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  1. killiehippo

    Fan's questions for Cathy J

    We are doing an issue of the fanzine, hopefully the first of this season, where every single penny will go to the TIK initiative. Huge thanks to our friends at Rainbow Ink for their support. The plan is to have it on sale at the Betfred cup games and also at the Open Day on 29 July. Even if you don't normally buy the fanzine can I ask you to do do for this issue, every single penny will go to TIK and therefore onto the club. As part of the issue we are doing an interview with Trust rep Cathy Jamieson who recently joined the club board. Please post your questions for Cathy on this thread......many thanks.
  2. killiehippo

    League Fixtures -- out Friday 15th

    I've also got a feeling it will be sevco.
  3. killiehippo

    What happened this time?

    I have nothing to do with running the website but know the guys that do. You have no idea the grief they have had over the years about some of the absolute pish that is posted here. I do like the suggestion that every poster should have to show their identity as it's far too easy otherwise for the keyboard warriors. The guys who run this site have done untold work to promote Killie over the years but it is rarely recognised.....a minority just like picking up on every little negative, whether it is justified criticism or not. All I would say is please appreciate the numerous hours spent by Baz etc to run this site for absolutely no personal gain.......if It was me I would have walked away years ago.
  4. killiehippo

    Free to a good home - Season Ticket

    Some truly deserving nominations being submitted......if anyone else wants to donate a family season ticket then please get in touch and I will happily facilitate it.
  5. killiehippo

    Watch This Space

    Fantastic news and a great selection....huge well done to all involved.
  6. killiehippo

    Scotland squad

    Agreed....thought he looked decent throughout in a difficult game as his strength is going forward and we were parking the bus for long periods. Miller is indeed a walloper, even Michael Stewart pointed out maybe O'Donnell could have done better at the second but it was the keeper's fault. There are not a lot of options at right back for Scotland, I'm biased but I reckon SOD is currently the best option.
  7. killiehippo

    Free to a good home - Season Ticket

    Two fantastic Killie fans who don't miss a game have just been in touch to say they would like to donate a family ticket too.......unbelievable generosity from the Killie family. Come on folks that's 3 tickets up for grabs, get those nominations sent to killiehippo@aol.com
  8. killiehippo

    Free to a good home - Season Ticket

    Never been prouder to be a Killie fan.......then I received this e-mail: "Evening Hippo, Delighted to see your post on the forum and it really struck a chord with me. With that in mind, I've teamed up with a fellow longstanding forum member to match the original offer. We too will jointly buy a Moffat family season ticket. Can you help us find people to whom it will make a huge difference? I am a little exiled and not able to attend often these days. As a kid, I found my love for Killie through a couple of free tickets I otherwise wouldn't have been able to attend. My fellow donor is also somewhat exiled from Rugby Park these days - and he first attended Rugby Park in the days of getting a free lift over. Like your other donor, we'd like the tickets to find their way to people who otherwise couldn't attend. We're happy for it to be a family, or two separate parent/guardian and child combinations. Thank you and keep up the good work." Get those nominations sent to killiehippo@aol.com and we'll pass them on to our fantastic ST donors.
  9. Throughout my time as fanzine editor I have been totally amazed by the kind support and generosity of the Killie fans. That "Killie Family" spirit continues to this day and I have just received an e-mail from one of our exiled subscribers. He has purchased a Moffat Stand Family ticket and would like to donate it to a family who cannot afford a ticket for next season. I must stress this is not a competition, we are looking for people to be nominated who simply cannot get a ticket for financial or other reasons. Can I ask you to nominate a genuinely worthy recipient including the persons name and contact details along with a little explanation of why they deserve it. All names will be kept totally anonymous at all times and I'll pass on the names to the Hippo exile to select the lucky family. Please send an e-mail marked "Moffat Family Ticket" to killiehippo@aol.com no later than 9th June 2018 at 2pm. Huge thanks.
  10. killiehippo

    Incomings and outgoings.

    True, there can be many reasons for a player to be released. For the first time in a while I have total faith in the manager and I'm buzzing already for next season to start.
  11. killiehippo

    Incomings and outgoings.

    Very surprised Mouanda has been released, he was one of the most consistent performers in the development team and was captain on several occasions. it will be interesting to see if anyone else picks him up.
  12. killiehippo

    Incomings and outgoings.

    SSC has apparently had a guy scouting all over the place since he got here. My guess would be that he'll be using the good contacts he has made during his time in the game and that our signings will be from down south or further afield rather than the guys mentioned on this thread.
  13. killiehippo

    Supporters Clubs and buses

    The Bickering Bush shut about 1984.
  14. killiehippo

    Fanzine subscription - next season

    Huge thanks to everyone who has supported us throughout another long season, we've loved (just about) every minute. Enjoy your summer hols and please get in ouch if you would like to subscribe again for next season....cheers
  15. Hi folks It's the end of another mad season and for once everyone is filled with optimism. Well here's the bad news, we are continuing with the fanzine once again!, I normally try and give a wee bit of gossip, all I've heard is there are a couple of deals done and dusted and more on the way.......I don't have any names so not the best gossip ever. If you would like to subscribe it costs £20 for the online version of £25 to have a hard copy posted in the UK. Please drop me a private message or e-mail killiehippo@aol.com. We also have one page left for advertising, if you know any individual or business please give me a shout. Finally huge thanks for your continued support, it really is appreciated. Enjoy your summer holidays and always remember you'll never take the Killie. Cheers Sandy

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