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  1. Names is Gordon Jones, went to James Hamilton Academy, left Facebook in 2013 because I couldn’t be bothered with arseholes like you. need any other personal details?? Ya mad wee stalker
  2. Looks like they have listened. they have sent me an email saying orders placed between 12:30 and 13:30 have been cancelled and no money taken apologised for the disruption panic and inconvenience, offered a wee memento if you re-order to those affected. also looks like they have changed the name of the training great from “true blue” to “royal blue”
  3. Says the man who does nothing but post negative drivel about a player of his wee team, what’s the matter are the Liverpool fan forums too scary for you
  4. looks a big lad for a winger, from those highlights he played on both wings during the game, which should hopefully give us more options and flexibility, an absolute requirement when the squad is as small as ours.
  5. "more clarity" more like, "turns out we didnt know what we were talking about and Sky have set us straight to stop the unhinged hoards of the Old Firm from hounding them"
  6. that was me, seems like someone forgot to flush the DNS and its was showing the old killieshop.co.uk holding page which was previously run by active office
  7. finally had to switch computers and change DNS settings but eventually got in. Seems to be the same old merchandise. bit dissapointed that with the delays we've not been able to add anything new other than the kits (which cant be ordered) and training gear. Theres lots of potential revenue streams going untapped. take a look at dundee utd's site, https://www.dundeeunitedfc.co.uk/shop-home 5 pages of stuff to buy, t-shirts, hoodies, mugs, hats etc. they have a link on there to a third party site who do personalised stuff and the club gets a big cut of that revenue from it: https://dufc.officialpersonalisedgifts.co.uk/
  8. progress, but still no useable site.....
  9. weird i still get the same:
  10. lol, unsecured http site that ends in a 404 maintenance page.
  11. dont think so, he was maybe keeping his hand in at coaching by taking a few sessions with the kids (pre COVID lockdown) but there's no kids sessions to coach right now. Seemed fairly focused on his media career and his charity (again, pre lockdown)
  12. dont need a smarphone. Just a simple photo of the QR code should suffice. unless he is using something like a Nokia 3310, even most dumphones have a basic camera and photo album
  13. will be getting both methinks

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