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  1. I suspect Kier Starmer would welcome such complacency.
  2. Billy Murdoch on his day was sublime - as good with two feet and vision in his range of passing as any continental. His performance against Kilmarnock in 1976 was a class above anybody on the park and worth the admission money alone. Incidentally, the ticket stub I got given at Ochilview was still in shillings (if the online shop think they've missed a trick). I don't know if it's fair to say he faded out of games but sometimes for games in a row he just didn't show. Edit: ok I'm not sure if it was 76
  3. mackpomm

    PM BoJo

    Absolutely. As GDevoy has also pointed out, the care homes and hospitals were struggling with a completely novel situation but received very little assistance by way of clear direction from the government. Even now if Boris and co took some responsibility it would be encouraging, instead of choosing to point the finger at one or other sector as a diversionary tactic. Hell mend them! (...in a soft, liberal, unelected, sort of a way, without fire)
  4. mackpomm

    PM BoJo

    Reality is a moveable feast, much like your feet.
  5. mackpomm

    PM BoJo

    Gosh, grumpy again this morning. Try having breakfast before you post. And cut your toenails before you eat.
  6. mackpomm

    PM BoJo

    That's almost an electoral pact. But you realise if you're going to be Boris' bedmate, it'll be a private nursing home!? A welcome departure from either all-good or all-bad. Well done!
  7. mackpomm

    PM BoJo

    The truth is tricky and tactical it appears. Who else would you blame?
  8. I wouldn't blame these gentlemen. But since GDevoy and Shropshire seemed intent on reseaching the question of responsibility I thought I'd help.....
  9. You obviously have not got a lease but unfettered Freehold on the moral high ground. Chris Patten did well to negotiate an agreement of one country, two systems, that was meant to run until 2047. In many respects what the Chinese government has unilaterally enacted now they might just have easily done in 1997. What would we have done then? What can we do now? Send HMS Waverley laden with attack ducks? Hong Kong isn't the Falklands.
  10. James Matheson and William Jardine, two Scots?
  11. mackpomm

    PM BoJo

    I think the article makes some reasonable points about the mainstream media's insistence on politicisation of the Scottish executives right to differ from London. Falling back on references to Hadrian's Wall and Logie Baird are a bit tiresome and setting up Starkey as in any way representative just to knock him down is downright lazy; a good example of exactly what he's accusing the media of doing. But Sweeney certainly knows his audience and has been well trained in shoddy journalism at The Times, Sun, Express and Daily Record.
  12. mackpomm

    PM BoJo

    Your generalisations about the characteristics of "most unionists" and psychic knowledge of my voting history worries me. It reminds me of stereotypes about long nosed bankers, or rice and peas eating foreigners who steal our women and our jobs.
  13. mackpomm

    PM BoJo

    Have I missed oot on discounted psychic powers along the line somewhere? Amazon? eBay? A deal with the SNP's independent county lines mibbe?
  14. If they find China a wee bit harsh, wait until they try leasing Barra from the Western Isles Council.

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