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  1. Sounds like Larry's having another good game.
  2. How was there 1 minute of injury time in that whole game? 3 goals, 5 bookings, and a catalogue of other stoppages.
  3. You could see him trying hard to tuck his arm behind his body, just caught his elbow. Have to feel a bit sorry for him... briefly, until you realise Killie are now 1-0 up.
  4. Self-made chance and good shot, but Burke has to be annoyed he didn't get the pass.
  5. We were looking quite aggressive at the start - both those corner kicks came before the goal. But as so often happens against the Old Firm, as soon as we got ahead we decided the halfway line was a distant horizon never to be crossed again.
  6. Broadfoot raging at Larry there. Need to stabilize and make it to half-time without losing another.
  7. Didn't get a great view of it on the replays, but looked like a clear penalty to me. The defender messed up, handed it to Brophy in the area, and then made a clumsy challenge from behind trying to make up for his mistake.
  8. Time to get Brophy off and bring on Johnson.
  9. Confidently taken. Great to see Brophy back on form.
  10. With Aberdeen making their 3 subs at half time, and us having 2 left, you have to fancy Killie in ET.
  11. I think BT just said Del Fabro should've had a penalty?
  12. Can we bring someone on and just tell them to stand perfectly still, 3 yards out at the back post?
  13. Don't think you can blame Koprivec for either of those goals. The first a fantastic strike, the second a defensive mess and good finish. All to play for though, plenty of chances coming our way (if few shots).
  14. Don't think it's entirely coincidental that our bad run started the moment Findlay got injured and ended when Findlay returned.
  15. 4 wins and a draw (to Aberdeen away) in the last 5 games. Back on track to fight for that top 6 finish. Only 9 points behind 3rd, if we want to dream.

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