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  1. Maybe because it's not the Coens...
  2. 2 - 0. It'll be a scrappy affair I reckon but our first goal will break them.
  3. And you're incapable of typing either?
  4. You've posted a fair amount of s**te on this forum, but you've excelled yourself here. Chapeau.
  5. At the risk of this not ageing well, I reckon Germany will annihilate England who are alright, but not great. The Dutch were edging a pretty even game until the sending off.
  6. Pearce should stick to Robot Wars. A terrible football commentator IMO.
  7. And the Killie Forum tradition of mis-spellings rolls ever onwards. Good signing, and I'm glad we seem to be doing a proper rebuild than just patching things together.
  8. Marshall McPherson Nelson Dindeleux Hay Holt Durrant Nevin Eremenko Naismith Boyd Subs: Lekovic, Johnson, Pasca, Sammon, Ford
  9. It may have been asked/answered elsewhere, but does anyone know the referee for tonight?
  10. Corrie is 7.30 - 8 so you'll only miss the first 15 minutes 👍
  11. He's French, with Malian heritage.