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  1. I think both Kabamba and Brophy didn't have a great game against Aberdeen. Kabamba is certainly more hit-and-miss than Brophy. Hopefully he can work on his inconsistency, and become a better player for us. He certainly has potential.
  2. All I'm getting is this... This video file cannot be played.(Error Code: 232404)
  3. The new ones are coming in with no previous media experience and are clearly very nervous. McGinn was sh*tting himself whenever he had to speak. You could see the experience McFadden has. Although he isn't a brilliant pundit, at least he was relaxed.
  4. There has to be club punishment for these breaches because games being postponed is only going to benefit teams that have larger squads when the games are re-arranged into an already tight schedule. I wouldn't imagine St Mirren and Hamilton have massive squads but now find themselves having a re-arranged game against Celtic (who definitely have a big squad) and Aberdeen (who probably have a big enough squad). It's gaining an advantage.
  5. Would surely be hypothetical, as Griffiths would have far too high a wage demand. Great player on his day but, as @Squirrelhumper says, has issue after issue. Hopefully the Wolf will bite our hands off when we offer him a good deal. A very passionate player, and gives his all every game.
  6. Am I correct in thinking that all I need to do for the Ross County game is to register at ross county tv, and then pay the £15? Or is there a VPN requirement?
  7. I think Bill Bowie said as much himself a couple of months ago. I like the fact that the board think this way, as it should lead to us not getting into a long term financial mess - unlike other certain clubs.
  8. I can't see any mention of how long the naming rights are for. They are normally a minimum of 10 years. If it is for a year or 2 then it is good that Bill Bowie has set that in motion. It means we can then sell the rights to someone else after the contract. If it's longer term then we probably could have got a better deal, I would have hoped anyway!
  9. I would imagine that Eddie has instigated the end of contract. He will be a premiership manager again by the start of the season. What he did with Bournemouth was incredible.
  10. They are also surely pissing their own walk up fans off.
  11. Was it Chad Harpur that then went to Rangers from us as a back up goalie, and played a blinder against us?
  12. Good luck to the lad. The timing led him into trying to break through into a very respectable central midfield. I'm sure he will shine at Dunfermline, and get another shot at the SPL later in his career (although probably not with Dunfermline).

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