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  1. Not good. A very poor result against 10 men, unable to score despite numerous opportunities and efforts. Overhaul required in the summer now, we will be likely to avoid the play-offs at this rate.
  2. Yes you are right and I was quite excited at first...……..Do you honestly think that he was great tonight / in the cup game / vs Hibs?
  3. There are some things that he does, but not many. He scored a tap in during the cup game. He runs about half the time like a headless chicken, a lot of the time is out of position and can't challenge in the air, and when he is in position is easily muscled out of it. Looks easily intimidated by defenders and jogs around like out for a Sunday stroll. If you don't believe me watch him the next time when we get the ball and are on the break
  4. Completely agree with this. With a 2-0 lead we should have ran over the top of that lot and sent them home with their tails between their legs. The players shouldn't have needed any motivating or incentive for that tonight, least of all they should have made it up to the fans for the cup defeat.
  5. Kabamba poor tonight I thought, as well as in the cup game......starting to look a lot less promising than originally thought
  6. The full stadium was up by that point, they just had to stick the seats in the moffat stand
  7. What a striker he turned out to be, some of my youngest memories as a young Killie fan were of Broono. I can still remember him scoring a 25 yarder against Aberdeen when the Moffat stand was mid-construction.
  8. Lovely to read "we'll need to put that lot back in their box" They must like being bottom of the league
  9. Good to see one Liam Millar starting up front for Liverpool tonight in the FA cup v Shrewsbury
  10. Not quite a disaster, we have Bunn and Kabamba
  11. The hun skelper returns. Welcome back broaders
  12. Seriously, if you were Gary Holt why the Feck would you even consider moving to us. You're doing a great job at Livi, moving on up the league, well liked by fans and players - to us - in freefall, players that don't give a feck bar a few, a board that are absolutely honking and a support that are rightly becoming completely scunnered.
  13. I actually quite like Talbot...……..but what a cretin she is