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  1. Yesterday we passed a major milestone and, as a result, next week we will be in a position to forward £8000 in monthly 'Trust In Killie' funds to Kilmarnock FC. The new memberships and subscriptions are still coming in (6 members and 2 subscribers today) and we are processing them as quickly as we can. Thank you once again to everyone who is - or has been - a member, a subscriber or supports the Trust's work in a different way. Trust news Next week: - 'On Board In Person' summary to be sent to members and subscribers (Monday) - Monthly Trust Club Director update Mon 6 April: - 'Trust In Killie' financial update We are working on other things so there might be more info as well...
  2. Full article: https://kilmarnockfc.co.uk/news/board-thank-killie-trust-for-50000-investment/ The Killie Trust believes passionately in bringing Club and community together. Members and subscribers have made a real difference - and will continue to do so, even in difficult times. As our membership grows, so does our potential. Join the Trust here: https://killietrust.killiefc.com/en/join-the-trust_48766/
  3. Killie fans...THANK YOU! In 24 hours, 'Trust In Killie' subscriptions have increased by almost £5000. That is a HUGE amount of funds which will support brilliant Kilmarnock FC projects. And we are still processing MORE subs, members and upgrades! Thanks for keeping us so busy The £5000 (and counting!) of additional annual subscription income represents not far off a 10% increase. Wow! It could cover several smaller projects or contribute to a larger project. Our Trust members have a big say on projects... Find out more here
  4. VOTE RESULT The proposal to 'offer to bring forward the scheduled handover of £40,000 of ‘Trust In Killie’ funds' has been passed, with 98% of voters in favour. Thank you for such a high level of participation - 62% of the membership voted within the 24 hours. 'TRUST IN KILLIE' FUNDRAISING CAMPAIGN
  5. Really glad to hear that you are in a position to contribute - and THANK YOU for doing it We really do appreciate every single penny people feel they can contribute.
  6. Really delighted to say that we are only 4 short of 400 votes cast. There is still time (until 10pm tonight) for Killie Trust members to have their say on this important issue.
  7. In short, the Killie Trust is the organisation and 'Trust In Killie' is a specific fundraising campaign. MUCH MORE HERE!
  8. Hi, Can you drop us a line at thekillietrust@gmail.com please?
  9. Great to have you on board We are always looking at ways to spread the word! We have added some professional communications experience to the Trust Board and getting the message out there is a big focus at the moment - we want to tell people as much as we can about the vast amount of work that is going on. And there is a lot more planned... Reaching out to fans not online absolutely is something we are looking at - your thoughts on how we could do that are appreciated. We do also hope that members and subscribers will tell people - and persuade them to join, subscribe and get involved. There is no substitute for word of mouth!
  10. Hi, Great to here that you are considering this! Please drop us a line at thekillietrust@gmail.com and our memberships will assist you.
  11. Brilliant to have you back on board! The membership is a manual process so it does sometimes take a few days. Thank you
  12. It's great to have you back! We absolutely do understand that there are so many demands on people's finances and appreciate that everyone's situation is different - and changeable. Thank you
  13. The Killie Trust is a significant shareholder in the Football Club and the Trust Board of Directors feel that it is vital to consider every possible option to help the Club in these uncertain times. In line with Trust rules, the Trust Board have today authorised the use of £10,000 of general funds to help the Club to manage the potential loss of matchday income. Later this evening we will be contacting our members to consider the Trust also offering to bring forward the scheduled handover of £40,000 of ‘Trust In Killie’ funds. With very best wishes The Killie Trust Board
  14. It was great to see so many people there last night - especially in the circumstances. Thank you to all for your attendance, and thanks to James Fowler and Cathy Jamieson for their detailed preparation and contribution. We aim to have a review of the evening sent to members and subscribers in the next couple of days - this will then be shared more widely the following day. A lot of very interesting questions asked last night - and answered! There was also a lot of informal feedback/surprise afterwards about the range of work the Trust is involved in; if you are thinking about getting involved, there is definitely A LOT going on...now is the time. As mentioned by Jim Thomson in his presentation, we are averaging a new member a day since the start of February, which is gratifying - and greatly appreciated. BE TODAY'S NEW MEMBER

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