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  1. 1957, Hampden in LC final . Technically my first game was against Falkirk Absolutely freezing day, so I was told, but I was as warm as toast. Worst view in the stadium tho', couldn't see a thing, my maw was pregnant at the time so don't remember much about the game.....don't talk to me about restricted views................ Early 70s, Cappelow mid week, went with my dad on a 'special' train, spent an hour queuing outside, only to find we were in the wrong end. Mayhem breaking out in the shed with Killie fans throwing everything but the kitchen sink in our direction until
  2. "Hendrie a complete erse wipe" Did I hear that right?
  3. A true mark of the man. I'm not at all surprised at this.
  4. Coleraine without a doubt, with Nomads second. Take them in context, aye we were on the 'up' before the Nomads game and it was our first European adventure in a while. then we got shafted by a team of diddies. However, consider the team we had in the sixties and that we had only narrowly missed out on a major European final a couple of years earlier (and the league win just before that). I was only ten when I went to that game and in my head, Killie had always done well in Europe and saw no reason why it wouldn't continue.....,...............................................Then
  5. five pages to discuss two minutes............................... Does the shop deliver quality customer service?..............absolutely not. We deserve better. Close thread.
  6. Penas tried to get in behind the Celtic back line but ran straight into Schiedt...........
  7. He's pish.....................apparently, for JJ insert PP.......or he would be signed.
  8. Shops been open for a wee while now, just don't go in on a Thursday or Friday as the only wee lassie who knows how to sell season tickets doesn't work these days. Hope you have better luck than I had.
  9. Jim Mclean, Paul Clarke, Ally Taylor?????
  10. Making sure all shop staff are trained in processing season tickets would be an easy and very cheap start. Absolutely agree with your comments, we need more positivity among the fans, but surely the club itself should be leading with this rather than putting barriers up.
  11. Leeds stayed in the Marine Hotel in Troon and my dad took me down the night before the game for autographs. As a wean I vividly remember walking among giants of the game as they chatted amicably with us while having a putting competition without a club, using their feet instead. I remember being devastated at missing out seeing big Jack as it was only a year after THAT world cup final. I got a photo taken with Billy Bremner who had one hand on my shoulder and his other one held a fag... changed days. I remember thinking at the time, "I love Leeds", then having to watch as t
  12. No, I was told "Katrina doesn't work Thursdays or Fridays, come back on Monday" by Josie.
  13. Went into the shop this morning to renew my ticket. No customers but three staff apparently doing little. "Can I renew my season ticket please?" "I'm sorry but the person who deals with them wont be back in until Monday". I know I'm just an old fart and struggle with online buying, but surely the club / shop should be making it more easy for me to spend my money to follow the club I love.
  14. Heart of Midlothian Football Club and Partick Thistle Football Club have today lodged a petition with the Court of Session to challenge the unfair and unjust decision of the SPFL to enforce relegations, to the extreme detriment of those clubs affected. Unfortunately, Scottish football has been unable to pull together at this time of national crisis to prevent the need for this legal challenge. We desperately hoped Court action would not be necessary, but we were left with no other option. For clarity, our petition does not seek to set aside or unravel the fee payments made to clubs,