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  1. Feck that, promote 5 and relegate hearts for a laugh.
  2. I am another that had previously had to cancel due to financial constraints - however, if the current crisis had to happen, it's happened at an ok time - final season ticket payment just came out, meaning that's £37 a month I'm not giving the club! Now I can't commit all of that to TiK, but I have just signed up again! Also voted yes, no brainer!
  3. Complete agree with what others are saying, would never ask for any money back or discounts off STs. I do think, if we could put the infrastructure in place, that streaming KTV to all members of the ticketing database would be a good compromise if we end up with closed-doors games.
  4. He doesn't need to, just like he didn't this time. Just say it's the board's call then they'll give him it.
  5. That's based on Hibs getting top 6 instead of Livi too. I think we have the potential to sneak top six, but I disagree about Aberdeen. I think they'll get Cosgrove scoring again, hit a bit of form and end up third. Actually think Motherwell are more catchable. But probably not for us, still not enough depth leading to inability to change things off the bench.
  6. Now THAT'S something I could get behind!
  7. Hope not, Wales' pies are far superior!
  8. Don't think we'll see Taylor on, but good experience. Connell only if the game is decided one way or another I'd guess
  9. That worked out well. Love an 'in the know' post
  10. I'm not saying it's right, but rangers only had two strikers. Both got injured so they went and got Kamberi.
  11. Side note - see Kamberi has gone full Jordan Jones saying ever since he arrived in Scotland it's been his dream to sign for the huns. He'll be welcomed back with open arms.
  12. Loaned, but yes I'm aware. That's why we're talking about him.
  13. Need to go back to 9th November to cover our last 6 points though.... that's 11 fixtures. With only 10 fixtures until the split, we'd better get our act together if we want to start looking up...

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