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  1. Roger Newell (73) bass player with Rick Wakeman.
  2. Defence looks decidedly dodgy. Hope for a better 2nd half. Hasn't been all bad but still need to take the game by the scruff of the neck. Here we go.
  3. Will the players mentioned do a job in the championship ?
  4. Ron Bushy (79) Iron Butterfly drummer.
  5. I'm an old codger and not very savvy when it comes to technology. I do enjoy listening to the wireless and gramophone.😁
  6. Two buses and a train to get to Kilmarnock before 12 was less than ideal. Pay at the gate would have been perfect.
  7. Killie have been awful there are no other words fir it.
  8. I wouldn't want to wait until January to get in an experienced striker. We need to be thinking ahead and have the strongest squad now.
  9. Exactly this. I wouldn't mind Greg Stewart coming back but not breaking the bank to get him.
  10. EKX16

    Paralympics 2020

    I'm looking forward to the basketball,I like the way they get stuck in. I'll need to find out when it's on.
  11. Is that the same party that was in a coalition with the Lib-dems not so long ago.
  12. 😁 Last time I was in Cumnock was to see them play Auchinleck Talbot . Nice social club.
  13. He was an elderly man in his eighties and He has voted Labour all his life. Having said that we had a good chat about different topics.
  14. I hear what your saying and I agree about Alba but I would like the Labour Party to denounce the House of Lords and Sir Keir Starmer give up his Knighthood. The Labour Party in my view shouldn't entertain being members of the House of Lords. Snp quite rightly refuse to have anything to do with the HOL. Labour have failed in General elections because English voters rejected them and sadly the traditional mining areas have turned their backs on them. The SNP have their faults but election after election whether it be the General election or the Scottish elections they are more trusted than Labour in Scotland. They have more Mps and more Msps. Look at the Tories and Labour in Scotland and the number of constituencies they actually won outright. I actually met someone in the pub who thinks Keir Starmer will be the next Prime Minister.
  15. England does not want a left wing party that's why we will never see a Labour government anytime soon. Tony Blair and SIR Starmer were never socialist in a month on Sundays. When are Labour going to win a general election ? Meanwhile Scotland are getting shafte*.
  16. RIP Gerd Muller. Great to see praise in the comments for a legend.
  17. Afghanistan,Libya and Iran. Would it have been better if the West hadn't intervened in these Countries ? Russia tried to tame Afghanistan but failed as well. It seems to be that every time we send troops and then a few years later pull them out and they are no better off.Maybe worse off. There are people who will benefit from these wars but certainly not the people of those Countries mentioned. Soldiers have paid with their lives in trying to do the impossible.
  18. The Labour Party has nothing to offer the people of Scotland. Election after election they have been rejected as have the Tories .Scottish Parliament needs proper powers opposed to the ones we have now. The powers they do have are hampered because we don't have the borrowing powers, it's like having one hand tied behind your back. Under Tory rule there is worse to come for Scotland and being part of this supposed Nation of equals I don't see much change in the near future. The majority of meaningful powers are still ln the hands of Westminster. The why don't the Snp do this or why doesn't it do that,well give us the powers to borrow.
  19. It looks that way but hopefully we will have someone in for the next league game.
  20. Hi Lroy I've plenty of books and music to be going on with.😁. If I'm really desperate I can always watch my neighbours tv when he goes .to work . I take his dog out when needed.🐶.
  21. Reality tv shows doesn't work for me or soaps for that matter.,but there are people who like it. Not my cup of tea so I don't watch them. In two weeks time I'll not need a tv license I'm glad to say.
  22. Looking forward to getting back to Rugby Park soon. The EAC are taking a hell of a long time especially when you see other events getting the go ahead.