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  1. Where's Craigieboy with the Joe Hart rumours?!
  2. I really enjoyed the second series. Binge watched it. James Fowler is not really in it much, which is probably just as well for him.
  3. I wouldn't be able to charge mine at home, as I don't have a driveway and it's illegal to string the cable across the public footpath. It's great that the range is increasing though. I was looking at a government page this morning and it had links to different cars. The Peugeot e-208 looks a possibility but when you read down the information, the range halves when averaging 81mph (weird that they came up with an illegal speed!). That would knock the range down to 110 miles. A motorway/by-pass journey back home to Stevenston (330 miles) from Nottingham would take a while! Car wow is claiming that you can get a new one for £24k though.
  4. Is this not contradictory?
  5. Why do folk keep mentioning the hotel? It's nothing to do with the club.
  6. Welcome Harry. Great quality. I wonder if Aberdeen have already been in touch about a pre-contract agreement!
  7. Our average that was mentioned last time was something like £52k. Definitely something to do with bonuses.
  8. He ran down his contract at Partick Thistle rather than sign for Blackpool. I guess he will do the same with us, as he'll probably get a decent signing on fee. At 27, he has a couple of decent 3 year contracts left.
  9. I am a member, I also contribute £25 per month to TiK. I didn't receive an email giving me options on what the money was to be spent on. I live in Nottingham, so getting to an AGM isn't easy. However, a proxy vote via email would have been very easy to organise. As I said, I'm not bothered what the money was spent on, as I trust the TiK board to make the right decisions. I'm just saying that I didn't have the option to vote on anything.
  10. I can't remember being given the say on what the money was spent on. Not fussed either way, but I certainly wasn't balloted in any way.
  11. facebook group can't remember which one of the 2.
  12. Makes you think when someone posted their calendar signing conversation with O'Donnell, where he basically laughed off a top 6 finish by saying I very much doubt that.
  13. Any photos of it being used from last night? Would be nice to see.
  14. I reckon £250k would be a reasonable offer. They should know their place, and bite our hands off!
  15. Thoroughly enjoyable listen this morning before I left for work. Great quality, and very professionally done. Thanks to all involved.

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