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  1. Remember he used to come on the Jim Wilson bus caused Jim nothing but Grief until jim eventually had to ban him
  2. From what I seen Barlow looks a lot more confident than Johnson
  3. Bachmann starts for Watford today in the FA Cup
  4. Was McKay not with us at youth level ?
  5. Personally love interviews like that Dicker says it how it is
  6. Mckenzie attack minded ahahahahaha
  7. Lose to County and our competitors Motherwell then he has got to go get a new manager in before January to asses the Squad
  8. No plan B we have been found out past few games...
  10. Difference between Millar and McKenzie is night and day start Millar on Wednesday
  11. Larry and McKenzie both very poor today
  12. shock horror McKenzie just lets him run in
  13. I can have some sort of say after all I have helped pay for it
  14. The people that have been going before Clarke 20/20 etc they are the people you want in this section. I don’t trust those ages mentioned the will look to GB UB bring smoke bombs flares etc.
  15. Looks good great move let’s just hope it’s the RIGHT people that are in it to create a good atmosphere not the crew of 11-14 year olds down the bottom right of the east stands first few rows. Following on from this those under the age of 16 should be placed in the Moffat singing section I believe this was Bowie’s vision in the first place.
  16. Embarrassing.... pretty sure players were training today also so lies about Dicker coming on his day off
  17. Out injured for 5-6 Weeks.....
  18. Can almost guarantee this is because he is training with Scotland... Sky talking mince as usual