
  5. Fantastic result. Didn't think we'd win that one yesterday before. Missed the game sadly. Any highlights?
  6. Baz Savage seen at Tesco's perhaps
  7. Not sure what to make of this. We were rotten again yesterday as per the Inverness game and probably the QoS game but you can't argue with the results bar the Inverness game. I think we are hard to beat but we are not going to be promoted playing like this. Its one thing having the odd game like this but to consistently play poorly at home especially is not good enough. If Rory hits the post there we aren't winning that. I appreciate we aren't going to win games 3 or 4 nil each week but we need to show more. Results will in the end match performances, that's what Sir Steve always said and its true. The worry is Inverness, they seem to be on a roll, they have gone to Arbroath, Rugby Park and won but also beat Patrick at home. Looking at their fixtures I wouldnt be surprised if the won their next couple. We've now got to go to Arbroath and Thistle and win. Having looked at the teams in the Premiership I wouldn't fancy us in a playoff. Don't get me wrong I am pleased with the result, more relieved actually but there is a lot to work on, we look far too predictable, slow, ponderous with no guile and playing one up top doesn't help us get in behind. We look on the whole solid at the back which gives you a chance as was seen with our goal.
  8. Excellent result tonight. Tough watch at times but things went for us tonight. Probably the first game unexpected result in Clarke reign(Serbia aside). I always feel the results with Scotland could go either way, even the games we win. Reality is penalty aside we wouldn't have won that game. That said Clarke has ground out a belter of a result which has put us in the driving seat. If we beat Israel, the Faroes and Moldova we'll be second.
  9. Good win in the end. Total Comedy competition with all these B teams in it though. Pointless competition
  10. I thought it was assault. 20 years ago that was just play on but in the modern game that tackle isn't allowed as it was dangerous play and could (and probably did) cause serious injury. Looks like as bad as the top league refereeing is this is significantly worse
  11. Don't get me wrong I think Sir Steve is a hero for what he did with Killie but if you ignore the sentiment and look at how he has done at international level is he really doing any better than his predecessors? Yes we qualified for the euros but that was through a backdoor route that McLeish in fact got us into. We scraped by Israel on penalties and did well to beat Serbia but despite being the better team (on that occasion) we scraped by on penalties. The actual qualifying campaigns have been no better results wise and performance wise than any of McLeish, Strachans performance. The euros themselves were disappointing. Could it be that in reality and as much as we say 'we have players playing in the epl' we aren't actually very good. International teams especially the top ones are the elite and Scotland aren't in that bracket. We haven't found a way of bringing the players we have into an effective system. Maybe it's the type of players and the mentality of the players that is the issue. Personally I don't actually think it's working. I'm not calling him to be sacked as I just don't think we are good enough or have the correct players for what he wants to do. Replicating what Sir Steve did with us seems to be a different ball game. He doesn't have every day to work with players, a settled squad which I think is where his strength lies. Don't get me wrong it's almost an impossible job. Denmark finished in the semi final of the euros so it was a difficult game but in the first half we were annilated. I have no answers, it's just an observation. I wonder if any manager would do well at Scotland.
  12. Man City or PSG owners to also buy us