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  1. Remember he used to come on the Jim Wilson bus caused Jim nothing but Grief until jim eventually had to ban him
  2. What else would you like to see ? Right now the content is good short and simple non of this fancy cringe stuff you see at Celtic and Rangers who have teams double the size to work on content etc. Our Media team is done to a high level from Scott to Neil Gavin and even Chris Kyle. You can’t post anything if there is simply nothing to post I understand the forum is a place to voice opinions but it’s simply getting a bit ridiculous now just having a go at every aspect of the club...
  3. From what I seen Barlow looks a lot more confident than Johnson
  4. Bachmann starts for Watford today in the FA Cup
  5. Was McKay not with us at youth level ?
  6. Personally love interviews like that Dicker says it how it is
  7. Mckenzie attack minded ahahahahaha
  8. Lose to County and our competitors Motherwell then he has got to go get a new manager in before January to asses the Squad
  9. No plan B we have been found out past few games...
  10. Get Rory off most negative player ever “oh but he tries hard” doesn’t make a difference if you are absolutely pish

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