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  1. ....I need someone in the passenger's seat to read the road signs. Wherever...!
  2. Strange, I've been struggling with these for weeks and they've just become visible!
  3. I had a couple of chances to see him but was always too busy, thinking next time. I can't remember what I thought I was too busy with now. Is there a country lyric in that? Yup been listening all the way through he's great company.
  4. ....and that we as Scots are no different from the rest of the great unwashed, there are plenty of our own, politicians, businessmen, criminal organisations willing to tempt and vulnerable to being tempted. I can't hear "it's a newly independent country, och well, we'll no bother wi any of that under the table corruption malarkey". Sometimes even a willingness to compromise between the lesser of two evils, fueled by hope, perhaps like Mugabe, is the first step. I think my point was corruption is always with us, to imagine an independent Scotland would be different would be dangerous. Sorry, I probably deserve a pie for stating the bleeding obvious (...and Mugabe did have Irish teachers, he talked about his education quite a lot)
  5. The attached article covers the government's attempts to "isolate and punish critical coverage" and sign-up to an open letter requesting Hancock to publish full details of the NHS's data agreements with private companies. https://www.opendemocracy.net/en/opendemocracyuk/number-10-must-lift-briefing-ban-opendemocracy-says-european-press-freedom-watchdog/#
  6. I think it's still very good but the vanilla is different. I much preferred the original - well, mid 1960s - and we were told then that the recipe was a big secret. I've tried replicating what I remember of the taste and have a long standing suspicion that condensed milk played a part - partly because of the taste, partly because the older vanilla had a slightly caramel colour. Have you any knowledge of the recipe that you can share? I recently got hold of a well guarded lemon curd recipe and it seems the secret I was never going to guess was that the dear old lady made her own butter from organic cream so that the curd was free from the emulsifiers in bought butter nor subject to the same heat treatments - this made a remarkable difference to the texture. Likewise with the Forum's ice cream was it egg based, thickened with starch or gum? Yours very hopefully....
  7. Was bad news followed by worse news, sorry you missed him, very sad he's gone altogether.
  8. mackpomm

    PM BoJo

    Yup it's a difficult trade-off and in this instance I've got sympathy for those involved in making it. Deciding between one air sea rescue to some daftie in a yacht struggling in the Minch and 50 hip replacements or 20 open heart surgeries isn't a particularly visible political choice. But the ongoing death toll from Covid will be understood as an explicit trade against increased economic activity and likely become a very emotive topic. Made worst because the reduction in mortality amongst eg middle aged men of reducing long term unemployment is more difficult to quantify than the cost of a hip replacement. And in contrast the headline mortality from Covid will be known and newsworthy. I wonder if any of our politicians will face the problem head on and risk the chorus of complaint? Nothing abnormal observed sounds good. Disappointing how many folks have had the same experience....with all the related anxiety.
  9. mackpomm

    PM BoJo

    I detect you have taken offense, understandably so if my language seemed to be directed at you personally. I was heartened to see Bojo's popularity in decline but was surprised at the high level of confidence of Scots in our government. My comments related to us, Scots folks generally, and the Scottish press for glorying in the Tory government's shortcomings whilst remaining relatively uncritical of Holyrood's failures. This is what I meant by smug, the willingness to leave the plank in our own eye. I simply found the contrast between English and Scottish confidence levels mystifying. I'm not trying to weasel out, my response was to the opinion poll, not to you. I used "we" and "our" not "you" and "your" throughout. We as Scots should be scrutinizing ourselves, our govt, our services more harshly than any underperformance we detect elsewhere. I just don't think Westminster's failure is sufficient basis for believing the Scottish executive has been successful. And I think this will be a repeated theme in both the ongoing management of Covid and any attempt to find a route to a viable independence.
  10. mackpomm

    PM BoJo

    It has been an impossible situation. One, albeit anecdotal point.....In my own experience Scottish hospitals will go to any lengths to avoid entering C.Difficile on a death certificate, despite repeated admission and no known acute cause. Care outcomes are being described and determined by the performance standards of management consultants, not clinical diagnosis. This holographic use of language has become increasingly prevalent throughout the NHS made worse by chronic underfunding. For Covid to be managed effectively across the system, trust in the quality of information must be shared across the health care sectors. I think that trust is lacking.
  11. mackpomm

    PM BoJo

    The mirror said it wisnae me too. But when did my eyes get so baggy, that's what I'd really like to know....
  12. mackpomm

    PM BoJo

    Yup, I wholeheartedly agree and if any of my points suggest otherwise I withdraw them, with apologies.
  13. mackpomm

    PM BoJo

    Is there a difference between saying you take responsibility and actually taking responsibility? I think both Boris and Nicola are a bit confused on this point. Do you have to be quite so abusive? Lick my head!
  14. mackpomm

    PM BoJo

    Perhaps these are good questions but I can't share your enthusiasm for isolating blame with care homes some of whom may be guilty only of trying to cooperate as the whole system strained. Mistakes have been made across the board. If we don't identify the underlying problems, the lack of integration in primary health care services and discretionary use of public health advice by politicians, then next time around we'll be met with the same barrage of "it wisnae me".

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