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  1. In all fairness the last singing came out the blue without any trusted sources saying anything.
  2. I've been heavily put off buying the kit because of the kilmarnockpie .com At the back
  3. I remember him being linked with us a few seasons back, always rated him highly when he was up here. Cracking player
  4. He looks like he has the potential to be something great for us, absolutely no harm in taking a chance of the guy. Same team Lionel Ainsworth plays for so there is some quality to be had in that division.
  5. Is it just me who thinks we are a relatively lightweight n small team? Something we should maybe be looking at instead but if the guy has the talent to start over dicker, power n makrini then why not eh
  6. I missed this forum when clark went on his big signing spree but I bet alot of people here would of thought you were dreaming. I can tell you for free that we will have a ew keeper for the season starting so just be patient
  7. Isnt even getting a spot on the bench for Watford today, will definitely be out on loan somewhere.
  8. Has never really had a chance at Aberdeen. Always been overlooked because of the higher quality keepers they have had like Joe lewis and Jon McLaughlin. Hes definitely a level above Scott Fox anyway!
  9. When has a team never had a budget? Having a budget doesn't mean that a team is short in cash, without a budget teams would spend more money than needed. A mean look at rangers
  10. Not quite the Aaron Mcgowan that was reported last week but seems a good prospect
  11. Absolute beauty. I still think this seasons tops it just but will still definitely buying this
  12. Findlay let us down again. That twice hes been stupid in the dying minutes of a game. Dont make it easy for them.
  13. One thing I feel we dont have is a real threat at corners etc. 6'5 and build like a wall. He could maybe fill that gap.
  14. We need a back up striker badly and I'm not going to write off any player that Dyer brings in until I've seen him play a few times. A wee contract till summer won't hurt!

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