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  1. Several Celtic accounts on Twitter reporting deal done
  2. Will just leave this here clearly worth 3 million at least if Tierney is worth 25
  3. Rosshall is still the place both the OF use often for medicals
  4. Don’t sing it simple if it upsets some people. Anyone in our support that does sing it I wouldn’t be against booing it
  5. Yes time to rap it I cringe when our fans sing it, we have plenty of other good songs to sing so time to stop Hello Hello... we are just looked at as another version of them when we sing it by other fans.
  6. Having a scan tomorrow
  7. That's enough Kickback for today.
  8. Clearly haven't seen the quality of the current Leftback....
  9. Take this guy in a heartbeat playing in the MLS for LAFC who are a great side in the MLS I’m a big fan of the American League definitely a better level of football than ours this would be a complete steal
  10. Think we really need to go for Jason Cummings if we can get Him Brophy and Millar working we would be laughing
  11. The sad reality of the market
  12. No goals from open play in any games since SSC left takes a striker off against 10 men HAMILTON! Clear no plan B. Plan A hopeless in the first place time to go shocking if we don’t take action now. Completely different Kilmarnock first defeat against accies since January 2016 shocking no excuses.
  13. Wont happen Astro pitch Chelsea are against loaning players out to teams who use astro surfaces unfortunately
  14. Or the stupid Instagram news pages ran by 15 year olds..
  15. Lets just hope he isn't off anywhere
  16. Heard on Sky sports earlier that Dybala wouldn't need to do a medical should he join Spurs, Spurs would take data from pre season tests from Juventus which i found strange.
  17. Yeah i am not entirely sure how the whole process works but i am sure i heard 7pm for paper work to be processed.
  18. Think you could be spot on with that but obviously hoping for the best and it might be to late
  19. Just about to arrive in Edinburgh
  20. Any truth in the rumors of Rangers only getting the top tier of the Chadwick from now on ?
  21. Yes they did there was lots of checks and work done credit must go to Yeti who isn't spoken about enough we would be really struggling without him when it comes to the stadium and facilities. Guy is a true LEGEND
  22. Confirmed: Liam Millar training today.