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  1. Roger Newell (73) bass player with Rick Wakeman.
  2. Defence looks decidedly dodgy. Hope for a better 2nd half. Hasn't been all bad but still need to take the game by the scruff of the neck. Here we go.
  3. Will the players mentioned do a job in the championship ?
  4. Ron Bushy (79) Iron Butterfly drummer.
  5. I'm an old codger and not very savvy when it comes to technology. I do enjoy listening to the wireless and gramophone.😁
  6. Two buses and a train to get to Kilmarnock before 12 was less than ideal. Pay at the gate would have been perfect.
  7. Killie have been awful there are no other words fir it.
  8. I wouldn't want to wait until January to get in an experienced striker. We need to be thinking ahead and have the strongest squad now.
  9. Exactly this. I wouldn't mind Greg Stewart coming back but not breaking the bank to get him.
  10. EKX16

    Paralympics 2020

    I'm looking forward to the basketball,I like the way they get stuck in. I'll need to find out when it's on.
  11. Is that the same party that was in a coalition with the Lib-dems not so long ago.
  12. 😁 Last time I was in Cumnock was to see them play Auchinleck Talbot . Nice social club.