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  1. killieblues

    JJ Sunderland Speculation

    Rumour down here today that he could be signing for Derby.
  2. killieblues

    TV Games - Killie in 12th

    How do they work out the figures?! Do they average out pub attendances?! My local in Nottingham had 20+ people watching the last sky/bt OF game.
  3. killieblues

    Killie aiming to win the league - Billy Bowie

    Why? He hasn't said we will win it NEXT SEASON.
  4. killieblues

    Season tickets

    It would be great if they target the primary schools in ALL of Ayrshire. Unfortunately, from memory, they don't really go out of East Ayrshire much. Get some daft competitions going that also fit in with a part of the curriculum so the schools can get more involved, with tickets for a game being prizes. As suggested by the rodent lover, games against Livi, Hamilton, Dundee etc are obvious choices.
  5. killieblues

    Paper Roses....

    I can't believe Killie fans are actually discussing the removal of our song!
  6. killieblues


    Why would it annoy you when he's on loan from there?
  7. killieblues

    Will you be buying a season ticket

    No, because I now live in Nottingham. I will continue my £25 per month to the Killie Trust though, so that's £300 a year.
  8. killieblues

    Match Day Website

    The app would be far better. I'm sure there are many people who are out and about, or simply down the pub and it would be much better than a website. Even when sitting in the house, I would use the app rather than a website. Student project would be a good way to go, but then there are time constraints on it e.g. it won't be ready for the start of the season! I wonder if there are any phone app developers that are on here that could do a basic version to see how much interest there would be for it. Problem is the different versions of android os, iphone os etc (and the support there in for the person doing a "freebie") edit - I voted No for a website, but would vote yes for an app.
  9. killieblues

    Commercial "Manager" (sic)

    You can ask those questions if you like; they don't have to be answered.
  10. killieblues

    Modernised Ticketing System

    True, but if you are in the pub then you will be buying beer on your card so you can always get cashback . I do see your point about it not necessarily being all ticket though.
  11. killieblues

    Modernised Ticketing System

    Out of interest, how many all-ticket games have there been at RP this season? I can understand using this type of system if, say, 50% of the games were all-ticket games.
  12. killieblues

    Club's New Friday 5pm e-Newsletter

    Thanks Doomed.
  13. killieblues

    Club Statement

    I'm disappointed that it is only pointing out Rangers. I think it's more relevant that we have away games against BOTH Rangers and Celtic, and that we are the ONLY team in the top 6 that has this situation. Not entirely fair, but it will make those 6 points for us all the sweeter.
  14. killieblues

    TIK Board Member

    I wasn't even aware that the board were vetting candidates. I must have missed that update. In fact, I didn't even know we had candidates to be vetted!
  15. killieblues

    Steven Caulker

    I think Caulker signed a 2.5 year deal did he not? With the recent statements from the Dundee board about them needing to get another 1000 fans in per home game to break even, I can't see why they would have rejected it. That's why I think it's a transfer myth.

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