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  1. So your wanting to ask ST holders to decide on if they can attend games weeks in advance? That wouldn't work and is unfair on asking them to plan when plans can easily change imo. The tickets for this game went on sale on Monday then general sale on Tuesday, hardly a scramble.
  2. People living in a different world. Need to be realistic here, it's comical some of the suggestions, wouldn't of got these players when Clarke was here, let alone a division down with less quality in the squad.
  3. Looking at arrival times for certain turnstiles but theres nothing for turnstiles 13-16. Can anyone help with this?
  4. Clean sheet, win at the last. May of played poor but don't care, we will play alot better and lose this season. Mon the killie
  5. Armstrong impressed when he came on. Maybe a start for him this time?
  6. Cillian Sheridan on trial at Dundee. Would think he'd be a great singing for us. Shows he's atleast interested in a move back to Scotland.
  7. Unreal support, what a sight it'll be seeing fans back at games.
  8. I'd have this squad over the guff we had last year.
  9. Was a standout when playing Dundee, I know that isn't really a game to be judging him on but has pace and that's something we've been needing desperately.
  10. Don't think it's as simple as that, lots of real talented players in the championship that would be a much better option to some of the guff in the Premiership. If we recruit well instead of taking any old crap that we get on deadline day then we could be doing not bad imo.
  11. Go do one you miserable old arsehole. Take a look at the team n tell me what TW can do. f**k off
  12. Bye bye killie, been fun while it lasted. Get tae f**k the whole squad