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  1. Beaker71

    It's enugh to make you consider voting SNP

    Usual protect the union at all costs s**te from the yoonatics on here we see. Attack the personality because they have nothing of substance with which to debate.
  2. Beaker71

    It's enugh to make you consider voting SNP

    It's also utterly delusional yoon nonsense.
  3. Lol, need to read it if your learning big words for the first time. Or just ask Barry Ferguson to read it for you.
  4. Pity he has a 1 in 7 or 8 scoring record. Albeit at a higher level than the SPFL.
  5. And? If he's not food enough for Morton he certainly won't be good enough for Killie.
  6. What Sevco style. Here’s two ginger bottles and a half eaten bag of crisps. Plus a full kit kat after he’s played 2000 games and scored 800 goals for Scotland!
  7. That’s much more like it. More of this and none of your SNP bad pish sir.
  8. Beaker71


    Fk me can everyone open their eyes here? Massive misdirection of the public by the elite and their media pals. its all ‘don’t look at the clusterf**k were making of brexit, look here at that buffoon Boris and burkas!’ Five pages of debate about pish while they fiddle the books in WM. a job well done by the propaganda machines again.
  9. He might be a prick, but he's managed to sell snooker and darts globally and has increased both sports profile and financial status beyond anything seen before. We need someone to sell the game, shake it up and bring it out if the dark ages.
  10. Beaker71

    Daniel Bachmann

    Depends on if he is a David de Gea level better or just a wee bit. A keeper isn't the kind of position you can chop and change about as often as an outfield player, and ultimately SC will do what's best for the club long and short term. If that means Jamie gets dropped then I'm sure Sag will explain and we will just get on with things.
  11. Beaker71

    Erwin - Iran

    Is that Allah you can come up with.
  12. Beaker71


    So in effect even worse than my post suggested, yet some invisible person still saw for to red card it, predictably.
  13. Beaker71


    Actually we do know that a no deal brexit means the UK would have no trade deals with anyone. Therefore we automatically revert to WTO rules which automatically result in massive price increases for sports and imports. This isn’t in doubt and will hammer the markets in particular Scotland’s food and drinks industry. Only the massive right wing xenophobic lunatic Tories want this as they see it as a way to return the UK to a Victorian era where they have money and power and the masses are imprisoned in poverty.
  14. Beaker71

    12 f**king years

    If it was a financial crime they’d have got 122 years! World has its morals all to f**k

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