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  1. My guess would be 60% adults 20% over 60s/students 20% kids 4200 tickets last season. If we keep similar numbers. 2520 adults at £370 = £932400 840 concessions at £220 = £184800 840 kids = £0 Some folk will have bought kids tickets and Moffat stand etc but it’s most likely over £1million in revenue. shows how important season ticket sales are to the club.
  2. No telling how many of those appearances are sub tho. 24 and seems to have just come off best part of career so far. we need depth on the wing and this guys played international football. Will be worse options out there.
  3. Would love Bachman back. Wouldn’t make sense to go to any other Scottish club on loan unless they’re paying way more of his wages than us. he knows us it’s mostly the same players So will settle in fine and he’ll get games here.
  4. New costs to take into account tho, setting up new website, new shop, the capital investment in the new 9 aside and fives pitches. We’ve got to get streaming up to scratch. plus we are still paying a squad and staff full time wages. Probably about 40-50k a week. you’ve also forgotten paying off Angelo and donati. Running of a football club is all about cash flow. That will improve once preorders of strips and merch sales resume plus season tickets keep coming in. but you have to hold back a capital fund like most businesses for investments or sitUations like covid. Can’t just go and spend it on another wage.
  5. The club haven’t asked people to forego refunds. They gave people every opportunity to claim one if they wanted. no one was forced to buy shares, there was an opportunity provided to fans.
  6. It’s morning time, no thinking clearly
  7. You mean rooted on his line?
  8. Thought it was only cheaper if you got family ticket?
  9. A few yeArs ago he would’ve been a great shout but 32 now. We have an aging team as it is, need to plan for the future a bit. should be trying to get another couple mcgowans. 23/24 with a couple hundred games under their belts
  10. He's become one of my favourite all time Killie players. Always gives 100%, creates moments of brilliance and seems like the nicest guy in the world.
  11. I think we could sit in our household groups at the aisles only. either end of each section There are about 40 odd stair cases at rugby park in home stands and you could sit either side. So 80 areas in stadium for folk to sit. e.g there are about 16 rows a section in lower east and the moffat blocks and a household is 2-4 folk. So technically in total you could have 2560 to 5120 folk based on household sizes in the ground easily while social distancing. Could stagger folk in and out a bit so folk aren't sitting directly behind the group in next row. Means a household would have one side of a row to themselves so they don't need to push past anyone to get in or out A xxxx---------xx A I --xx------xxx-- I S xx-----------xx S L --xx--------xx-- L E xx---------xxxx E
  12. Couldn't do this that often or the folk who shelled out for the kids ST will be losing out....unless they are allowed to bring an additional kid for free. I think we've been spoiled for the past few seasons, especially with the Moffat family ticket which is still great value. The club has additional costs this season with testing and streaming with no walkups, hospitality or tea kiosk sales to cover the cost so the season tickets had to go up imo. What I think we've forgotten is we stopped the season 8 games early so that's another 4/5 home crowds we've lost out on. There was always going to be a drop off in ST sales due to peoples personal financial situation due to losing jobs /being furloughed, there will also be folk out there who don't have a good enough internet set up to stream games well, some just won't fancy it etc. We as a fanbase just need to buy as many STs as we can, join TIK and/or buy shares. Hopefully when this is all over the club will reinstate the free kids tickets.
  13. liking the fact the club giving us updates like this. Far cry from the Johnston days when all information was a prisoner.
  14. That's what i took from it aswell. Great to see that we're being active, i think that Fow being at the club last season has allowed him to basically scout all the teams in the league first and foremost then get the feelers out for availability.

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