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  1. kfc_superteam

    Ex players

    Just saw that Chris Johnson has joined Annan and Conrad Balatoni has joined Edinburgh. Surely both are at a higher level than that!
  2. Wonder if we might yet go for Steven naismith. I know he said he wouldn't be interested in the pitch but I think we may yet get him!
  3. kfc_superteam

    Jack Ross

    To Sunderland apparently
  4. kfc_superteam

    Would you rather

    Livi will bring more than Ross County admittedly. St Mirren will make up for Partick locally!
  5. kfc_superteam

    Would you rather

    Just shows what can happen in the playoffs. Just thinking back to when we beat Falkirk if we didn't get that first goal so early on could have been so different. Let's not let that happen again
  6. kfc_superteam

    A year ago today

    MJ did attract a lot of negativity both through fans and people trying to invest etc. Possibly a lot of frustration was vented his way as well because the club was in decline both on and off the park. Fans were turning away sadly. I think a lot of it was also we appointed really poor cheap managers after sacking a league cup winning manager. There seemed to be a big let's appoint a rookie ex player type as manager in Scottish football. For the all the Bobby Williamsons, Jack Ross, Neil Lennon there was a Gary Locke, Allan Johnstone, Lee McCulloch, Ritchie Foran, Stewart Kettlewell. Anyway it just shows you what an exceptional manager can do.with our rise. One thing is for sure Steve Clarke would not have joined us had MJ still been here
  7. kfc_superteam

    Over 2,000 ST's sold....

    Ordered it from the Killie zone. They are having some issues with the system I believe.
  8. kfc_superteam

    Over 2,000 ST's sold....

    Early bird offer finishes today doesn't it. Is there extended hours in the shop to buy them. I know you can have order online but they mucked up one year with this so prefer to do it in person
  9. kfc_superteam

    Football Writers’ Manager of the Year

    Well done sir steve.
  10. kfc_superteam

    Kris Boyd

    Never in doubt
  11. kfc_superteam

    SPFL relegation / play offs

    Hope the premiership team go down. Just for a bit of variation in the league
  12. kfc_superteam

    sellick away, Fred

    Good point. 0 shots on goal. Nevermind good result
  13. kfc_superteam

    Tonight’s games

    Finding it hard to work out who I want to go down. Was hoping County, Thistle and Hamilton would be as close as possible going into the game on Saturday. All three of them have merits to go down. County:- Annoying that for years they punched above their weight by being bankrolled by uncle Roy. And humiliated us on occasion. Blowing us out the water on wages. Also a nightmare away trip. Thistle, our traditional rivals. Again Doolan and Erskine traditionally score against us. Having said that I always think Alan Archibald is a decent bloke. If they win he never rubs it in. Gives us credit, and states they get the rub of the green. Good away day Hamilton. Horrible club. A team that just kick you. Good away day and a team we should always finish above them. Also Dougie Imrie divides opinion. In summary Ross County to go down and Thistle to be beaten by Livingston in the playoffs
  14. kfc_superteam

    Hearts match

    Looks like we clinch 5th today as the Cellic are 2-1 up. Fantastic achievement for us!
  15. kfc_superteam

    SAF seriously ill ....

    I never like Man Utd. That said sir Alex is a legend of the game and I sincerely hope he recovers

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