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  1. We really value your enthusiasm Alan! And YES THEY ARE, even if we do say so ourselves...
  2. Killie Histories: 'The Big Match' series Episode 2: Paul Clarke - Pre-match strike - Paolo Rossi - Unusual bonuses - Part-time, Premier team https://killiehistories.podbean.com Not only was Paul a great guest, he has given invaluable support to this series Episode features legendary BBC commentator, David Begg, as well as Kilmarnock legends Alan Robertson and George Maxwell and is free to listen on Podbean, Apple and Spotify. This episode is much more than the story of one match; it is an insight into a unique era of the club. Enjoy....don't forget to share, like and review!
  3. The involvement of our support in strengthening the links between club and community is at the heart of everything we do. As part of our regular reviews of practices and procedures to reflect our growing relationship with the Club, we have made a change to the Killie Trust logo to reflect this. We are updating our online presence as well in the next few weeks...starting with a new-look website.
  4. Episode 2 of the new 'Killie Histories' podcast will be out in a few days. THREE Kilmarnock legends...ONE almighty shock!
  5. Some very good ideas in there Ray and Deserter. A few of the subjects Deserter mentioned are already being talked about with a couple of players for series 3. Just need to get series 1 and 2 out first!
  6. Really great to hear that - thanks! The Tommy Burns effect...oh there is an episode for you in the first series
  7. We are delighted with the positive comments and audience numbers for Ray Montgomerie launch episode! The series is now also hosted on Apple podcasts + Spotify. Please do leave a rating and a review - and spread the word! Details of episode 2 in the next couple of days...
  8. Really appreciate the comment - thanks. We want this to be really good quality every time and feedback will only help as we move forward.
  9. Hi Fletch, Absolutely. Went live on spotify a bit later yesterday afternoon - the first aim was to get it released on podbean as our home of the series. Apple podcasts verification pending so hopefully on there as well ahead of episode 2...
  10. Thanks Alan! Really appreciate it Monty was a good sport - and still so enthusiastic about the club after 30+ years. There are 5 other Kilmarnock FC greats who have spoken with us for series one - all of them were really generous with their time and gave a lot of interesting insights into their time with Killie.
  11. For our first-ever episode, we hear from 1997 captain Ray Montgomerie about factors key to the Scottish Cup win. You can listen on Podbean. No account needed, just click the link and play. You can also download the podbean app, if preferred. http://killiehistories.podbean.com Some of the topics discussed: - Paul Wright - Bobby Williamson - Bagan and Burke - 1994 We hope this will be a regular feature so, if you like it, please do tell people!
  12. As part of our #killie97 online weekend, we are delighted to launch the new 'Killie Histories' podcast. Series 1, Episode 1 will be available at 12:00 today...featuring a 1997 legend We hope that the series will keep fans entertained - and you might even find out something new! Our Club has such an amazing history: 150 years packed with magic moments. In the first series, we look at four of them, from the players' perspective. We have had great backing from the Kilmarnock FC Former Players' Association in the development of this podcast - huge thanks to them. Full details at 12:00.
  13. First hint for Friday's quiz. And it's probably not a shock On the 23rd anniversary of our 3rd Scottish Cup win, there will be a round of questions all about 1997's success... Get swotting...and remember to join us on the Trust Facebook page tomorrow at 7pm! #killie97
  14. Our quiz masters on Friday are none other than dad-and-daughter duo James and Claire Morrison, who’ll be bringing you a fun filled evening of Killie trivia! We wonder if James will be donning his jester hat on Friday... The quiz will start at 7pm on Friday (video will go ‘live’ then before the quiz commences at 7:10pm) so get your Killie-loving family and friends involved to see who is the Killie champ! Make sure you encourage people to ‘like’ and follow the Trust Facebook page so you can get involved. We know that not everyone has a Facebook account, so we have created a quiz guide to creating one for the evening. You can find it here. You can play just for fun, compete against family and friends...and you might just see one or two well-known faces appear...you never know! The quiz is for all ages and generations of fans. Your specialist subject can be trivia, recent seasons, classic teams, classic matches - a real mixed bag is in store, with the emphasis on fun. See you on Friday
  15. The entries to the kids' competition are miles better than these.
  16. This month's update from Kilmarnock FC Trust Club Director Cathy Jamieson is now available for all supporters to view on the Killie Trust website. Topics include: Impact of Covid-19 Football news Financial Social media The next 'On Board' event
  17. COMPETITION TIME Killie Kids - time to design the ultimate Kilmarnock kit! You can use our template or draw one of your own. Enter at any time during the week - remember to use #killiekitcomp and @TrustInKillie You have until next Sunday...and there is a guest judge... The competition is running on Facebook and Twitter - we hope it will be a nice activity to keep kids kids busy, entertained and Killie-focused...even if it is only for 10 minutes!

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