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  1. Keir Starmer is not happy with Richard Leonard performances at Holyrood. Could there be another leader on its way ?
  2. The more the Independence polls are favourable to an Independent Scotland the more Unionist parties in Scotland go into meltdown. Undoubtedly there are questions that must be answered by the Independence movement that didn't come across well in 2014. There can be no excuses now, we have to have answers at the ready. We know what is coming.
  3. The British Labour party in Scotland and the British Tory party in Scotland joined at the hip once again.
  4. Don't like Donald Trump or Joe Biden but Kamala Harris comes across far better.
  5. Not long to go now. C'mon the Killie. 3 points please.
  6. Beat me to it. I was going to give him Arthur as a nickname.
  7. That would have been the sensible thing to do.
  8. Coronavirus has played a major part in what has happened not just in Scotland but worldwide. The question and answer from the media are asking questions that are not related to the pandemic. Nicola Sturgeon is the FM for Scotland and is rightly giving updates on what is happening. If the Labour party in Scotland were in power they would be doing exactly the same thing. It's hardly ideal and certainly mistakes have been made and it's up to the SG to put things right. The SG have done a great deal since coming to power but I don't expect the Unionists in the media to give credit to the SG. it's all about Snp bad no matter what they do. Anyway that's how i feel.
  9. The powers to be in Scottish football have to get their finger out and for once do the right thing. Clubs involved cannot get away this.
  10. Exactly do people not understand there is a pandemic of course there was going to be problems and hopefully for the students involved this will be resolved. The Scottish government has made mistakes like any other government but Unionists opposition parties feel that the SG needs to be taken to task which is understandable it's all part of politics. Imo some of the arguements made against the SG seem to be petty just for the sake of it.
  11. Martin Birch 71 producer of many Deep Purple, Iron Maiden, Black Sabbath and Wishbone Ash albums.
  12. Agree with that. I've only watched Lyle a couple of times in the reserves.
  13. I like your attitude stewarty66. We have a good squad of players and will be hard to beat. Hopefully we can get a backup goalie for Rogers.
  14. EKX16


    Kabamba had Jullien in his back pocket from start to finish. One of the best performances from a Killie player and a well deserved MOM.

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