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  1. Maybe says more about Broadfoot than Alessio with regards to the training
  2. Just wondering if we’re letting people leave because we’ve actually (now hold onto your hat) got signings comin in. Squad seems bit thin to be letting as many leave without reinforcing. Maybe it’ll just be announced late on. I hope.
  3. According to the club history/records we received £1.9m for Naismith, I dunno if sell on clauses were included which then £2.1/£2.2m would make sense. I’m just trying to figure out if an “undisclosed fee” for Taylor is stalling till the window shuts before the figure is released or the fact it isn’t a club record (which I think we were all hoping it would be)
  4. Am I right in saying the most we’ve received was for Naismith £1.9m?? Surely we’re talking more than that for GT?
  5. If it’s stated as an “undisclosed fee” does that mean even if it was a club record then the club are not allowed to say??
  6. Gutted that we’re losing him but can’t begrudge him the move if we get £2-3m. Always felt that he’s been one the first names on the team sheet for years now and he’s been there through the lot. Relegation playoff against Falkirk to finishing 3rd last season and into Europe. Thanks Greg and good luck!!
  7. Been good for us in the time he’s been here. For whatever reason you’ve left big man, all the best and thanks for being part of an unbelievable 2 years
  8. Had a great game and unlucky not to score. Del and Bruce partnership looked good too. Could turn out to be a great loan deal going by his performance today
  9. RAW ITALIAN PASSSSSION for the win today.
  10. 1st win of the season. Leaped from bottom to 6th (granted it’s 4 games in) but now is the time to ditch the downbeat threads and move on from the CQN and Hamilton result, they’ve gone... Great result today and will be the first of many I hope. Honestly think we’re on the right track... Lets back AA and the players. We saw how much the win meant to him today and there’s been positives to take even though results haven’t went our way before now. Good win before the international break and another clean sheet!!! KTID!!!
  11. Always talks well on the “Totally Scottish Football Show”. Worth a listen and better than BBC Sportsound
  12. I couldn’t either. They have a knack for deflecting is all I’m saying.

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