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  1. no one is actually suggesting this, this is all a bit of banter. Getting rid of the monarchy will come later.
  2. A massive victory for common sense over blatantly political interference from unionists as well.
  3. Absolute scum tonight voted with their pals the Tories against the Scottish Government seeking to extend the furlough scheme and protect Jobs. Their duplicity and treachery knows absolutely no bounds. Anything to stick it to the Scots government and stand with their beloved unions parliament. I always thought little of them but now they have no way back for me. Despicable.
  4. Don't disagree but realistically unless we unearth a gem who we will sell on or get a gem on loan, 8-10 is what were likely to get. If we can get 2 doing that then were a bit better positioned.
  5. Which in itself is some going. Any of our strikers hits 12- 15 they’re doing superb. id generally expect 8 - 10 would be a good season.
  6. As long as we don't call it the Democratic Republic of Scotland or DROS for short!
  7. Beaker71


    Deary me more "get on with the day job" and effectively do as you're told with his four nation approach pish. Coupled with his Scotland doesnt need another Independence referendum statement earlier this week he is doing what all the others have done. Arrogantly telling Scotland what It needs, wants and what to do.
  8. spot on and the clusterf**k of their whole situation is now so far behind the Scottish Government are looking to take their stuff back in house. Another deafening silence on this from the unionists, and another attempt at spin from BBC Scotland who still tries to make this appear SNP baad last night. f**king shameful.
  9. disagree, the guy is a proper clueless loudmouth bellend.
  10. Its all "Look at us, we are the big guys here l we've even got our kids teams in the lower leagues" willy waving sort of pish.
  11. Ha ha these f**king idiots just don't get it, IF Scotland is impoverished its because OF the Union. And IF were so impoverished and such a drain on their finances, why don't they just cut us loose????? Because its all absolute bollocks thats why, were a source of revenue and always have been. Theyre as Ignorant as they are atrogant.
  12. I don't need to wise up you need to get a grip. Why was the 1st division our level then but top 6 is our level now? The truth is you earn the level you're at, nothing more nothing less. But to compare the years we had in the wilderness to now is utter nonsense.
  13. imagine the seethe in every OO lodge in the land, I'd pay money to see that unfold. No Union and No Queen, their tiny brained, beer sodden heads would implode with anger and despair.
  14. Beaker71


    Why do you insist on supporting its continuation then? Plenty om here have been telling you this for years.
  15. so they'll be changing their formation from having ten dirty diving bastards to having... eh never mind.