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  1. It was Arfields birthday party so draw your own conclusions as to who and how many would be there.
  2. Hows about a tattoo of a big cock and balls on his napper? Total dobber.
  3. Good news. Has looked solid since he has been in the team.
  4. I'm not saying that at all. What I am trying to say is protocols are not a guarantee to stop or protect people from infection. They are mitigation. If we have broken protocols, and the punishment is X, then the same should be dished out to anyone breaking protocols regardless if a game is postponed or not. That is, it would be unfair to dish out a different punishment to a team who have broken protocols but can still put a team out. Like I said, you've either broken protocols or you haven't.
  5. The protocols are not a 100% guarantee that someone will not get infected. They are a means to mitigate and reduce the risk. Just like standing within 2 metres of someone for 15+ minutes is not a guarantee that someone would get an infection. This is becoming a "be careful what you wish for" for the league. If they hit us hard for a breach, same will have to apply to everyone thereafter. You either break protocol or you don't....end of story. Regardless if a game is postponed or not. You cant breach protocols a wee bit. Its a breach or not a breach.
  6. That'll be reference to the wildlife running about up there and not the football.
  7. Surely even they couldn't do something so egregious. Or can they?..... "Its ma baw and am no playin'" type of behaviour.
  8. Following a positive coronavirus test for Odsonne Edouard, Celtic officials are holding urgent talks with government health officials to determine whether or not the striker will have to go into a two week quarantine in France before getting the green light to travel back to Glasgow. (Daily Record) https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/54446263 If he's COVID positive he cannot and must not travel FFS.
  9. Correct.....but only if he no longer has symptoms.
  10. Self isolation when testing positive means no travel. Regardless of the exemptions. The exemptions only apply to those with no symptoms and no positive test.
  11. It appears that here are exceptions to this rule.....elite sport is exempt from this rule so long as the rules are adhered to. From the gov.scot website (link here https://www.gov.scot/publications/coronavirus-covid-19-public-health-checks-at-borders/pages/sectoral-exemptions/) From 10 July, the following sectors have been included in the exemption from the self-isolation requirements work category list: elite sporting events - elite sportspersons and support workers on specified major sporting events. Read the detailed guidance for sportspersons and event organisers https://sportscotland.org.uk/media/5908/phase-3-resumption-of-performance-sport-step-4-final-draft-with-annex-a.pdf
  12. BBC report says he (Edouard) has to isolate for only 10 days!!! I thought it was 14 days from when you test positive? As for Donkey-ass-turd at the SPFL, will this delay a decision on the Killie v Well match or will they just do what they want anyway and change the precedence when it's the OF?
  13. I'd say the possibilities as to why this has happened are endless. Even the government measures (masks, social distancing, etc) are not a guarantee that we are all 100% safe from getting COVID19. Let's wait and see what the investigation brings.
  14. Likewise the Scottish Government when they stepped in to deal with "The Aberdeen 8". It wasn't a question them of being able to field a team or not.....the decision was made for the league and Aberdeen. If the NHS (Government body) say isolate, decision is made for league and us.
  15. Actually i was at Hampden. OK, I will rephrase what i said, .......a cup competition of lesser importance than the league.
  16. I would not have an issue with the youths playing. Its a diddy cup that should have been mothballed for this year anyway, Regardless of the financial implications. And I know that would have hurt a lot of clubs but the whole country is affected financially in someway. The extra dates could then have been used to catch up if league games were postponed for health reasons. Playing the youths will also give them experience they would not normally get.
  17. Gary Tallon. Was worse than a man short.
  18. Was that the game early January 1997 when it was actually a re-arranged game following a postponement when Ceptic had players on international duty? Clip below says 11 players out ill and/or injured.
  19. I'm not comparing anything. The government website says it. This fact check website you have needs to go and do a deep dive into all the data. Instead of just disagreeing with the something somebody said as it doesnt fit the narrative. Fullfact states that because it's been downgraded doesnt mean it's not dangerous. FFS the government website even says its downgraded because the mortality levels are low over all.
  20. Actually the virus was downgraded back in March from Highly Consequential Infectious Disease to nothing more than a normal influenza. Look it up and stop talking crap.
  21. The medical folk wear medical grade masks. Joe Public dont. Chances are the masks the public wear are not fit for purpose. I could wear a pair of knickers on my face as it would still meet the remit of a face covering. All the sheeple need to wake up and smell the coffee. Just because the BBC say it or Boris or Nicola doesnt mean it's TRUE. Do your own digging and see the truth on all of this pish.
  22. I see SOD has signed for Motherwell. Does that mean they have offered him a deal we were unable to or it's been driven by the fact no other club was interested so took it as he will have no income? He says it's the lure of Europe but that cannot be the only deciding factor surely. https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/53771822 Good luck to him anyway.