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  1. Depending on how the virtual season ticket works and is priced, it may give folks like me and other in other parts of the island a chance to see Killie when otherwise we cant.
  2. Blind hatred is it? What an odious statement, from someone who has more self loathing for his nation than anyone else ever. Your delusional and simply sour the same tired s**te which you've been owned over time and time again. You are unable to grasp the basic premise of the so called deficit, is that this is what it's like IN the union and it's based on apportioned spending after the fact based on assumptions that everything is the same. It does not and will not represent spending in an independent country. Why is that simple fact so difficult to get through your belligerent head. Yoi throw abuse and snide comment around like confetti then cause other of being cybernats. You say you point out Scottish exceptionalism, while shouting g about how s**te we are at everything and if it wasnt for the union we would be a thief world country. Have you ever stopped for a second to look at yourself and thought how absolutely bizarre your position actually is. Wishing with every fibre of your being that another nation continue to exert control over your own?
  3. Your the one embarrassing yourself and the nation.
  4. Zorros does not support your statement in any way. It's always the SNP bad, you cannot face facts your utterly delusional and live in a fantasy, when the test of us live the nightmare of your beloved union.
  5. More like 4.75 to Hertz and a massive moon to the rest for not allowing them jambo to stay up.
  6. Trump is a cowardly narcissistic racist permatanned sexist arsewipe with the morals of a rabid gutter rat addicted to money. Horrible selfish wankstain of a creature.
  7. 7 or 8 years ago maybe. Now he is junior material.
  8. Really one of the worst in the world..... really!!!! Christ almighty man the figures in Scotland are adjusted weekly to provide the estimated total impact of covid 19, our neigh ours decide to keep these numbers muted and separate. In reality Scotland had been taking the reasonable 4 nation approach on am island, but we are also stuck with the pish from our neighbours who control the skys and ports. So theres only so much the Scot gov can do and while mistakes have been made, none were deliberate and none were made against the scientific advice at the time. Your assertion that the Scottish figures are amongst the worst in the world as usual doesnt stand up to real scrutiny, but that's the same with most of your comments. We should have ignored the UK approach and closed our borders and went into lockdown earlier. But as we cannot control schemes such as the furlough or indeed the civil aviation aspect we are really hamstrung again, which as usual you absolutely ignore, or try the "if it's bad then we all blame London" strategy despite is actually being their power to wield and them failing massively. But note mistakes were made genuine ones, not deliberately supporting Cummings, and easing lockdown far too early and quickly. Even in this to a certain extent we are being influenced by our neighbours insane rush back to what they see as normality. But imo the Scot Gov should not be easing too much at the moment, the R rate is still too high. Also your desire to compare Scotland negativekt against the UK, is shining through, but it's like apples and giraffes, and with everything the UK does, its deliberate. It makes it very difficult to provide anything they cannot twist and seasonalluly adjust with spin and propaganda, and you lap it all up without any scrutiny and in your world you get a nice cosy feeling, which is utterly delusional and false.
  9. What's the point if criticising the Tories, did you actually ask that question??? Yet you find no issue with criticising s government who outperfom the UK equivalent in every single metric, every single time?? You've literally just made a total.arse of yourself with the above, utterly ruined anu single iota of value anything you could bring to any debate. Trying to justify your lack of criticism of the UK govt by blaming others who do, must be the most howfin bellend of a statement ever.
  10. Literally more people died yesterday than before the lock down decision was made and these pricks keep rolling the controls back. Anyone for round 2 which will be 10 times worse.
  11. Yep and its definitely the SNPs fault for the all the Cate home deaths...... Yoons being yoons eh. It's all SNP baaad Union good, union wonderful I love handing all my money for my neighbour to spend, and even when they spend more than weve got collectively on staying up their garden and telling me I am a burden to them, and get me to keep their rabid pet bear in my front room, I just live it. Unionism or rather the form it takes in the UK is literally the most bizarre condition of self loathing and sheer lack of the ability to think for yourself there is in the world today.
  12. Again absolutely ZERO criticism of WM, and more look look how s**te Scotland is. You're an embarrassment of a man, full of self loathing. It's also a matter of some debate on the death toll in England particularly in care homes, so much so that the LSE have published a study which backs up the under reporting to such as extent that some 22000 deaths would be closer to the real number. This blows totally out of the water the wegikent put forward by yoons on care home deaths in Scotland. You are a piece of work, never ever has there been anyone who hated their own nation as much as you.
  13. https://amp.theguardian.com/commentisfree/2020/may/30/boris-johnsons-test-and-tracing-system-britain-lockdown?__twitter_impression=true Ok read this and try and say Scotland avoiding this clusterf**k is not a good idea. Cmon McLean and others who have refused to say one word of criticism of the UK Gov't, but jump on anything remotely negative about @scot.gov. What do you say about this latest avaokute clusterf**k from your beloved UK.
  14. They’re not only out of their depth, but their ideology is starting to shine through.... money before people and health.
  15. Saw a post on Facebook earlier showing the UK death toll was 324, while the rest of europe put together wasnt that far ik front. Yet we have McLean with his SNP baaad bollocks remaining silent on the UK Govt, and that self same UK govt trying their best to relax as much as possible without making it clear they couldn't give a f**k about anything other than cash. Every yoon on here from Drew to McLean who refuse to criticise the UK govt but give it krankie this, and nippy that should be f**king ashamed of themselves. They are supporting a shambolic uncaring shower of absolute c**ts in WM over the exact opposite in the devolved governments.
  16. It was of course said only half seriously ffs. But cmon I mean Ian f**king Murray, the man is a baw hair of being a Tory, surely you could've voted for the cabbage party even they would be better than ian union jack suit murray, he is oke of the largest jockholme suffering bellends in the island.
  17. Literally have you or McLean ever watched ANY of the LIVE daily briefings? They are filled with the usual SNP baad, Union Good pish. And you cites for Ian Murray ffs, that should bar you from ever answering a political question again.
  18. You're hatred for Scotland literally has no limit. You've not said a single thing at all about the WM tory shambles, yet you're constantly posting utter bollox about the scot gov. There isnt enough sugar on the planet to take the edge of your bitterness. You're also still.peddling this Nike conference nonsense, you need a sabbatical from this forum forever, embittered and twisted beyond parody which shows up in every single post.
  19. Screw all that he was the voice of.. Postman Pat.
  20. Beaker71

    PM BoJo

    Look at my post, and tell me whi is likely to listen and learn and who will simply bulls**t, bluster obsfucate and repeat their mistakes ad nauseam through sheer arrogance.
  21. Beaker71

    PM BoJo

    Actually Inprovided you with some facts, if they show London up to be a ckusterf**k of arrogant wanks who believe they are always right then I guess that's also the truth. As for the lack of criticism point you make, you're having a f**king laugh right? The broadcast media, the written media are all owned by and work from a unionist perspective. It's all constant do as you're told, london knows best, SNP baaad. The FM has appeared at every single communication, takes questions from all angles which all say SNP baaad and gives clear answers. The BBC reporter yesterday was the first question up and its was a direct go at the stay at home message, designed to cause trouble and just generally be the total wankstain he is whe on good morning Scotland. Theres been 1 or 2 days and the odd isolated event of criticism if the UK dueing live debate or 'news'broadcast reporting. The FM takes that every single day and gives clear answers to it all. You need to take yer head out of your arse if you think its otherwise.
  22. I wont sign up IF the Scottish one is linked to or has anything to do with the knee developed by the UK. The retention of data by the UK govt and their use of data is abhorrent as weve seen with various scandals over the past decade. Plus Cummings is directly involved with this and no doubt will use it in his AI projects. He is a sneaky dangerous bastard and I want nothing to do with this at all.
  23. Beaker71

    PM BoJo

    The ONLY political leader on this island who has publically and constantly said they would make mistakes is the FM. WM arrogance that they are totally right and if they're proven wrong they lie, publish bulls**t propaganda, misdirect and generally obsfucate to the point of disinterest amongst the public will not get around the facts. Were mistakes made, yes but these only became visible with hindsight. NS has also stated her thoughts and feeling of responsibility on the mistakes. If anyone is likely to learn from them and make different choices is the FM and Scottish GOVERNMENT( not the executive which didn't seem a freudian slip at all but an overtly political comment from you, apologies if you didnt mean it that way). The UK govt will not learn as they simply beleive they are right about everything and then twist the facts and produce fake news to show them to be rights then forget about the creation of that fake news. Scotland has outperformed WM, AGAIN, but thays down the priorities of the governments. One supports and works for the people the other supports and works for itself and the 1% who are driven purely by greed and money. Cpuld and should they have done better.... yes, but again hindsight reveals this, the decisions on lockdown were made in good faith at the time as a 4 nation approach unfortunately WM having all the main levers of power didnt follow the science, but followed Cummings wishes. We live on an island beyond repatriation and goods NO flights should have been coming in and certainly not the hundreds a day from seriously infected regions which was the case. Imo if Scotland had the control of their skies this wouldn't have happened in anything like the scale allowed by WM.
  24. He is a total hypocritical bootlicking servile w****r. Horrible horrible c**t of a creature. His geography is even worse than his politics, as he seems to think theres no political, geographical, national, or even social border of any kind between Scotland and England. Carlaw GTF and take the rest of your vermin rabble with you. As for his opinion on Gollum, it's amazing how different all their views were on the Calderwood situation!.

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