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  1. Evening all, Regarding the packaging of books, the issue has been raised with the club and attended to. Please do contact the shop if any books are badly damaged.
  2. Series 3 - coming in September! Seven episodes with tales of classic Kilmarnock matches from the 1960s and 70s. Jimmy Cook, Ross Mathie, George Maxwell, Gordon Smith, Jim Stewart talk cup wins, league success, international travels and personal achievements. Past episodes HERE Support Killie Histories HERE
  3. We are delighted to be working with the Kilmarnock Football Club Former Players Association to bring tales of classic matches direct to fans. The podcast is free to all...and not for profit. There are costs involved in production though - tools like Adobe Audition, Canva, Podbean and Wavve. If you are in a position to support the podcast, that would be fantastic! You can contribute here: https://ko-fi.com/killiehistories Next month, there will be a third series, and we have plans to develop and expand, if we can.
  4. We had a brief chat once we stopped recording and Tommy was keen to say again just how much he valued his time at the club. A really modest, nice guy. "The skill factor was possibly myself and Davie Sneddon." POSSIBLY!
  5. Tommy McLean is one of the all-time greats. Hear his memories of that special European comeback...from 4-0 down against Eintracht Frankfurt. The interview was only half an hour but he had a lot to say: Surprise European debut Taking penalties v Madrid Strengths of 1960s Killie Bond with Willie Waddell Move to Rangers Scotland Tommy doesn't do many interviews these days and explained that he spoke to me because he has such great affection for the club. He went out of his way to do the interview...and it is very much appreciated. A mode
  6. Kilmarnock FC Historian John Livingston puts it best: "Tommy McLean was the star of the greatest ever game played at Rugby Park." Read John's profile of an all-time great of Scottish football...before the interview is released later this morning.
  7. Not only is Ronnie Hamilton the star interviewee for the first episode of the new series, but today is his 75th birthday. ALL THE VERY BEST to our 1964-65 top scorer* *Chairman, supporter, Hall of Famer and everything else!
  8. Thanks Alan! Glad you enjoyed it. And it's a privilege to speak to these icons of our club. Tommy McLean next week...
  9. Only one player in Kilmarnock FC's 150-year history has been the top scorer for the league champions...Ronnie Hamilton. Still the club's youngest-ever player, Ronnie talks about the special night in 1964 when Killie were five goals ahead against Celtic. The 5-2 victory set a marker for the Ayrshire men, on route to the club's sole league title. As player, European goalscorer, title-winner, coach, board member, Chairman and supporter, Ronnie Hamilton's service to Kilmarnock can be counted in decades. The episode is now live on podbean, and will appear on Apple, Pocket Casts, Spre
  10. We had lots of offers of help from various people but alas noone could find it.
  11. Before next week's new series featuring Ronnie Hamilton and Tommy McLean, catch up with Series 1. Iconic games in the words of those who played... All episodes free to listen HERE
  12. George Maxwell? Tennent Caledonian Cup? Several other players and seasons? If only there was a Kilmarnock podcast with a series on the 70s for release in the autumn...
  13. We are in the process of inviting Trust Members and 'Trust In Killie' Subscribers to ask questions of Trust Club Director Cathy Jamieson and Kilmarnock Football Club Manager Alex Dyer for a recording of 'On Board, In Person'. Join The Killie Trust and get your question in! Membership is £10 per year and you can join here: https://thekillietrust.com/join-the-trust Killie Trust members and 'Trust In Killie' subscribers will be receiving an email over the coming 24 hours and the deadline for questions will be Friday 24th July. We are VERY grateful to Alex Dyer for giving up his tim
  14. We are delighted to say that the guests for the second series of Killie Histories are Ronnie Hamilton and Tommy McLean! Two players who contributed so significantly to our most famous season, Ronnie's 15 goals played a crucial part, as did Tommy's final day assist for Davie Sneddon. As with Series 1, the players talk about one specific match before reflecting on their Kilmarnock career more generally. Tommy and Ronnie discuss some of the biggest matches in Kilmarnock's 150-year history and the affection they have for the Club is still strong. We will share details of the episode
  15. We are delighted to announce a project backed with Killie Trust General Funds. Hear all about it from Kilmarnock Community Sports Trust's General Manager, Paul Di Giacomo HERE Then read more on our website HERE We are delighted to be able to back KCST in this way! This will be a brilliant resource for supporting the great community work that KCST do. Thank you to all Killie Trust members.
  16. Bobby Ferguson was quite magnanimous about the game when he spoke with us! Then again, it wasn't him getting kicked (much)... https://killiehistories.podbean.com/
  17. July's Kilmarnock FC Trust Club Director update for Killie Trust members is freely available to all supporters HERE A range of topics are covered, including: First team news Stadium preparation Commercial Media On Board In Person 4 JOIN THE TRUST HERE
  18. Compulsory listening later in the month! He's in the pic if you look close enough...
  19. We are delighted to share the 'Trust In Killie' financial update for June. It is terrific to see more and more Killie supporters joining the Trust every month! FULL REPORT HERE Every contribution, financial, time or support, is greatly valued. Thank you! JOIN THE TRUST HERE SUBSCRIBE TO 'TRUST IN KILLIE' HERE
  20. We have let members know of a vital project to be funded by the Trust: bins + sanitiser dispensers for the stadium at an approximate cost of £5,000. The response and backing from members has been terrific - thank you for your support! SUBSCRIBE TO 'TRUST IN KLILLIE' FUNDRAISING
  21. An amazing winning offer of £800 - thanks to successful bidder Ray! Our sincere thanks also to 'KillieMatchworn' for giving up such a collectible item and also running the auction, all bidders, as well as our legends Ronnie Hamilton and Davie Sneddon for making this such a wonderful item. To have the top scorer from 64-65 as well as a final day scorer involved was a privilege. We are delighted to have an amazing amount for our 'Trust In Killie' fundraising campaign. 'Trust In Killie' is a great way of helping the Club - no more so than at this tricky time. Great Club, Great Fan
  22. We have been delighted to support KillieMatchworn's auction by getting in touch with players who did so much in 1964-65. HUGE thanks to Davie Sneddon and Ronnie Hamilton. £600 is an amazing amount of money for Kilmarnock FC via our 'Trust In Killie' fundraising campaign. 4 hours left!
  23. The interest has been terrific and, as you say, we owe a huge thanks to our Club legends for taking the time to do this. And of course huge thanks to Killie Matchworn for donating his limited edition top!