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  1. They will he is finished politically, but will absolutely be involved somewhere in the independence campaign but not officially. And it may have been an SNP fued as McLean and other staunch unionists wish to portray. But Evans who started it all takes a the coin from the elite in London, so either by deliberate interference or by being fooled into it, she was at the heart of this from the beginning.
  2. He was found not guilty, I fail to see how he could be an inveterate sex pest and be found nor guilt and acquitted in all such charges.
  3. The hootsman is a pro tory unionist rag. Brian Wilson hates the SNP and is against the sxottish parliament and believes in irish unification he is an absolute hypocrite of the highest. What part of that sounds like a sxottish patriot?
  4. Mate away and have a lie down. Tartan stories ffs this is 2020 Not 1970 and as for your nazi collaboration point. I direct you to the royals oh and it isn’t 1939 you absolute clunge
  5. The power the SNP have ove the civil service which is run by Whitehall. f**k me you need a lie down. Your bitterness knows no bounds.
  6. Not taking any moral.high ground and in earlier posts I have been critical of NS fkr not initiating more and sooner. But kn an island it takes more than one to he effective and Bojo and his mates have hindered everything. All travel should've been locked down much earlier, the lock down too. It wasnt and all we can do is hope that what they're doing now one enough to keep the numbers of dead down. Personally I dont think in england it is, hope I'm wrong but their numbers are frighteningly like italys
  7. Ha ha the hootsman and Brian Wilson doc me can you get anymore of an anti SNP and Anti Scotland combination. you sir are a cactus amongst a field of pricks.
  8. Beaker71


    Also need to take our trophys and their empty cabinet.
  9. Englands death toll up 200+ yesterday, Scotland was up 7. That's a consistent 3.5% on population share. Yes I know demographics, international traveller volume, etc will play a part. But NS has been quicker and sharper than Bojo all the way through, and thank f**k she has been.
  10. Beaker71


    Quite simply away and throw every single s**te in the world at yourself.
  11. Thays not actually true, especially now. Therws been praise for the UK and criticism when it's due and also for the Scot Gov. Some on here cannot bring themselves to ever say well done to the Scottish government despite them being ahead of the UK for most of this. Neither have been as proactive as they should've been and should've brought the lockdown in a few weeks earlier and stopped all personal air travel, sea travel and locked the island down much better.
  12. Yes bit GTEC have been offered hardly any orders. Almost all the money is going to Dyson.
  13. Distribing that there appears to be a dearth of orders for proper ventilator companys but Tory donors like Dyson are getting asked for thousands. If this is true then the vileness of the Tories and their profit first attitude has reached a new low. Surely this would see bonbons benefit of the doubt finally thrown aside, if true theres so much dis and no information around.
  14. It's 70kg with lateral pull down, leg extension and curl, bicep curl option, bench press and in built fly as well. Good nick considering its 10yrs old and has been used. Bugger to move, but it comes apart easily and goes together again OK. I've moved houses three times in that time too. But seriously just now it's too dangerous and about to be illegal. Stay safe.
  15. f**k off with your labour is good point scoring bollox especially, in this time of crisis. Angus Macneil is right its NHS Scotland, the NHS and NHS Scotland are different entities, albeit designed for the same purpose. Your attempt to point score politically at this time is loathsome.

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