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  1. We're fanzine writing today so get sending those articles about Killie, reconstruction and mystery benefactors dishing out millions....send to killiehippo@aol.com, especially if the millionaires want to invest in fanzines
  2. Hope you all enjoyed the covid special fanzine and we'll do another one shortly. Please put your thoughts down in writing about everything that's happening just bow and send it to killiehippo@aol.com. Cheers
  3. The Hippo has landed - our free online fanzine can be found here https://issuu.com/killiejim/docs/covid1… - if you can do so please donate as little or much as you can afford, all proceeds to Trust in Killie. If you fancy sending us an article then fill yer boots #YNTTK
  4. We're making good progress on our totally free Killie Hippo (covid special). It will be online only and includes an exclusive interview with Killie director Cathy Jamieson.....should be out this weekend...staysafechums
  5. Thanks folks much appreciated....I'll get the questions off to Cathy later today.
  6. @ChrissyRoss - Maybe for Sunday if possible mate, will try and get it out next week.
  7. Hi folks, as you maybe saw on another thread we are doing a covid special fanzine that will be online only and free to everyone. It will include an exclusive interview with Cathy Jamieson so please put your questions on this thread, no later than Thursday.... Cheers and stay safe
  8. Hi chums, hope you are all staying safe during these hard times. I'm going to put together a "Covid special" fanzine. It will be online only and will be free for everyone to read. However we will ask that if you can please make a donation to Trust in Killie meaning the club will benefit. We are looking for fan articles to get your thoughts about everything Killie related during these unique times. You can write your views on reconstruction, dodgy SPFL votes, what effect all this will have on Killie and even if Scottish football can survive this worldwide crisis. If you have time on your hands then please write us an article, as short or long as you want and sent it to killiehippo@aol.com Stay safe folks.....YNTTK
  9. If that's true I take it the play offs will be ditched and it will be one up one down.
  10. Hi folks, we've had folk getting in touch asking if the fanzine is available. We did have them printed and if you want an issue here are the options: Online version - £2 Hard copy - £2 if you can uplift or £3 incl post and package If you want to order just email killiehippo@aol.com to order. Thanks again for your loyal support. Sandy
  11. The potential legal challenges are a complete minefield and that will be the biggest concern of the authorities should they have to make a decision if the season cannot be completed.
  12. It's time to hear your predictions folks as to what will happen to the 2019-20 season. It may be that the league rules has something in it to cover this eventuality however I doubt it. It will be some discretionary rule that allows them to do what they want. I believe that we should complete the season if at all possible but a lot may depend of the "big meeting" with FIFA/UEFA on Tuesday which may decide that leagues finish now. If the leagues cannot be finished should they be declared null and void or the beaks may need to award titles, decide relegation/promotion etc.......my head is swimming with all the various outomes, who can see the future and tell me what's going to happen next?
  13. Haha that was a laugh mate.....I remember we sourced and got the masks but cant remember where from.
  14. That being the case we will see a game this weekend and then God knows when after that.
  15. The new Hippo 204 is out this weekend (if the game goes ahead) and includes loads of fans views on the managerial situation. Always remember that once you've read the fanzine it then doubles as an Andrex replacement!!

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