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  1. I cant wait till we prove them wrong. How deluded must you be
  2. A media manager just posted a picture on his Instagram story with the batman symbol. Could mean deal is on, deal is off, about to announce him OR that he just likes batman.
  3. Would be good to see him go to a premiership club, and get some proper play time, he seems to be a good player.
  4. None that I'm aware of yet apart from DDF saying he wants to return. Unfortunately I don't think he will as he was angelos player and since dyer came in he was clearly seccond man to Broadfoot for some reason. I would live to see him and findlay partner up again, but don't see it happening. I hope I'm wrong tho.
  5. We wouldn't of got that little for him Hahaha
  6. Hopefully got some decent money for him
  7. Some goal he scored in the FA cup this season
  8. Former Kilmarnock keeper Daniel Bachmann has revealed he has loan offers from clubs in Scotland after admitting this season at Watford had been a waste. The Austrian goalkeeper impressed during a loan spell at Rugby Park last season, but had to settle for playing back-up to Ben Foster this season at Watford. He’s just signed a new four-year deal at the English Premier League club but is set to go out on loan next season. And the 25-year-old could be returning north of the border. "For me personally, the current season was a waste. It was just different than I expected and unlike what was actually discussed with the club in pre-season. But that’s how it is, I have to look ahead. I will definitely play next season. Whether at Watford or elsewhere, we will see in the next two to three weeks. Last summer I had a lot of very good offers, all of which Watford blocked and if you look at the past ten months, it’s obviously difficult to understand. But there are still enough options now, including teams from England and Scotland again. We have been in contact with a few clubs and I have to decide what is the best step for me. The most important thing is that I play again. I signed a new contract even though I could have gone for free this summer and I still think that staying at Watford is a good long-term plan. I have already discussed the whole thing with Watford. The priority is that I have to play next season. It won’t help the club or me if I don’t play again." https://www.dailyrecord.co.uk/sport/football/football-transfer-news/transfer-news-live-rangers-celtic-22265080 Would love to see him back at killie
  9. *apparently* We have danny Rogers on trial with us. Hopefully only as a back up... still wouldn't want him
  10. Great episode once again, good job gavin. An idea is a podcast with DT23, that would be some laugh. Keep it up mate
  11. Obviously public health comes first, bit day 2 of no football and I'm bored No clue what I will do for the remaining time. Good idea if your bored is to watch old highlights, reccomend kenny shields beating celtic at park head
  12. In Angelo's last 15 games, we got 22 points, in dyers first 15 games, we have got 10. If the reason why aa was sacked was due to performances, then surely we cant sign AD full time
  13. For god sake. We shouldn't be losing against a team like hamilton
  14. 2-1 sheep, COME ON LADS WE NEED THIS WIN

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