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  1. Mojike and Bod

    Over 2,000 ST's sold....

    We must surely be a bawhair of breaking 3,000 after Fri and Sat? Imagine after payday next week there will be a further surge.
  2. Mojike and Bod

    A year ago today

    Heard MJ is spending a lot of time in Thailand these days.
  3. Mojike and Bod

    Incomings and outgoings.

    Heard Smith and Samezadeh have already been released
  4. Mojike and Bod

    New Directors ?

    If true I’d be interested to know how much she is investing to join the board. Given the family have just pocketed £80m I would hope it would be a lot more than the standard £100k for a directors seat. Or could it be she’s joining with the intent of increasing her investment next year by purchasing the fat lawyer’s shareholding next year??
  5. Mojike and Bod

    Pancake for the Huns

    This appointment would be sure to meet with the approval of Big Drew Wylie!! https://www.thescottishsun.co.uk/sport/football/2557129/steven-gerrard-rangers-talks-manager-job/
  6. Mojike and Bod

    Season tickets

    Our prices represent excellent value when compared to Harrogate Town of the Vanarama North League! I know Harrogate is an affluent town but the standard in that league is on a par with Ayrshire Juniors!!
  7. Mojike and Bod

    Lee McCulloch punting Alex Neil or Steve Clarke for Rangers

    Everyone chill, Jig was just practicing some comedy for his new forthcoming TV series
  8. Mojike and Bod

    Will you be buying a season ticket

    Live in Yorkshire but still buying an adult Season to get behind SSC
  9. Mojike and Bod

    Season tickets

    No issue with the pricing, great value and it’s time to back SSC. The decision to exclude OF games from the family season ticket is however ridiculous. Whoever thinks it is a good idea at board level to continue with that is an absolute clown.
  10. Mojike and Bod

    U20's v Hamilton Result 12/04/18

    Andy Millen should be punted
  11. Mojike and Bod

    Season tickets

    Correct and its a lame excuse saying it's been a busy time. A season ticket campaign should be been given a high priority.
  12. Mojike and Bod

    Season tickets

  13. Mojike and Bod

    TIK Board Member

    In all seriousness it would be good to get an update on discussions with the KFC board as a few weeks have elapsed since we hit the funding target.
  14. Mojike and Bod

    Thistle Away 7th April

    We would have had more at Aberdeen had the weather been better. 1700 would be a decent support at Thistle
  15. Mojike and Bod

    Where, where, where, where's Squirrelhumper?

    I think rodent lover is also missing Thistle next week which is in effect a home game for him. He’s a man in demand. No party is complete without Squirrel. Another social engagement for the most socially mobile member of this forum.

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