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  1. I also tested mine on my phone before on my browser (smart TV rather than desktop) and I noticed it doesn't like it when 2 devices are signed in at the same time - maybe make sure your phone is definitely logged out when you try again?
  2. Same size I normally took with Nike, last season excepted because bigger size was all they had before I had to leave for Rhyl!
  3. Yep just picked mine up, got to say the quality is excellent (pre-wash anyway)
  4. Sunny Germany I'm off to to watch the game today, another way to support the club. F*ck hibs.
  5. Rogers McGowan Broadfoot Findlay Haunstrup Burke Power El Makrini Mckenzie Kabamba Brophy/Kiltie Depending on the wolf's fitness. If Bachmann does go ahead, I don't think he'd play less than a week after arriving.
  6. Paul Di Giacomo must be in with a decent shout too...
  7. Craigie I've seen you mention a few times about signing a right back if Millen leaves - is this something you've heard a rumour about?
  8. Stewart was absolute class for us, single-handedly winning us games. Tshibola? Meh.
  9. I think the amount of people on here saying they either don't want him or wouldn't be bothered speaks volumes, and don't think that many would have "open arms" The bottom line is he actually did very little to effect a positive influence on games. As already mentioned, he struggles to get his passing game going when under the sort of intense pressure that comes with playing midfield in Scotland. He's certainly not a goalscorer, and quite often the "lazy" tag that went with him came from his lack of urgency in the middle of the park. All round, not the sort of player we can afford to take a punt on at the moment - knowing what he can (or can't) do right now and hoping he'll improve. I don't think he's any better than Dicker or Power, or even El Mak. He's younger, but means SFA without doing anything on the park. In 5 years time he'll be forgotten for everything except being part of "that squad"
  10. We'll sign the wrong one.
  11. Aye that'll do, we need someone to fight it out with Waters and he ticks the boxes.
  12. Never mind that, he got 100 in 3 appearances at Concord Rangers!!
  13. He's well and truly back

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