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  1. In terms of worst XI. Lot harder I think. So many mingin keepers of different nationality. Harpur (South Africa) Berntsson (Sweden) osborne (England) old (New Zealand) panikvar (Slovenia) Dodds (Canada) Tallon (Ireland) Reuben Gabriel (Nigeria) aubameyang (Gabon) Dalglish (Scotland) merdy (he’s blue he’s white his name in French is s**te)
  2. Best day/night ever. Back to the brass n granite, playing the goal over and over again with we are the champions and paper roses on repeat. amazing.
  3. Happy to keep him for another 250. Always puts in the effort, can do a shift in every attacking position. Some days he'll have a mare but some days he'll be exceptional. Be amazing if he got in the trinidad team and they got to a world cup or something.
  4. More of a collectors item then. My dad's got the 96/97 one signed, safely framed tho
  5. If it was the home top in large i'd be all over it ha
  6. Peter Schmeichel's interview for Man u podcast had Alex bruce on and a small bit on italian coaching and how monotonous it is, nothing inspirational, very regimented. Bruce must've been bitching about it to him.
  7. Mcculloch brought in power, brophy O’Donnell broadfoot and Burke did he not?
  8. Power for Dicker should be the shout but I can't see it. More likely to be Power for Rory as he's just back from a knock. Gives us an option from the bench
  9. Waters might not be Taylor levels but if he was here now it would at the very least provide competition for that LB spot. Hendrie is by all accounts either a crock or no good enough so Niko is guaranteed a start every game as a result, and he is desperately needing a spot on the bench. Aaron simpson was brought in by Clarke as he covered both full back slots. He never got a game but knowing that he's there to step in wouldve made SOD and taylor move to a new level.
  10. So 9 a side pitch is basically where Billy Bowie's Cars sit atm. Will that be used for training to make main pitch last longer? Is the office space going to replace what's in the gym? or is it replacing whats in the portland road office? Looks like they've put a lot of thought into it.
  11. 31 goals in 98 appearances. Better return than a lot of folk would give him credit for.
  12. We are still capable of putting a good defensive display on, We were really solid against Rangers. Comfortable against County and good against aberdeen away. I felt broadfoot was good yesterday, read the game well and won most things in air. Hamalainen/ Branescu should be doing better at both goals. I feel that Hamalainen is a rabbit in the headlights atm, really nervous, at one point Findlay shouted at him and he completely blanked it. Branescu for the size he is should be dominating that box, he lives on his line. A decent keeper would've come and collected/punched that kennedy cross easily. Lewis did it several times. After our second goal, we were very open in midfield, mckenzie was getting dragged about which left a hole in middle. We are certainly better going forward and creating a lot more chances, we just need to find that balance. Our issue yesterday and often when we go ahead is to suddenly forget about how we actually got to be infront and sit back and let teams come onto us. We should've went for the throat yesterday, aberdeen were struggling with us.
  13. Dicker i felt was really poor yesterday until the hour mark or so. Was flat footed a couple times and out of position, looked really off the pace. Last half hour was more like it

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