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  1. We are delighted to share the 'Trust In Killie' financial update for June. It is terrific to see more and more Killie supporters joining the Trust every month! FULL REPORT HERE Every contribution, financial, time or support, is greatly valued. Thank you! JOIN THE TRUST HERE SUBSCRIBE TO 'TRUST IN KILLIE' HERE
  2. We have let members know of a vital project to be funded by the Trust: bins + sanitiser dispensers for the stadium at an approximate cost of £5,000. The response and backing from members has been terrific - thank you for your support! SUBSCRIBE TO 'TRUST IN KLILLIE' FUNDRAISING
  3. An amazing winning offer of £800 - thanks to successful bidder Ray! Our sincere thanks also to 'KillieMatchworn' for giving up such a collectible item and also running the auction, all bidders, as well as our legends Ronnie Hamilton and Davie Sneddon for making this such a wonderful item. To have the top scorer from 64-65 as well as a final day scorer involved was a privilege. We are delighted to have an amazing amount for our 'Trust In Killie' fundraising campaign. 'Trust In Killie' is a great way of helping the Club - no more so than at this tricky time. Great Club, Great Fans...and Great Legends too!
  4. We have been delighted to support KillieMatchworn's auction by getting in touch with players who did so much in 1964-65. HUGE thanks to Davie Sneddon and Ronnie Hamilton. £600 is an amazing amount of money for Kilmarnock FC via our 'Trust In Killie' fundraising campaign. 4 hours left!
  5. The interest has been terrific and, as you say, we owe a huge thanks to our Club legends for taking the time to do this. And of course huge thanks to Killie Matchworn for donating his limited edition top!
  6. What's the only thing better than one Kilmarnock legend? TWO! We are absolutely delighted to say that 1964-65 league-winning TOP SCORER Ronnie Hamilton has also agreed to sign the shirt for the top bidder. That's got to be worth getting the shirt to £500...
  7. Something to warm the heart of every Killie fan on this Saturday morning...Mr Davie Sneddon doing the honours for the 'Kille Matchworn' auction! Bidding currently at £400 for this one-off piece of history All funds raised will be used to support the Club. If you don't use twitter, you can message the seller Sandy direct smccutcheon1869@gmail.com to make a bid. Twitter bid page HERE
  8. If anyone does not use Twitter, they can contact the seller, Sandy, at smccutcheon1869@gmail.com with offers. Bidding currently at £300 with all funds raised going to Trust work, which in turn will help the Club...
  9. The club has some great stuff on its history page these days... https://kilmarnockfc.co.uk/club/history/key-moments/
  10. We are delighted to have received an offer from Killie Matchworn Shirts on Twitter. They are auctioning one of the limited edition replica 64/65 shirts, with all proceeds going to Killie Trust work. And we are grateful to our Club legend - and final day goalscorer - Davie Sneddon - who has agreed to sign the shirt! Bids on twitter
  11. We are delighted to welcome Head of Football Operations, James Fowler, as a Trust member! Find out more about membership here: http://ow.ly/IOvg50A6Pst You can join the Trust for an annual fee of £10 for adults. Membership brings you a share of our vision and a stake in the future of your club and community. It gives you a voice in how the money raised by the Trust will be spent. We would love to have you on board!
  12. The involvement of our support in strengthening the links between club and community is at the heart of everything we do. As part of our regular reviews of practices and procedures to reflect our growing relationship with the Club, we have made a change to the Killie Trust logo to reflect this. We are updating our online presence as well in the next few weeks...starting with a new-look website.
  13. First hint for Friday's quiz. And it's probably not a shock On the 23rd anniversary of our 3rd Scottish Cup win, there will be a round of questions all about 1997's success... Get swotting...and remember to join us on the Trust Facebook page tomorrow at 7pm! #killie97

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