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  1. Hawkeye the Gnu

    Incomings and outgoings.

    Who Jock Straps in development league players?
  2. Hawkeye the Gnu

    Caption Competition

    DATELINE, one Friday Autumn evening last year in a grim seaside town not too far away from here. 'What's that you say, Alan Power for POTY?'
  3. Hawkeye the Gnu

    Tickets for Tuesday

    'For the avoidance of doubt' this information is completely false. I was in the shop on the first day tickets went on sale and saw Shop staff selling any specific seat requested to anyone who asked. Within a couple of hours of opening I heard the guy in front of me being informed that his regular ST seat had already been sold to someone else. It wasn't a great hassle for him as there was still plenty of choice and he only had to ask for another one, but why send out this misinformation at a time when there is already so much confusion?
  4. Hawkeye the Gnu

    Tickets for Tuesday

    As I said earlier it should have been one or the other, NEVER both, but now that I have spent the time queuing for a specific seat I expect to sit in it. If my usual seat had been (wrongly) sold to someone else I would have picked another, same outcome.
  5. Hawkeye the Gnu

    Tickets for Tuesday

    Fully agree mate.
  6. Hawkeye the Gnu

    Tickets for Tuesday

    Honest question. If you are sitting in a 'random seat' and someone politely informs you that they have bought that specific seat, shows you proof, and politely asks you to move, would you? Please dont respond with the obvious..... I would politely tell him to f**k off............
  7. Hawkeye the Gnu


    Come on now, I know McLean probably deserves some of the bile directed at him on here, but to accuse him of cutting the missing fans knackers off is unfair. Maybe that's why he calls them 'missing' fans tho.
  8. Hawkeye the Gnu

    Killie 3 Rossco 2 10/03/18

    Great shift from Rory, what a transformation.
  9. Hawkeye the Gnu

    KILLIE V DONS Replay

    As I said earlier,this is a recipe for chaos. Either open seating or specific seats, cant have both. Whoever thought this up is utterly clueless. Again I say I feel sorry for Josie and her team in the shop as they are copping most of the grief so far.
  10. Hawkeye the Gnu

    KILLIE V DONS Replay

    Just been to the shop and can already see problems ahead. I asked for and was given a ticket for my seat and the one next to it but was advised that they are also selling tickets with no specific seats allocated. When I pointed out that this, along with fans paying at the gate.was a recipe for trouble they got very defensive saying, 'Just ask anyone sitting in your seat to move, what do you expect me to do about it'. They were already getting grief from others in front of me for the same reasons and were clearly under a bit of pressure, so I didn't want to add to that. This mess is not the shop staff's fault but someone, somewhere has clearly not thought this through and made a total arse of it. If the club are selling tickets couldn't they either all be for specific seats or instead specify the ticket holder can sit ANYWHERE. I'm not one of the ones who are overly possessive about MY.seat but having asked for and been given a ticket for it I expect to be sitting in it next Tuesday, so will ensure I'm there early just in case.
  11. Hawkeye the Gnu

    Neil Mccann

    That's my point. Despite the ref being their 12th man, he still wasn't happy. Like a spoiled wee wean throwing a tantrum....'I want more...................'.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. Hawkeye the Gnu

    Neil Mccann

    This. He spent so much time complaining to the fourth official he must have missed half of the game. Ranting and complaining about every decision that went against his team. Fully agree that he came over as an absolute bellend and I'm surprised he wasn't sent to the stand. I'm sure I saw SSC giving him a look that said 'gonny just shut up?.
  13. Hawkeye the Gnu

    Retro Kits.

    Oxford blue one with the white fingers please.
  14. Hawkeye the Gnu

    Home wins over Celtic

    The night Big D put them out of the Scottish Cup. Brilliant scenes. I took the first Mrs Gnu to that game and she couldn't understand what all the fuss was about. Fortunately the new one has more of a clue, even gave me a wee cuddle on Saturday night. It wasn't even my birthday............
  15. Hawkeye the Gnu


    Totally agree with this. When I started attending without my late dad, I went along expecting a 'lift over'. I certainly couldn't afford the admission price at 12 years old but was desperate to see the game. I accept that the 'lift over'is no longer viable, but surely there is a way of enticing the younger teenagers back to RP. Come on, it's a brave new dawn, new ideas are needed with the view to the future. SLO, I hope you are reading this..

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