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  1. I like Dyer but unfortunately I don't think he has the quality to be a number 1. I understand why he got the job after AA left but I think his appointment for this season shows a lack of ambition from the board. His record is poor; GP 16 W 4 D 2 L 10 I understand that it wasn't his team but the same can be said for AA whose record was; GP 22 W 9 D 5 L 8 Dyer was playing 8 of the 11 first team regulars he coached under SC that had managed to finish 3rd but he wasn't managing to get the results. Was this due to poor tactical decision making? He has already been criticized of that in the first game with playing Eastwood over Rogers, leaving Kabamba up top as long when he wasn't able to have much of an impact. Again I understand that he has brought new players in who couldn't play due to injuries so we will need to wait and see what impact they have with the squad. I true view of where the team is will be able to be assessed after the County, St Johnstone and Dundee United games. But a comparison that I feel can't be over looked is when you look at Daniel Stendels record with hearts; GP 17 W 5 D 5 L 7 He took over undoubtedly the worst team in the league about the same time Dyer took over and managed to get more points out of Hearts than Dyer managed with Killie. The league getting called when it did I feel was a blessing for Killie. I hope Dyer finds his groove and starts getting the best out of the squad he has now assembled to get the results as we all want the club to succeed on and off the pitch.
  2. Their latest update about rctv only talks about season ticket holders just now. They won't be in a rush as tonights game was on sky and this weekend they are away. Hopefully they will announce a PPV option this week at some point.
  3. Since Dyer took over the games we won last season always had Findlay and DDF as the CB's. Think we had one draw when Broadfoot started.
  4. When it comes to Broadfoot I don't think he should be our starting CB when we are playing with a back four. I don't think he has the legs to keep up with a pacy forward or midfielder and he gives away silly fouls pulling players shirts etc when he doesn't need to. He does get up and header the ball clear well enough but on the balance it isn't enough. We need a new CB to pair with Findlay and use Broadfoot as cover or if we go to a back 5 with three CB's. In regards to yesterday's goal he wasn't catching Boyle. The only reason he managed to get back was because of the sweeper keepers challenge forcing Boyle that bit wider. If the keeper hadn't come out and Boyle had been able to take the ball straight on he was through on goal (although Findlay looked like he might have been able to get across as he was busting a gut).
  5. The only way he could get to that shot would be if his positioning was more central, but if he did that and Boyles shot flew in the near post the keeper would be getting criticized for getting beat at the near post. Why can't it be taken for what it was, a good finish from a confident striker?
  6. I don't think Waters does to much wrong here, just unlucky. He stands him up, doesn't dive in and give away a silly fowl. Shows him the outside stopping him coming inside, he is trying to force the near post shot which the keeper would have covered with his positioning. 8-9 times out of 10 that cross goal shot would deflect off waters either out for a corner or into the path of one of the other defenders to clear. Just unlucky it finds the gap between his legs and into the far side.
  7. Agreed, he has brought players which he feels will strengthen and improve the team. Unfortunately three of those players were Injured today and couldn't feature, the young keeper had a rush of blood wanting to make an impression and got caught out. Hopefully the new guys will be in contention next weekend as well as Brophy for a big game. After the Celtic game the squad should be very familiar with each other and fitness levels up where they should be to push on and hopefully get 6 points against County and St Johnstone.
  8. I want Dyer to succeed, can't imagine any fan wanting their manager to fail. I've said on the Hibs thread that today's performance and result feels like we've picked up where we left off last season, playing well and working hard but being unlucky and silly mistakes costing us. This had us in free fall and on the same points won as hearts in the last 10 games of the season. After the Celtic game I would say Ross County and St Johnstone are two games we should be winning giving us momentum going into the game against sevco. The players really need to pull together for the manager and get some results. As it stands his record is; GP16 W4 D2 L10 Let's all get behind him and the team as best as we all can during these strange times. KTID
  9. I've seen a lot of people today criticizing McKenzie, Eastwood, Waters and Kiltie for their efforts today. I don't like to criticize anyone as it's a team game so you win and loose as a team but I've not seen anyone mention Power who appeared to loose the ball cheaply in the middle of the park which lead to both of Hibs goals. I didn't get to watch the game today unfortunately so just had to base my thoughts on the radio commentary and sportscene highlights. Feels like we have picked up where we left off last season, playing well and working hard but can't get the win. Hopefully after a couple of weeks together things will gel and the results will follow.
  10. Based on the lineup I would go with this formation.
  11. A good bit of business getting him in as quick as we did after the Bachmann deal fell apart. I wonder if the 6 months is incase we still get Bachmann. Watford are linked with a 30mil keeper from inter so I don't see Bachmann playing Infront of him. Watford have time now to source a new manager and players so the ball is firmly in their court. Could be come September he is again 2nd or third choice and it could be possible to loan him to us as originally planned. If that happens then I imagine we would put Lyle out on loan till January then maybe let Eastwood go back to Sheffield United in January and we bring Lyle back as 3rd choice.
  12. One year deal and confirmed to be in goal this weekend. Now to wait and see if he will be our first choice for the season with Lyle as backup or whether we will look to sign another keeper whether on a permanent deal or a loan.
  13. Haha imagine if that was true! For weeks we've all been hoping and cheering them to stay up for a loan deal where as if they went down we could get him on a permanent haha
  14. Cheers for the heads up, can more than one person log in at a time to the stream?

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