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  1. Some dead nice basket weaving
  2. Besides the big white strip from the Carlsberg sponsor this strip design would be unreal. Details through the stripes and a collar oafttttt Also being modelled by Makrini funnily enough!
  3. Tartan Sheep showing the game today incase anyone can’t make it up to Parkhead!
  4. Out of all the keepers we have just not I’de want to give Devlin a chance but he seems to have disappeared off the face of the earth!
  5. Man with nickname gets called by his nickname. Mental int it
  6. I imagine the car park would be dead, far too cold to be signing contracts out there
  7. Ahhh gutted. Missing out again on a good prospect if he wasn’t up watching!
  8. He knows how Thomas can play though? Would there be much point in going up to watch him?
  9. Heard Fowler was up at the Dunfermline game on Friday night, hopefully watching Nisbet
  10. Don’t agree with Del Fabro and Nico being that level, had a bad game but 90% of the team did! The keepers though..aye
  11. That wee flick on from Bunn was filth. Would’ve got round him aswell if he didn’t have a finger knuckle deep in his eye hole
  12. Is there any substance to Bachmann coming back to us since hes getting mentioned a lot? Or is it just something we’d all want? Haha
  13. Was interesting to see the ball being played from the back all game today, wasn’t punted out once from what I remember!
  14. What happens when you’ve got players to create chances around ye

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