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  1. And the Killie Forum tradition of mis-spellings rolls ever onwards. Good signing, and I'm glad we seem to be doing a proper rebuild than just patching things together.
  2. Marshall McPherson Nelson Dindeleux Hay Holt Durrant Nevin Eremenko Naismith Boyd Subs: Lekovic, Johnson, Pasca, Sammon, Ford
  3. It may have been asked/answered elsewhere, but does anyone know the referee for tonight?
  4. Corrie is 7.30 - 8 so you'll only miss the first 15 minutes 👍
  5. He's French, with Malian heritage.
  6. Why do former players always have a habit of coming back to haunt us?!
  7. I can't remember who the player was now, but he was referred to by a fair few posters by his initials and shirt number. Equally embarrassing.
  8. Got it right in the FA Cup Final today. Marginal, sure, but his shoulder and half his arm were clearly off, which I thought at the time.
  9. Seems very weird wanting Motherwell to win a game too!
  10. He retired from playing in December...
  11. Do you understand what comparisons are?
  12. Yes, he was. But he rarely stood out and played in ways that were under-appreciated by fans. Like Rory, which was my point.