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  1. I'm facing a 12% cut as my company has decided to standardise the benefits to a US model. So 460 people island wide will bear the brunt while managers and directors get to keep all their benefits. I countered, if you're going to standardise to US styles can I pay US fuel costs and US tax rates, oh and while Im at it claim OT as well like the salaries workers in the US can? All to save 215K a year, literally piss 500iss people to the point they'll leave first chance they get to save pennies for a multi billion dollar enterprise. The im all right Jack crew have always been there and always make sure they are looked after first.
  2. f**k that club, (hope the staff are OK) but the club..... reap what they've sewn for quite a while, overpaying for players.
  3. If this raving linatic runs, it will be a massively cynical ploy to take the African American vote from the Democrats and nothing else. Kanye is that type.of christian American who believes if you can't afford healthcare you should be left to suffer, while at the same time preaching charity. Avsolute self publicising hypocritical clunge.
  4. Beaker71

    PM BoJo

    Really, Carlaw and Murray are criticising the UK govt? The Daily mail and express is criticising their beloved Tories? Must've missed all that.
  5. Beaker71

    PM BoJo

    the decision to privatise this aspect of health care id imagine is one of political ideology, and not necessarily economics alone. Imo all.such care should be funded by the state as a basic right and better controlled so the funding is used for patients and not CEO's and shareholders to hoard offshore and not pay tax on.
  6. if he was an SNP politician it'd be on the BBC news, STV news and every front page in the land. And we would be equally as disgusted and widhing this vile creature the most heinous punishment. He would've been jettisoned by cannon as far from the party as possible, wonder if he is still in the Labour Party?
  7. Castrated by hanging by his balls. Disgusting creature.
  8. Beaker71

    PM BoJo

    Really have you read any post from Mclean, Drew, read the Daily Mail, express, listened to the BBC in Scotland or even heard Carlaw, Murray or other unionist MSP's? They are all trying to point the finger at the Scottish government.
  9. Beaker71

    PM BoJo

    which brings us back to the politicisation where unionists in Scotland and in WM are using it to point and scream SNP baaad, to deflect from the shambles in England and try and do their usual look look youre shie and can't possibly be independent pish. There can be no argument on this, its 100% in everyone's faces daily.
  10. Beaker71

    PM BoJo

    no no devoy look at mackpomms posts, its all the SNP to blame, and when its not them its care homes, and when its not them its you. There's no diversion or deflection because wm is wonderful. Didn't you get the memo in reeducation class, or was it him, mclean and others alone?
  11. Beaker71

    PM BoJo

    again a piss poor attempt at obtuse humour, and guess what that means..... Yep more defection. Its all you have.
  12. Beaker71

    PM BoJo

    just countering your pish, with reality
  13. I did say I got the irony, but my point remains.
  14. Harsh, possibly Craigie is keen as Feck, but sometimes its a bit full on (yes I do get the irony of me saying that) for me. If it could be pared back a bit it would be great.

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