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  1. Kabamba for me, Kiltie a very close second, special mentions to Rossi and Dikamona for excellent debuts, a nod to Mckenzie for a special goal and a wink to Mulumbu just for being himself
  2. restricted them to 1 real chance, had a few ourselves, decent first half for us.
  3. you and i dont agree on much. we do here. c'mon Killie, intae these inbred, flute playing, bigoted wanks.
  4. If your logged in then you should already have entered the pass number...
  5. jesus, I can just imagine the rant about season tickets sales Mclean would on for 90 mins.
  6. allegedly, although every media outlet has said it was a different player, so who knows, not clear from any of the replays who it was.
  7. all over, 2-2, would have taken a point before the game kicked off, but disappointing to lose 2 points from a wining position having worked so hard to get in front. Ref was shocking
  8. pen for Ross County, handball by Millen, scored by Ross Sterwart
  9. what a finish from Chris Burke, absolutely smashed that past the keeper
  10. we really are a 2nd half team
  11. great assist from MIllen as well

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