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  1. In one of his first games, think it was a 4-1? home win v Inverness, a game where Medhi took Tokely to the cleaners, Iain took in-swinging corners from the right with his left foot and from the left with his right. Not something you see very often. Thought we had a real player, glad he had a good career at Alloa, their fans loved him.
  2. The club should have "loss of income" insurance in place
  3. Our insurance at work includes Business Interruption and the relevant clause is Public Authority- e. loss of income due to your inability to use the venue due to restrictions imposed by a public authority following- ii. an occurrence of a notifiable human disease. I would imagine/hope that the club have similar cover
  4. If ever a team completely reflects their manager it's this one
  5. Hard work topic this week- "How to get on the end of a cross"
  6. Yes, he should be, and two (if we beat Israel) big performances in play offs would put him right in the shop window, great for Stuart, not so great for us.
  7. ...and there it is, the forums have hit the levels of the Facebook group
  8. Agree 100%, we've had so many promising youth players over the years who have just been too small or too lightweight, this lad looked the real deal to me.
  9. It worked out with Andy Mclaren, for us and him!
  10. My dad took me to a Spurs v Leeds game in 1970 when we were on holiday in London- (mum dumped off at the cinema again!). I remember he was stunned at just how good Billy Bremner was in the flesh.
  11. It's his umpteenth chance but yes, lets hope he takes this one.
  12. I wasn't at Livi or RC but was genuinely worried for the first time at the St.Johnstone game, not about the players not trying, but that I just couldn't see what the game plan was. I feel that the possibility of us doing a "HIbs" was starting to loom but was it this possibility or the player unrest (or a bit of both) that has resulted in this decision. If individual players (prima-donnas if you like) haven't been happy with tactics or haven't taken them on board maybe Dyer should sit down with them this week and between them they can have a go at setting up the team for Saturday and see if they can do better- will there be a bounce? Good luck Angelo, sorry it didn't work out.
  13. He probably thought we didn't deserve it and it gave him another reason to have a chuckle in front of the East Stand
  14. It was an abject performance which brought to mind BW's "if you want to be entertained go to the cinema" quote. Our passing was too slow with players taking what should be unnecessary 2 touches to get the ball under control before shifting it on which meant that St.Johnstone defence were always able to keep their shape. We are so reluctant to risk a penetrating pass when the option for another sideways one is available. What worries me is AA's failure to make changes when everyone can see that it's not working, that players are tired or having a bad night, If anyone can tell me what our actual game plan was I'd be grateful. But as others have said- we got a point and a clean sheet- so hopefully big improvement on Saturday. For the statos out there- when was the last time we had three 0-0 draws at home in half a season, five if you count cup ties v Hibs & Accies (90 mins)

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