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  1. Doesn't look like it has affected other SPFL clubs season ticket sales. Are pensioners in Ayrshire much more risk averse than Motherwell for example?
  2. Not just talking about renewing season tickets. The commercial side of the club remains poor and way behind other Scottish clubs. There are Championship and League 1 clubs with better run commercial set ups. The Trust as a major shareholder should be holding the club to account.
  3. I'd hope Cathy is also aware that people are unable to renew their season tickets as 'the person that deals with that is on holiday until Monday' . We really are a Sunday league outfit at times. Apart from a couple of new lounges I've seen no evidence things have improved on the commercial side in the past few years. The club are awful to deal with.
  4. That's a joke. Hopefully a breach of contract. Look for a new supplier for 21/22.
  5. You’d like to think the club will be aware of the fans displeasure. It’s all over social media and on here. Whoever has responsibility for retail needs to take a long hard look at themselves. It’s been an absolute shambolic launch and once again the club shoots itself in the foot and loses much needed revenue. I ordered some stuff today (well I think I did payment hasn’t actually been taken after the ‘glitch’) to support the club financially. However the website is unprofessional and should never have been launched in that state. We have to get much better at the basics.
  6. Which is exactly what Phyllis is meant to be bringing to the table.
  7. Just bought some new training gear. £138.30 and club tried to debit £13,860 from my card which was fortunately declined. Got an email confirming my order but nothing showing on my pending transactions for the money leaving my account. Club have had a nightmare here.
  8. Yep, old link showing 'store under maintenance' still on the club website and no sign of any announcement on the social media channels. Hopefully just a slight delay but you wouldn't be surprised if there has been a f'k up. Standard form.
  9. Bit of an overreaction as usual. There is no incentive to buy a season ticket early this year. A load of people still to buy/renew. The first home game is v Celtic will be shown on Sky, therefore to access the free streaming service you don't need to have it until mid August. As others have said, by that time our sales won't be far away from the likes of Motherwell and St Mirren.
  10. Our playing surface is definitely a factor in players deciding whether to sign for us. We have lost out on numerous players due to the pitch over the years. Fact is most professional footballers prefer to train and play on grass. Anyone who thinks differently is kidding themselves. It makes recruitment more challenging and the reason why St Mirren have beaten us to a player.
  11. It is meant to be 'early July' which we are now in. Must be any day over the next week surely?
  12. According to Jason Leitch, who in March said he would have no qualms about taking his family to a music festival. Soon changed his tune...

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