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  1. I think the fact your examples are Rangers Celtic and Tottenham and Leicester says it all. Teams who are expected to be high up the park and playing on the front foot. Rangers and Celtic have massive budgets compared to us and have much better players on paper. They can afford to have 1 up top because their wingers are essentially extra forwards. Kane has likes of Son and had Eriksen in past providing goals. It's easy for a player like Kane to find space when there's quality like that in the team. Vardy had likes of Mahrez providing when they won the title, he's also lightning
  2. issue with brophy is he has played up top himself a lot of the time, very difficult to rack goals up in that system. overall I’m not overly fussed how we get our goals as long as they’re in the net. If brophy gets 10 goals a season with 5 of them pens, that’s still a good return in my book. We’ve had plenty strikers who couldn’t get double figures. paul Wright scored a lot of pens aswell and wasn’t massively prolific. Hovered around the 10-15 mark most of the time.
  3. Was on the bike the morning of the game, going by his instagram. Just assumed he wasn't fit.
  4. Martin Baker, did a job occasionally but nothing fancy about him.
  5. It would be great but can’t see it due to us signing mulumbu
  6. Seemed every fan was sitting apart. surely folk from same household can still sit next to each other?
  7. If kiltie continues to play like that we wont need one.
  8. Commentary team were good today. Maybe easier to bounce off each other when you’re winning
  9. He’s been a superb signing. Contributes much more than just goals but took his two well today. Links play, holds ball up and seems genuinely pleased to be here and grab his chance.
  10. If the game finished at half time I’d have said kiltie but kabamba was excellent second half and took his second goal really well, part to play in Mckenzie’s goal too.
  11. Buzzing for him. Great performance.
  12. https://tv.kilmarnockfc.co.uk/matchday
  13. Think they’ve clocked on to the mic issue