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  1. Everyone at that club horrible wee club will be doing anything possible to get this game pushed back, if the st mirren game went ahead then the spfl need to set the story straight here. Can't pick n choose which games to postpone to suit. The season will never get finished if they push back these kinda fixtures.
  2. A real problem area for us is our LB and RB positions. Goals keep coming from players being outpaced or allowed to run into the box way too easily. Why sign 2 boys who should easily be in the starting lineup and hardly give them a sniff so far. Is it a case of the managers son getting played week in week out, I mean come on the guy isn't good enough for this league, not trying to be too harsh on him. Waters has been decent but really lacks and strength and threat in the air. I don't understand how dyer isnt seeing this and why he isnt changing it.
  3. Think it was down to dyer keeping in contact with him that brought him back. It would be harsh to see him go so soon.
  4. Its all coming dowm to El Makrini leaving or not by the looks of things, surely if the player is over in Norway as we speak trying to win a deal it means he's offski.
  5. I'm baffled by this. We've brought basically every position that needed covered with decent replacements. The goalkeeper situation is still a problem I get that but what else can you possibly want from a transfer window?
  6. By the looks of things we haven't been playing our strongest team, Mcgowan over Millen and Haunstrup far more physical and comfortable on the ball than Waters. Can't make judgement on Dikamona yet but Broadfoot has been below average for us so far. Brophy back is a massive boost. All 4 of those players I'd have starting.
  7. El makrini apparently away, adds even more squad depth also.
  8. He won't be guaranteed to be in the starting line up every week at the likes of Aberdeen etc.
  9. Exactly, can't believe I'm seeing people not wanting him back, was he not massively lacking in game time before we signed him the first time? The guy is a high level player and there's plenty of games coming up such as the league Cup that would get him back up to speed.
  10. Leaking goals at the back again, what was thr mix up between millen and broadfoot to the resultant corner?
  11. People hate to accept it but its so true, he's just nothing special and far too ordinary for this division now. If we really want to see our team push for top six then hes can't be a major part of the starting 11
  12. Don't get this, its almost like they don't know what they are talking about?

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