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  1. Wait for happy hour so I can get drunk and forget this f**king shambles ever happened
  2. What the f*** ,did Fowler not do a back ground check on this boy and do we have a back up ,not fu***** likely.
  3. The word is All McCoist turned us down he doesn't want to play in the lower league. Remember killie fans Mr Bowie is signing the cheques and if he is happy signing Brodfoot then we are in a sorry state. I fear for us .
  4. Hope not, killie should put a stop to all the paper and media gossip only AA has said he wants to keep him . Same old Killie let player go for f**king peanuts
  5. The word is Celtic have made 1 million bid for Taylor . If Bowie and the board let this happen they have sold the Killie fans short. He would be going to replace a 3 million player the board should be asking 4 million. Motherwell put a price on a player and stuck with it Teams just seem to bend over for the old firm and get shafted
  6. Here's a name to throw in he's got baggage David Goodwilly he knows how to put ball in net
  7. So is Derek Johnstone , we've got a better chance of getting him
  8. Look as a killie fan we know SSC called the shots , now the board have taken over it's all going down the s**t hole. Nobody wants to come to killie we offer nothing
  9. Maybe the board need to get finger out of arss and show the money. It's only two games in and I'm f**king sick of the same old s**t , we had it good after SSC . Maybe the board are missing the Ayrshire derbys
  10. The nomads game was hard to take but truth is we did not deserve to go through. We where lucky down at Wales and we never turned up at home even with a fabulous support behind us. The whole of Scottish football, fans , papers , and tv media are all laughing at us thinking the Stevie bubble has burst we need to get behind the new manager and hoping he brings in quality signings.