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  1. Hope this was a piss take of yourself, otherwise away back to the 1970's FFS.
  2. Absolute tosh. Millen has been looking better because he has been playing superbly. Credit where credit is due ffs.
  3. absolutely his partnership with Monty was immense. They complimented each other superbly, and both raised their games aside each other.
  4. He doesn't have one, and that's my issue with the incorrect thread title and first comment. 100% from an SNP baaad perspective. Was the decision flawed? YES Was simply accepting the teaxhers grades a sensible option? Obviously not given the madsive increase prior to the downgrading Should Swinney have provided more resources to allow an appeal like review of those grades which seems out of alignment with the "norm"? Probably, bit this begs the question was it possible or practical? This was always a no win situation, and I'm sure the SNP were well aware of the full on Yoon SNP baaad approach coming towards them no matter what. Christ the Mail, said the results were shameful and then a few days later also described a possible uturn as shameful!
  5. ever felt his dad beinf assistant and actually coaching is having an impact as well? His old man may have been a toral bellend when he left us, but he was a stonking good defender.
  6. Absolutely the star find of the season so far. We knew about Burke, and can see kabambas attributes, but Millen has been waaaay better than any of us could ever expect
  7. You mean the guy who was f**kin standout last week besides Tish and Burke? He deserved to keep his place, he was excellent last week.
  8. and your attempts at appearing superior are likewise pathetic.
  9. They have not avoided scrutiny you absolute belter.Multiplee SNP.baad attempts are.made by the unionist parties, press and the BBC daily, more.ofyen than not based on nothing but direction from their London bosses or absolute bulls**t. They have and are still outperforming the main government and all the devolved governments on this island, despite having both hands tied behind their backs.
  10. Anyone and I mean anyone who has the temerity to moan at this or even loan at Bowie using the club to advertise his own company needs a swift hard kick to the baws. He put money in when more.vocal people wouldnt and never did amd likely never will. He saved the club and ultimately prevented the parasite from further stripping this great club of its ability to exist. If he leaves some of his cash in and renames the stadium for a few years, who actually gives a f**k, we amd everyone else will call it Rugby Park. Get a grip and be thankful for him beimf there when the club needed someone. And if you can, for an order line while I put my steelies on.
  11. No I do not want you to say they’re prefect they’re far from that. I want you to stop just saying it’s unacceptable and give us an alternative. Having looked at this, without a massive resource increase, which wouldn’t have been possible in the pandemic, or the repurposing of senior teachers to assess each piece of work (which remember could be supplied due to COVID (some could’ve been scanned), to assess all the individual coursework. this was the least worst option in theory, but teachers then over egged the grades, meaning a larger than normal grade normalisation was needed. Now the individual class work will need to somehow be assessed during appeals. teachers, the SQA and then the SNP are all complicit to varying degrees here
  12. I will ask again, what beyond giving all pupils the distorted grades the teachers put down, is your alternative? even your late admission that the Scot Giv is still miles ahead of WM, cannot mitigate the SNP bad stuff you’ve posted here. yet to hear anything coherent
  13. Can you seriously sit where you are and accept Drew’s comments Did not justify my comment? He has tarred every politician with the same brush as a convicted Peado.
  14. Away and throw s**te at yer face. Your attempt to put all politicians into the same bracken as this peado, is beyond disgusting. This disgusting walloper was downloading Kiddienporn ffs, yet hasn't as far as were aware even been thrown out of the Labour Party!!!!
  15. That was the game where Hoody booted Di Canio off the park and told him he’d get a smack if he didn’t stop taking the piss out of the boys playing
  16. Yep, one cafe owner has gone very public on social media slating a lot of what he called Till Fillers
  17. Can you not remember we were forced to play at the tattiedome having only 12 fit players, seven of whom were defenders.
  18. Bars in Aberdeen are getting pelters for blatantly cramming loss of people in ignoring track and trace and putting their profit before their staff and other people’s safety. other bars and restaurants owners now opening having a go at them
  19. Aberdeen evening express saying up to EIGHT players are out due to COVID.
  20. Wonder if he was in the soul bar casino this weekend????
  21. this is getting ridiculous now. What is your alternative?? Or is it just SNP baad as I said on ky initial reply. There have been plenty posts on here explaining the situation and also the appeals process. You've come up with nothing beyond 'just give them their grades' and sensationalist statements.
  22. She is low a member of the house of Lords, isnt their a precedent which means she can't or is this another fiddle by the Tories. Anyone who doesn't see this as a total stich up is delusional. As delusional as this pair of clowns themselves. As apparently the SNP are there for the taking and they have a plan to and I Quote Crush the SNP! imo unless they dissolve Holyrood which I'm sure Mclean and Drew ill celebrate loudly, they have almost zero chance.
  23. It isn't wholly misguided, but the additional factors are present in poorer households in a higher degree. Is this instituionalised and the fault of the SQA? Once again what is your alternative suggestion which doesn't involve simply awarding higher grades based on over eager teachers grade estimates? No point in lambasting the SNP and SQA if you cannot suggest a credible alternative.
  24. Your assertion that this is somehow deliberate classis is frankly absolute bollocks. And you've still yet to suggest an alternative methodology which is achievable with a finite resource, and which reflects the general level of attainment. Simply saying well done have a grade higher than you would likely have got simply stores up issues for the future. The appeals process MUST be made speedier, simpler and based on individual evidence. If so then those kids who appear to have been disadvantaged will not be. Where I disagree is that kids from some public schools have been automatically upgraded. But I've yet to hear of a sensible and achievable alternative to the methodology chosen, which was inherently flawed, but then they all are to varying extents.

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