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  1. Killie TV international wouldn’t steam the picture on my iPad using safari. Got a picture on stream 2 but it wasn’t great, logged out and back in and couldn’t get picture. Could hear commentary fine. Ended up watching on Red TV via a stream. Anyone know if there is an issue with Killie TV on iPads now? Never used to be.
  2. Can someone please tell me what the point of Danny Whitehall is? Completely out of his depth. Pointless signing and waste of a wage. Gone in January.
  3. Brilliant. Where did you get this T-shirt?!
  4. We have signed a few players with no brains over the years pal.
  5. We won the league cup under Mikey J and he stopped us going into administration. Always engaging he had a lot of time for the fans. A man of the people and always put the clubs and fans interest before his own. The time he spent at the club for little reward and without doubt the best toupee ever seen in the boardroom, Michael Johnston has to be considered our greater ever board.
  6. Dyer brought Broadfoot back as he is good about the dressing room and takes charge of the dressing room stereo. Never mind clean sheets but big Kirk can pick out a decent tune.
  7. Fowler apparently had an influence in Alessio’s sacking. One would assume Fowler also had a say in Dyers appointment. After nearly 12 months in the job what has Fowler actually delivered? Two poor transfer windows, a poor manager and arguably a weaker squad of players. Many questioned Fowler’s credentials for the role he’s in and so far those reservations are proving to be founded. Poor appointment by the Board.
  8. Who scouted this clown? Fowler? A National League South player at best. Absolute garbage. Michael McArthur was better
  9. Nail on head. Bowie has great intentions but knows f’k all about football.
  10. I'd say 1% of total tests returning positive results is keeping it under control. There were always going to be spikes and clusters. Country needs to return to work.
  11. Marko is a good egg and will hopefully at least give us a laugh.
  12. The only reason I would sign Mulumbu is if El Markini moves on and he accepts a deal on the same wages. We need to use any remaining budget on adding creativity and pace to the squad. Oh and a competent goalkeeper would be a good idea too.
  13. Approach him again in a few weeks time.

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